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  1. JRT Mom

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    Wow, you don't even look like the same person--great job! (love your Pug, too!)
  2. JRT Mom

    One Year After Surgery 2/20/19

    Oh, you gorgeous woman, you! I hope when I'm one year out I'll have a nice success story to post, but I'll never be as stylish as you!😊
  3. JRT Mom

    Eight Days and Counting

    I brought a TON of stuff to keep me occupied such as an IPod and Kindle, but I ended up sleeping most of the time when I wasn't walking. The item I'm the most glad I brought that was recommended was a nice fleecy pair of pajama bottoms. They were warm, didn't press on any of the puncture spots, but most importantly reminded me of home! Good luck--you got this! Please keep us posted.
  4. JRT Mom

    First big milestone!

    YAY!! Good job--this is just the start of the joy of watching those numbers get smaller and smaller!
  5. JRT Mom

    Smoking hookah

    Yah, I'd be scared of the munchies, too. I don't like to smoke and prefer edibles, but all the ones I have are from pre-surgery and they have sugar in them since they are gummies. I'm afraid to eat them because I don't wanna dump! That would be a hell of a bummer, man... As many Keto dieters as there are, there must be some low carb edibles.
  6. JRT Mom

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Wow, I'm late to the party as usual...by the time you read this you will be with us on the other side! Now walk, walk and walk some more--it'll help you get rid of that gas pain. SIP your water, and don't be surprised at how difficult it is. Be patient with yourself--it WILL get better, I promise!
  7. JRT Mom

    Before/After Male Pic

    Wowza! You've done great!
  8. JRT Mom

    Enjoying food is gone?

    I am not quite three months out from my surgery and an still in the "honeymoon" phase where I am trying as hard as I can to lose as much as I can before my appetite comes back. So I try to only eat a half cup of food at each sitting, and only two-three times a day. I imagine if I waited a while I would be able to eat more, but I haven't been tempted to other than a handful of nuts after a meal.
  9. JRT Mom


    Those look good! I wonder how they'd be with fresh blueberries in them?
  10. JRT Mom

    Enjoying food is gone?

    You'll do well at the really good places where their cuisine is of the "micro" variety, you know a dab of this, a sprig of that...but buffets will never be much fun for you. I went to a Chinese buffet and my half-cup of hot and sour soup and watched my friends eat for over an hour. At least they didn't get mad when I pulled my Kindle out and read as they ate!
  11. JRT Mom

    What Would You Do?

    I've posted this on every forum where appropriate, and I'm gonna again: I'm always astounded at the lack of consensus these bariatric doctors have. Everything is waaaay all over the map concerning pre-op and post op diet requirements. Some allow this, others ban that...I really wish they'd get together at some symposium and come up with some guidelines they all would use and then maybe things would be less confusing for their patients!
  12. The discomfort from the laparoscopic puncture holes is minimal--seems like for most people the CO2 that they pump into your belly causes the worst pain. That certainly was my experience. Just walk as much as you can and that will help the gas pain subside, Other than the first 24 hours after surgery, I used NO pain meds. You'll be tired and want to do nothing but sleep, but the pain won't be bad at all! Good luck and keep us posted on how it went! Also it's totally normal to have all sorts of conflicting emotions! You ARE going through a major life change and you'd have to be a stone not to have them.
  13. But they are SOOOOOOO frustrating! How can you be eating around 800 calories a day, not cheating AT ALL and have the scale not budge an ounce? I always went "Yeah, right" when I'd see a person on My 600 Pound Life complaining to Dr Nowzaradan that the scales must be wrong because they weren't cheating and not losing, but I certainly get it now!
  14. JRT Mom

    60" waist to 32" photo

    Wow, RussT! You could be the poster boy for WLS...I'll bet your surgeon is delighted--along with everyone else!
  15. I'd definitely call that a non-scale victory, although it sounds like your daughter is the victorious one...😁
  16. I'm sixty five, semi retired and work part time in a hospital. I refuse to spend any money on uniforms since I'm retired. So I just keep pulling the drawstring tighter on the pants. Eventually I'll alter them, but like Prestonandme I don't care that they are baggy. I love working in a field that I get to essentially wear pajamas to work!
  17. What a nice Valentine's day story! Glad you found that Mr Right.
  18. JRT Mom

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    Your wife sounds like a real peach to diet with you! You'll find appetite control is much easier after your procedure. And only two weeks away! Good luck and keep us posted!
  19. JRT Mom

    Lap band to gastric bypass

    You will be glad to have it done in one surgery. It cuts the risk in half of everything that's dangerous about a hospital such as anaesthesia risk, nosocomial infections, and especially heart attacks after seeing that hospital bill!😁 And only having to recover once is nice, also. I had my band removed and the bypass done in one step and I'm glad my surgeon does it that way.
  20. JRT Mom

    Should I be “excited?”

    It's next to impossible to do something this drastic and life changing without feeling a whole range of emotions--fear, excitement, anticipation, etc, and after you've had the surgery a period of "buyers remorse" in the form of "what the HELL did I just do to myself?" Thankfully most of the negative emotions disappear quickly once you see results and those feelings will be replaced with "why didn't I do this sooner?"
  21. JRT Mom

    Ready for surgery

    Yikes! The waiting is the hardest. But I suspect by the time you read this, you'll be done! Welcome to the other side, hope all is well! Remember to walk, walk and walk some more and you'll bounce back more quickly.
  22. Most insurances will approve WLS if your BMI is 35 and you have a comorbidity. Documented sleep apnea is usually accepted as a comorbidity, along with diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. Using a BMI calculator I come up with a BMI of 37.6. Along with your sleep apnea, you should qualify. Your surgeon will do what he can to get you approved, he/she wants your business! OMG I can't believe I'd recommend this to anyone, but if they say your BMI is too low, you only have to get up to 235 lbs to have a BMI of 40.1! But if your insurance is like most of the other ones they'll accept your sleep apnea and a BMI of 37.6 Good luck and keep us posted!
  23. JRT Mom

    Looking for a walking partner

    Erm, I live in Virginia. If I start now, it should take me about five months to get there. I'll be in great shape and lose more weight, but I'm afraid I'll be too tired to walk with you.😁 Seriously, I wish I had a walking buddy also...I never thought to use this forum to find someone. Good luck! Hey, if you start east and I head west we should meet in Nebraska or something. That sounds like a math word problem. If JRT Mom walks west at 4 miles and hour, and 50Startingover heads east at 5 miles and hour (she's faster than JRT Mom), how many hours before they meet, or will they give up and call an Uber first??
  24. JRT Mom

    Greek yogurt

    This is what I do...I buy the plain greek yogurt. I take one cup of it, and mix a trial size bag of the Syntrax Nectar protein powder in with it. It makes the yogurt have a nice fruity flavor without any added sugar, and 20 some extra grams of protein in addition to what's already in the yogurt. Yum!
  25. Oh, you'll be still be buzzing for sure, but doing the things you enjoy, because you'll have all this new-found energy after your weight drops! Things that hurt before won't, so you'll be able to do more with less pain. Even a thirty pound drop will give your knees a HUGE sigh of relief! Ha when I read your thread title in the "recent topics" side bar I thought it was going to be about having to give up coffee...🤣