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  1. I know i know, they all said its not possible to do that, but I feel like maybe I did. July 21 will be 6 months from my surgery and coincidentally, my birthday! - Maybe when I went from working out at night to working out in the morning before work (up around 330/4am, workout 415-515am, home by 6am), my system went out of whack? its like after work and after a sensible protein packed dinner of mainly chicken breast or something prepared healthily, i still feel like I can eat and eat and eat. I have a protein shake with spinach for breakfast, my millions vitamins, water, decaf coffee, then a great lunch of half cup of chicken breast or a protein shake with more spinach and then dinner at home. I try to stay on my water and an 11am and 3pm snack of string cheese or peanut butter or a hardboiled egg white. Has anyone else felt like they could just keep eating? The last couple nights I ate a half container of reduced fat jif! I never even ate pb before surgery. Maybe im craving sweets? Is that im not drinking enough water? I add sugar free packets to flavor my water b/c i dont like mio’s aftertaste and dont always want a sweet powerade zero. I was having greek yogurts but stopped because i was getting burned out on dairy. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way about their pouch. Maybe its all in my head! Im 25 lbs from my goal weight!
  2. @KCgirl061 @elcee i cut out added sugar, rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, fruit, caffeine, booze, processed foods and have kept that strictness since my surgery in Dec. but I will definitely take your advice on trying different protein foods instead of just shakes (sometimes i like to have baked chicken breast in the morning for breakfast or a hardboiled egg white), and I think the weight lifting (not just cardio) has also changed my appetite routine! I appreciate your help! Happy 4th! Meanwhile, i just made a (zero carb) isopure protein powder mug cake with applesauce and swerve sweetener, yum!
  3. Daftgirl

    Non Scale Victories

    Wearing a single digit pants size for first time in adult life, even when I was a fit teen/20 something, I wasnt a single digit! seeing definition in my arms and legs from working out
  4. Daftgirl

    One year mark

    Incredible! Kudos to you! I log everything i eat too. I am almost 6 months out and try to workout 4-5 times a week (cardio and weights) and eat really well, still no caffeine, booze, starches, or added sugar when I can, but I tend to overdo it on stuff like cool whip believe it or not. And coconut flour or protein powder mug cakes. But Im still 25 lbs from my vanity goal and you have motivated me- thank you!
  5. Im 4 weeks post op. I think I’m eating way too fast despite eating relatively small bites and chewing a ton. How long should it take me to eat, let’s say, 2 string cheese sized-cheese sticks with a slice or two of ham or turkey deli meat? Should it take me a half an hour? Or like 10 minutes? I feel like I’m rushing because my stomach is making gurgling noises after so I know Im really rushing it.
  6. Daftgirl

    Vitamins & water intake

    Thanks so much for this!!!!
  7. Daftgirl

    Stalling Early ON

    Wow, go girl!!!!! 👊🏽💥
  8. Daftgirl

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Im scheduled for surgery Dec 21. Im more worried about the pre op and post op liquid diet and my nosey coworkers than I am the pain and holiday meals!
  9. You got this! Sending you good vibes! My surgery is scheduled for Dec 21 and it too is my first-ever surgery!!! 👊🏽💥
  10. Daftgirl

    Vitamins & water intake

    thanks so much for this info!

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