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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. WaywardMama

    Pale and weak.

    I was pale and weak until I got referred to a Hematolgoist and got an iron transfusion. Have you had your iron levels checked ?
  2. WaywardMama

    Any February Sleevers?

    Awesome !!! I stayed healthy too and I’m sleeved now too. Today went well for me:) Congrats!!!!
  3. WaywardMama

    Any February Sleevers?

    Oh no keep us posted. Hoping it doesn’t have to be. I’m debating staying home till Thursday to try and not get sick.
  4. WaywardMama

    Four hours postop

    Mine is on Thursday
  5. It’s a wide stretchy band of fabric that you pull all your stomach close to your body (compression). It really helped me with pain. Especially when sitting or bending over. They have them on amazon. Maybe you can ask your dr what they think? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QLYZ1DK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eaPBAb3432GAV hope they work soon for you. Has pain stinks.
  6. Hey , sorry you are miserable but eating something before the doc says can make your staples come undone or worse. I’d call your surgeon to get some advice. Or if you have a nutritionist ? I hope you feel better soon. Please don’t take my post as mean I just don’t want you hurting yourself.
  7. Did your surgeon give you a belly binder ? I’m getting one and I know after c section I used mine and it helped a ton. Just an idea ? Also if you try a stuffed animal or folded up blankets instead of your hand helps so much more with the coughing pains. Just hold it close. Have you tried gas x strips for the gas ? I’ve seen many swear by them. Hope this helps
  8. My band was awesome for awhile (lost 120 kept it mostly) but like most eventually it fails. Mine flipped and I couldn’t even drink water without horrid pain. I had it removed. A few friends had similar. I hate to scare you
  9. WaywardMama

    Two hours until surgery!

    How are you doing now?
  10. WaywardMama

    Four hours postop

    How are you feeling now?
  11. WaywardMama

    February 6th vsg surgery

    I’m feb 1st
  12. WaywardMama

    Puréed 4 ounces at 1 week post-op!

    First off. Yay Seahawks second awesome !! I am really am going to miss the pool while recovering.
  13. WaywardMama

    Tired and dizzy...low iron?

    That’s how I was with low iron. A simple infusion helped a ton. Glad you are getting it checked out just in case.
  14. I am days away. Feb 1st I have cut out soda, went low carb, I’ve been swimming/doing water aerobics, logging my food, drinking way more water than I ever have. I’m shopping for things I need for the surgery. Reading info on here and other groups. I’ve been cleaning and organizing my room, bathroom, etc so I can access things easy afterwards. Trying to breathe lol
  15. WaywardMama

    I'm so HANGRY! Please help!

    If you don’t get enough calories your body will go into starvation mode. You got this. Mood swings will happen with this journey just try to take it one day at a time.
  16. I’m so glad you are feeling better
  17. WaywardMama

    Any February Sleevers?

    I’m on the first too
  18. Remember also when you work out you gain muscle and it weighs more than fat. It will come off
  19. WaywardMama

    Write this date down!

    Woo hoo
  20. I’m getting the sleeve on feb 1st. Honestly, my band tried to kill me. I had it 10 years almost and lost 120. I loved it for awhile. However; last January it failed and slipped. I couldn’t even drink Water , it felt like I was being stabbed over and over. I was throwing everything up. I had it removed and they took out tons of adhesions and scar tissue. I still have a bunch I’m sure he will take more out this time. From what I see if we commit to the plan it will work. Hope this helps some [emoji4]
  21. he bulk of what I’ve been seeing is most sleevers love theirs. They love to see their weight coming off even if they went thru hell with complications. Some people jump into surgeries and don’t mentally prepare and just eat every dang thing they used to. Everyone has to do the work to succeed. Try not to listen to everyone. My dad (rip) used to say “opinions are like aholes everyone’s got em” lol
  22. WaywardMama

    Any February Sleevers?

    Woo hoo!!!! Surgery twin yay! Best of luck to you too.
  23. So my band of almost 10 years failed and I had to have it removed and I had a huge amount of scar tissue and adhesions. He said it will be no problem and that it will just be more sore possibly then a person without any surgeries. I also had gallbladder removed last year too. It should be fine a good doctor should be able to navigate and take it out.

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