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    LaLaDee reacted to shedo82773 in Just used Black Friday as an excuse to buy some new clothes! Hopefully, I will be too   
    I say whatever it takes to put a smile on our faces. My hubby always tells me to go buy stuff that I want and sometimes I can resist but not always. The sad thing is you know how they tell us to be careful that cross-addiction is a biggy thing for WL People!! I can say yep I got it!! Hubby wanted me to become Sex addicted, NOPE didn't happen...shopping YES MAM!! It is so sad...I look in y closet and I have stuff I haven't even worn. At first, I had people that could wear some of my clothes that got too big. But now I don't have anyone to give them too. I guess I am a creature of habit for sure. I find a blouse that I like and I get kind of stuck on them. LOL Go shopping and love every minute of it!! We do deserve it. Have a great day!!
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    LaLaDee reacted to MowryRocks in I've lost 34 kilograms but it sounds better as 75 pounds. Maybe the Americans are ont   
    I think we are...that definitely sounds more impressive!!!
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    LaLaDee reacted to Polly Pocket in Today I managed to flush a ring down the toilet. It just flew off my hand at the wors   
    WOW! Good lesson for the rest of us to learn!
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    LaLaDee got a reaction from Berry78 in Today I managed to flush a ring down the toilet. It just flew off my hand at the wors   
    No, not a wedding ring. I'm one of those perpetually single people. It was a nice ring that my sister bought me for my 30th birthday. It never occured to me that I would need to get rings resized. Losing weight is expensive!