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    Worried about never reaching goal.

    Don't self sabotage before you start! You can do this! You seem prepared, so just go for it!!! “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”
  2. LaLaDee

    Going in wrong direction-Help

    I reached my "happy weight" about a year post op. Then I gained 50 lbs or so over six months and stayed that weight for a solid year. I figured that was my new "set point" and I basically gave up. However, back in February, I was pretty miserable. I ended up going on a new medication (e.g. antidepressant). The pandemic hit as I was adjusting to the new medication. I don't know if it was the medication or everything going on in the world, but I just felt a new sense of focus to deal with the regain around May (my Birthday). I lost about 20 lbs since May (rewarding myself with an arm lift). I know there's still work to do, but whether or not I lose the rest of the weight, I'm trying to deal with my problems without eating. To lose my regain, I had to go back to basics. High protein, tracking calories on my fitness pal, walking every morning and classes at the gym (once it reopened). As wacky as it sounds, the less I eat, the more I feel my restriction again. Don't get me wrong, it's not like the early months following the op, but I feel "full" when I'm eating healthy proteins. I just need to avoid my trigger food (chocolate and ice cream) which slide down so easily. My other tip is just about adjusting your mindset - which is very hard to do right now. I'm trying to stay positive. Look on the bright side of life - which is challenging because I'm a pretty anxious, negative person generally and there are a lot of terrible things happening. I just keep thinking about my blessings. And I'm so proud of what I have achieved losing 20 lbs in 2-3 months, I'm lucky enough to still have my job. If I do get COVID, I'm much healthier than I was 3 years ago. Finally, I really try and keep a healthy routine and avoid the bad habits I fell into. I try and get enough sleep. Drag myself out to exercise. Healthy breakfast every day. These little routines and rituals seem to help me. Good luck! I know you can do it.
  3. LaLaDee

    Worst night ever

    I went through severe pain too. It does pass eventually. Wishing you all the best. x
  4. LaLaDee

    Leg pics??

    You look amazing! Congrats! I still have a tummy tuck and breast lift on my "plastics - to do" list. I would love it if the TT helped out with my legs too. I'm not bothered enough to get a leg lift because no one actually sees my upper thighs ever.
  5. LaLaDee

    Protein shakes

    I live in Australia, and I haven't been able to get my hands on the legendary premier shakes. The ones that are commercially available here don't taste good to me and I've tried a lot over the last three years. I can tolerate them but I tend to make my own with chocolate protein powder (or unflavoured and cocoa powder), peanut butter, frozen banana, honey ice and skim milk. I don't mind making them, I feel like some fancy YouTuber. Otherwise, I'm one of those people who goes to some cafe and pays ridiculous amounts of money for them (as long as the ingredients look pretty clean). Well, back in the days where I actually got to leave the house and go to work.... sigh.
  6. LaLaDee

    Leg pics??

    From the knees down, it's OK, but my thighs are jiggly and loose and there's a couple of creased skin wrinkles on my inner thighs. It really doesn't bother me that much.
  7. Interesting! I'm going to make a big protein shake now. My plastic surgeon is great and I'm very happy with him but no one mentioned this to me! I also found an article that suggested drinking wine in the 2-3 weeks following surgery as a diuretic for swelling! I find this hilarious for some reason. A good excuse to hang out in my compression garments and sip wine! 😂
  8. I went in for a consult with a plastic surgeon last week and we booked in an extended brachioplasty surgery for September. Yesterday I got a call saying there's a free spot next week on Thursday... so I was like, ok, cool, let's get it over with. I don't want to panic about it for months - this is a good opportunity. So now it's happening next week. I'm a bit worried that I'm unprepared. I'm hoping to have it as a day surgery so I can come home, if not, there's a room booked for me - I'll take an overnight bag just in case. I've taken leave from work. My mother and sister are around to look after me. If the drains gross me out, I can call a community nurse to do them (it's about $100 per day). There's a ton of food in the freezer I can eat. I was thinking of downloading audible so I could listen to some audio books (assuming it's too painful to hold my kindle). There's a ton of shows/movies I want to watch on Netflix etc. I've got some old bedding ready in case things are gross from the incisions, so I don't stain my nice sheets. I'm a non-smoker. I exercise every day so hopefully blood pressure will be OK (unlike when I had VSG). I don't have any scar stuff/compression garments but I think I will get that from surgeon. I have some hoodies that zip down the middle. Anyone else have any ideas on how I can prepare? I'm sure that I'm missing something. Any hints or tips would be appreciated... particularly from those who have gone through it. My only previous surgeries are gallbladder and VSG, which were both laparoscopic so I'm pretty freaked out, but I really want this.
  9. Thanks! Good tip. Just did a quick google and apparently we need heaps of protein after plastics.
  10. Thanks @Sophie7713 I really appreciated what you said about not letting the anxiety take the joy out of this amazing opportunity. I have not worn anything sleeveless since I was a teenager!! I can’t wait!!! 😊
  11. I’m three years out. One out of my two parents know and two out of my four siblings. I had to lie (or at least make a lot of omissions) around the time of surgery, but less so now. Your waiter might ask if you didn’t like the food, because you didn’t eat much. Your hairdresser might notice your thinning hair. Your friends will notice you eat far less. Everyone in your life will notice the weight loss. It comes up a lot in the first year. I don’t feel bad about the range of lies I told. Mostly I was just vague. You do you. Whatever works for you. Some people need support and encouragement from their loved ones and colleagues and the world at large through Instagram, others feel more private and don’t want to deal with questions. It might depend on whether you know anyone else who has been through it or if it’s something your friends and colleagues would have no idea how to relate to. I talk about it with my therapists and doctors. I’m not ashamed, I made peace with the fact that I had to get to the “last resort” of surgery but it’s better for my mental health to not feel like everyone knows. For other people, it’s really exciting to share and open up. I don’t believe there’s a “correct way” to decide how you will do this. Just options and choices.
  12. LaLaDee

    Missed period?

    Yep. My lady hormones went crazy afterwards. It does calm down.
  13. Congrats!!! It's exciting and scary to take that first step. I found you tubers and these forums really helpful. Wishing you huge success with this adventure!
  14. LaLaDee

    PS Costs

    Agree - I lost a lot of weight twice in my twenties and my skin bounced back pretty well both times. However when I lost weight following VSG in my thirties - it was a very different story so I'm on a plastics journey now. If you're only 18, I would wait and see. You might be surprised. I actually did find the skin tightening creams - as well as time - to be pretty helpful too.
  15. Another quick update because it's been 5 days since my extended brachioplasty. I saw the surgeon and nurse today for my follow up appointment. The bandages are off and the drains are out! I'm allowed to shower again! I feel like a new woman! YAY!!! I haven't taken any pain killers at all today. Things are a bit itchy, my skin has small rashes from where the compression bandages are (this is just my pale sensitive skin doing its thing), so I'm supposed to use body lotion - except on the incisions. I also got a new compression garment. I'm tempted to order another one on Amazon so that I don't have to frantically wash it all the time, but we'll see. My surgeon's clinic also gave me a cute gift bag with a nice note, products and some fancy chocolate. Feeling so happy and thankful. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  16. I thought I would share more about my Brachioplasty. I know that I scoured these forums and reddit trying to get info and advice before hand, so it only seemed fair to share my story too. I had the surgery a few days ago. Despite concerns around scarring, nerve damage and the surgery triggering an autoimmune response (I dealt with a ton of horrible illnesses after my VSG), I decided to go through with it. My first consultation was July 7th and I had the surgery on the 23rd of July when a slot became available (probably due to a cancellation from the pandemic). I felt like the universe was giving me a nudge and I had to take it!! While I'm only a few days post op, I'm so thankful that it went well. Minimal pain (particularly compared to my VSG). I was so relieved that I could still move my arms a bit, I was concerned I wouldn't even be able to feed myself! I can't lift anything heavy, but I could drink from a glass of water after the surgery. I actually ended up staying the night in hospital. I could have gone home, but the general made me pretty groggy so the nurse suggested I stay. My family was quite relieved as my VSG was quite tough on my body - my blood pressure wouldn't go down and then my body freaked out with a range of autoimmune disorders from the shock a week or two later. While the drains are pretty gross, it's manageable. I've been able to sleep really well in my bed (I read about people having to sleep upright in a chair but I didn't have to do this). There also hasn't been any horror movie style blood on my sheets (OK, a few small spots through my PJs). My hands are a bit less swollen today so that's exciting. It really feels like I'm already on the mend and it's only been a few days. I'm looking forward to getting the drains out in the next few days. I can't wait to walk the dogs again. I know that I've got a lot of work ahead in terms of scar management, but I'm hopeful that they won't be so noticeable with time. I've been so busy the last few years, that it's felt weird to just lie in bed and watch Netflix. Even with the quarantine, I was working crazy hours from home. Never just relaxing. Then I started a series of projects at home. I went through my closet, organised the pantry, took longer walks, did craft, cooked and baked etc, helped a friend with her studies, etc. There's always somewhere to be, something to do. After a few days, I'm starting to enjoy this forced rest and relaxation. I don't need to be busy all the time, I can be still. I'm so thankful that I found a surgeon and anaesthetist who took such great care of me. Even though, I have (diagnosed) anxiety, I was able to get through it all because they kindly answered all my questions. My key learnings from surgery: Keep the old button up PJs and zip up hoodies when they get too big for you as you lose weight. They might come in handy for plastics - they're easy to put on and fit loosely around drains and swelling. Have a surgery plan (people to take you to hospital, meals in the freezer, someone to care for pets, children, plants). Have lozenges on hand (my throat still hurts from the surgery), lip balm, a good book, pack light for the hospital (someone else will have to carry your bag). Find the right surgeon, go to multiple consultations. Make a list of questions. Call them up with more questions. Keep up hydration and walking after surgery. Hope everyone is doing well at the moment! Much love to my bariatric pals. Other than some of my family, I don't share that I had the sleeve and plastics. Sometimes I feel really weird about my "secret life" that I keep from everyone, but that's what makes me comfortable. Here with you wonderful people, I feel less lonely. I'm one of the many vets who dropped off a bit. You start living life and it gets busy! However, right at the time in my life, I'm happy to be in this community with such supportive, lovely ladies (some of the guys here are OK too). Anyway, wow - that felt like an essay. Whew! Some pics below in case anyone is interested.
  17. My "before" photo - only a few days to go....
  18. Thanks. It's happening on Thursday! I'm so glad you breast/tummy work went well. How long was your recovery? I'm doing arms first. Then in the future, breasts and tummy would be great. I'll try and keep you posted. I should some before and after pics. I'm really going between anxiety and excitement at the moment... Also scared that they will stop elective surgeries again because of COVID-19. Now, I just want it over with!
  19. I’m three years out and I can eat pretty much anything. I do get full after a normal adult size portion of protein, but not carbs. Ice cream slides down way too easily! I’m jealous of your restriction, I’m dealing with regain.
  20. Thanks, that makes me feel better. I've been looking at stuff on reddit and there are some gruesome stories. Hopefully I don't go through any of that!
  21. Thats a good idea - before photos. I didn't get any good ones before my VSG and I really regret it. I have an anxiety disorder and I am in full panic mode. You made me feel better by saying that I seem prepared.
  22. LaLaDee

    Vets - How often do you weigh yourself?

    I'm just about three years post-op. If I'm not weighing myself daily then I'm in trouble. I've had regain, but lost about 7kg/15 lbs in the last two months.
  23. Hi all, everyone seems to be doing really well! I'm down about 6kg or 13lb since I decided to tackle my regain as a New Year resolution. I have to take a lot of medications with breakfast and with dinner, so I was struggling a bit with IF. I get nauseated and sick if pills aren't accompanied by some food. I had to adjust everything so I'm now doing 14 hour fasting window, with a 10 hour eating window. Unfortunately, due to my long working hours, sometimes it's 12:12 by the time I get around to eating dinner. Hopefully, I'm still getting some benefits from this IF approach. It's early days. My long term goal is to find an approach I can use for the rest of my life. It would be great to lose some more weight and then finally figure out this maintenance business!
  24. Me too! Never had an issue with Lexapro and sleeve and I “feel” when I’ve forgotten to take it because I start grinding my teeth at night, so I would know if it wasn’t absorbing properly.