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  1. Yes! I was denied by insurance a week before my surgery date, had my bag packed my work leave approved. it was going to be April 24, 2017. I was crushed!! They denied the Surgeon and the Hospital after I went through the entire program. After a lot of tears and frustration I found a hospital that was covered under my insurance and started over at a new hospital and they were fantastic! They understood that I already had all the other requirements I was able to go through the new hospital's program a little quicker then usual. So instead of an April surgery date, I didn't give up and had it done in August 9, 2017. Don't give up!! work with the Dr. office and Insurance Company. it's worth the fight.
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    Good Luck!!! Best thing I ever did. Had mine done August 9, 2017.
  3. Surgery Date August 9th HW ever 359 December 2015 When I started this new program May 9th I was 326 Pre-op Weight 311 SW 301 CW 249 GW 185
  4. For XYZXYZXYZ1955 for exercise I just did small walks at first. I don't think they expect more then that. I know I couldn't do more then that at first. Even if its just walking back and forth around your house. I'm building my self up to longer walks and I'm really tired when I get back and usually take a nap. Keep up the good work.
  5. Sounds like you are doing great Janet610, keep up the good work. Try Crystal Light with the water that helps me drink more water, if I can get in at least 48 oz I feel I'm doing ok. I like the Premier Protein Shakes too they really help get the protein in.
  6. I was told to stay away from steak. For puree part I'm sticking with basic stuff I'm not going over board on this part, it's only a couple of weeks and then real food!! I tried the 98% FF cream of chicken soup but wasn't impressed and not enough protein. So I'm sticking the basic, I know it's not exciting or a big variety but it works for me. The liquid eggs are growing on me and I've always liked cottage cheese. I guess the best source of protein is the premier protein shakes I can take 4oz now, my instructions say it's ok for weeks 3 & 4 so that's 10g of protein there.
  7. I sleep on my left side. At first it was hard to turn so I slept on my back because of the pain but I'm 3 weeks out so that pain is gone. I'm still tired and take naps every day.
  8. It did come off and I'm happy with my weight loss I'm down to 278 so I'm on my way.
  9. You should try to hold out as long as possible. Luckily I have clothes in smaller sizes but I already have many tops and pants I can no longer wear because they are too big. Feeling really good about that.
  10. I had my sleeve on 8/9 and doing ok. I'm so sick of the puree. I eat the same thing every day, liquid eggs, protein drink cottage cheese, greek yogurt. Sometimes I have V8, ricotta cheese or baby food sweet potatoes. I know I can tolerate these foods & next Tuesday I'm going to the Dr. and should be switching to real food. For meds they had me taking pills no need to crush them. I was afraid at first but the nurse said it was ok so I went for it. Haven't had a problem with taking regular meds that was but I have chewable for my vitamins. Did anyone else gain weight after surgery? I lost 10 lbs prior to surgery but gained 8lbs right after surgery. I'm doing fine now that was a bit of a shock for me.
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    Purée options

    I'm 3 weeks out and I use Beech Nut organic just sweet potatoes and it's good. I add a little ground cinnamon to add a bit of flavor.