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  1. WildcatGirl71

    Fell Off Bad

    I’m right there with you. I’m two years out from a sleeve and have gained so much back. Going to reset and try to get my focus back to eating correctly. It’s so hard. This year has been bad but especially bad personally which I’ve used as an excuse. We’ve done this before. We can get back on track again.
  2. I used my Biotene mouth spray the most. I wasn’t allowed mints or crystal light or anything like that in the hospital. Took headphones and an eye mask and didn’t use either.
  3. WildcatGirl71

    Sneezing post-op

    Was no big deal. I held a pillow to my belly just in case but it didn’t hurt.
  4. WildcatGirl71

    Dog Lovers

    Thank you. It’s been really rough these few days without him but I’m staying busy and trying very hard to stay focused so I can avoid the emotional eating. He was my best secret keeper for almost 16 years. [emoji173]️
  5. WildcatGirl71

    Dog Lovers

    Unfortunately I just lost him this past Saturday. 1 month before turning 16. He was an amazing baby dog. I miss him so much.
  6. WildcatGirl71

    3 weeks down

    Amazing job!!! Definite difference all over. [emoji4]
  7. WildcatGirl71

    Built In Early Warning System!

    My nose runs when my lil belly is to the full line. Lol 🤧
  8. WildcatGirl71

    How would you have reacted?

    Same thing happened to me when I had to go to the ER to get fluids for dehydration. The ER doctor said “why did you choose something so drastic? You’re not that big.” It was very awkward and all I could think to say (mainly because I was shocked it was coming from a medical doctor) was, “well because I qualified for it medically and it was my choice.” I didn’t feel any need to explain any choice I made about my future health and self beyond that point.
  9. Awesome!! Glad your pain is subsiding and you’re able to breathe better. Walking is great to break up that gas pain. Mine was horrible. Took about a week and a half for it to finally go away.
  10. Hey, how are you feeling?
  11. WildcatGirl71

    One Week Post Op

    ^^ agree! I wasn’t allowed to use my elliptical until after I saw my surgeon.
  12. OMG the foamies suck. Been walking for an hour and all I really want to do is throw up. This is awful.
  13. WildcatGirl71

    Foamies Suck!

  14. WildcatGirl71

    Boss Wants Me to Delay Surgery

    You are absolutely not over reacting. He had no right to bring it up in a meeting with others present without your permission.
  15. WildcatGirl71

    Boss Wants Me to Delay Surgery

    Your boss has no right to dictate when you should have your surgery. It may be elective but it’s still medically necessary. If you needed heart bypass surgery, would he tell you to put it off until the fall when it would be easier on him? I agree with your mom. When you and your surgeon have a date, I would submit your time off to HR and make sure all correspondence with your boss has HR copied for your protection. Good luck!
  16. WildcatGirl71

    In need of support

    This is the one I got. It did the trick. I had hernia repair too. Ok NYOrtho Abdominal Binder Lower Back Support Belt https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005DLKEDE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_grp8Ab0J02996
  17. WildcatGirl71

    In need of support

    Is this a new pain or been consistently painful since surgery? I was told any new pain to make an appt to be seen. My big incision is to the right of my belly button and it hurt like crazy. Every time I moved it felt like everything was ripping out. I bought a stomach binder (like what would be worn after a c-section) from amazon and it has been a life saver! Something about the right amount of pressure just helped. Also some liquid Tylenol helped so I could stay away from the narc meds.
  18. You’re so very welcome! It really helps strengthen your lungs! Pray you’re feeling better soon. [emoji4]
  19. Oh and make yourself cough after you do each breath. It helps break up anything in your lungs. That’s what my nurses told me.
  20. You suck in and the goal is to get the ball to the top - do it at least 10xs a day.
  21. Are you using your spirometer? That helped me breath better and deeper after surgery. It helps the lungs to clear also so pneumonia doesn’t set in. I used mine for 2 weeks after surgery.
  22. WildcatGirl71

    just had my gastric sleeve about 6 hrs ago

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. Keep up with the walking, it really does help.
  23. WildcatGirl71

    Waking up after sugery

    I’m the exact same way. My husband told me I kept asking the same question over and over. The dr just laughed a little assured my husband everything went perfectly. To this day - I remember nothing. Lol
  24. WildcatGirl71

    I get sleeved in a week

    I drank the pre-made Premier Protein shakes. I loved all of them too - pre op. My tastes changed post op. Milk products don’t sit well with my new belly. It’s good to prep for after surgery but keep all your receipts. You may need to take some things back.
  25. WildcatGirl71


    This is something you should speak to your surgeon about. I don’t know if they can test you for an allergy to titanium but it’s worth asking, especially if you are concerned. I asked my surgeon the same question and he told me he’s never known of anyone who had allergy or rejection issues with the titanium material but that is limited to his patients.

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