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  1. Funny but I've been experiencing the opposite. I look at the scale and think wow I'm down to 209. Then I go into my closet and cannot believe that I still cannot get rid, or even fit into some of the 18's in my closet! My motivating factor is the clothes not just the scale!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!
  2. MagnoliaGirl

    Hospital vs Outpatient

    I had my sleeve outpatient. I am usually pretty tough when it comes to pain. For me I wish that I could have stayed overnight just because I had a terrible time with gas pains and the 1.5 hour drive through rush hour traffic was horrible for me.
  3. MagnoliaGirl

    Suggestions for a slow loser???

    Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I just needed a bit of hope while I'm feeling like the loser, loser! Although I'm still on liquids for another week I've never been nauseous other than from the gas bubble the first 2 days and I've been able to drink all of my water since day 5. I feel great and have zero issues other than my disappointment in the amount of weight that was quite frankly shocking to me. I'm just trying to get info to wrap my head around this very different journey then I expected. Thank you, thank you for the support!
  4. I am not complaining! I appear to be a slow loser which isn't really a surprise with the amount of problems I have getting my Synthroid to absorb. I was just wondering if there are any ways that other have found successful to boost their metabolism. I was sleeved 8/28 and will be on liquids for one more week. I get between 500-600 calories a day and have no problem getting my water in. I try to take a 2-3 mile walk 6 days a week. Thanks!!
  5. MagnoliaGirl

    Suggestions for a slow loser???

    Actually I lost most of my weight the week before surgery. I've only lost 6 lbs since my surgery. I was expecting a bit more in the first few weeks.
  6. MagnoliaGirl

    Suggestions for a slow loser???

    Your tip is exactly what I was asking about. I had no idea it would be possible to lose only 6lbs in my first 2 weeks. I think I'm once again having problems with absorption of my synthroid. I think there might be interference by the antacid that I've been prescribed twice a day or something in the protein powder or pre made shake. I have another week on liquid and I was considering switching back to a bone broth protein to get away from the whey. Pre surgery I tried to mostly maintain a Paleo diet as I have Hashi. As to the question of why I'm asking, I think any rational person would question the lack of movement on the scale that so contradicts what my dr told me to expect. I understand everyone loses differently but 3lbs the week after surgery seems a bit strange. And when you see many, many other people talking about their massive weight loss I think a lot of people would ask why is this happening. I'm just looking for support in the hopes that I can find a way to get things moving so that I don't feel like I've made such a huge mistake. It may not be the correct way to think but it's how I feel.
  7. I was sleeved with a hernia repair on 8/28. I had no real pain from my surgery other than the awful gas pain. I was an outpatient and never had any pain killer after I left the surgery center. I did use my anti nausea melting meds 3 or 4 times. I was back to work by that Friday only feeling a little tired.
  8. Hey guys! I'm about to start my pre op week for my sleeve on Aug. 28th. I've been reading lots of threads here and notice that some people lose much more in the first three or four months than others. Can I get some advice on maintaining a higher rate of loss early on in the process? I know myself and I'm afraid if I drag it out I'll become disenchanted and start a bad cycle again. Thanks!!!
  9. MagnoliaGirl

    What's the trick????

    Thank you so much for that great answer. It helped to answer some of the questions that I've been asking myself as I come up quickly to me surgery date. Thank you, thank you!!
  10. MagnoliaGirl

    What's the trick????

    Ok that all being said, and this is a serious question, what's the point in the surgery?