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  1. Stomach Flu!!!!!

    Thanks @Berry78 ! Unfortunately I've probably used all my childcare resources flying to Mexico for a week for surgery, but I'll see what I can do! Heading out for gloves, mask, more Clorox wipes, etc. now! UGH!!!
  2. I am day SIX days post-op gastric sleeve surgery and my (very large) family is passing around the stomach flu!! I am FREAKING out. Doing my best to stay away from folks but I have six kids and it is almost impossible for me to avoid germs (though I have been lucky on occasion in the past). I'm assuming I can rupture my stomach at this stage?! Anyone had it this early??
  3. Problems in Tijuana?

    @MarinaGirl What hotel did you stay in?
  4. Hey guys, I am new here and have my gastric sleeve surgery scheduled for September 5th with Dr. Ortiz at the Obesity Control Center. I am super excited/nervous! I will probably be traveling alone. I have told a few close friends and family and although I trust Dr. Ortiz, they bring up valid concerns about how safe it is to travel in Tijuana. Have any of you had bad experiences there? What's it like and what should I expect? Anyone else with that date?
  5. Fears of Malnutrition

    Thanks so much for the responses, guys! @Airstream88, I'm not 100% sure, we had a brief conversation, but she said her doctors told her it was a vitamin D deficiency I believe. Her teeth were visibly yellow. Her hair was also very thin on top. Am I the only one who feels like I have to choose between major reflux (sleeve) or malnutrition (MBP)??
  6. Fears of Malnutrition

    Can those further out from their procedures share any experience with vitamin deficiencies? I am considering the mini bypass and scared about malnutrition. I met a lady who had bypass done many years ago whose teeth were very yellow because of a deficiency.