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  1. I've been thinking about what my surgery goals are.  Here's my list:

    1.  Neck circumference less than 14-inches, which is a threshold for sleep apnea.

    2.  Waist less than 32.5 inches, or half my height, which is threshold for heart health.

    3.  Weight down 50 pounds or more, which is what the two heavy-as-heck dumbells in my media room weigh.  This will be good for my hips, knees and feet.  This will put my weight to at least where my PCP wants me.

    Everything else is gravy.

    Psych evaluation in 1.5 hours -- I'm a little nervous!

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    2. FluffyChix


      So glad you liked your guy and that it went well! I really enjoyed the guy I went to and talked to him about helping me in the future. He was very onboard with it. :) I used the computer to take all the tests. Yay!!

    3. Berry78


      Psych eval... good thing I skipped that!

      Muhahaha Muhahahahaha

    4. Starsmore


      I like your list of goals...I keep telling myself "strong not skinny." But I should probably set up something more definitive!