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  1. Apple203

    Any one go home the same day ?

    Holy crap, it has taken me 6 months to reach a little more than that -- you are doing great!
  2. Apple203

    Any one go home the same day ?

    I begged my way out after one overnight. Surgeon was surprised that I would ask for this, but I felt fine. Sleever here -- I suspect this makes a difference in recovery?
  3. Apple203

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    Hi Marchers, I was sleeved 3/14 and I'm down 50+ pounds, but weight loss is very slow for me at this point. I actually haven't even weighed myself in a week or so. Zero surgery regrets here -- I am much healthier than I used to be. I am eating between 1000-1200 calories a day in four meals, and I'm comfortable with this being my new way of eating (not a "diet"). I work out at the gym and I'm getting muscles (at 54!!). Strength has increased 50%, measuring total weight lifted in a typical session. I am still planning on losing another 20-30 pounds even if it takes the rest of my life!! Hair loss is happening, but not the heavy clumps I've seen others report -- more like a strand or two (or three :-)) when I run my hands through my hair. I started using Olaplex in order to keep what I have healthy and strong. I've been fanatical about taking my vitamins. Stay strong, Marchers!!
  4. Apple203

    This is so hard

    There are no words for how hard this phase is. And I could have unsweetened apple juice with my water, too. I simply craved something not sweet that week.
  5. Apple203

    Dog Lovers

    Murphy snoozing on my lap as it pours outside. Going to a concert tonight: Little Feat (LOL, we are old...)
  6. I've experienced the blackout thing post-surgery, too, after 3 glasses of wine, so be careful. I think its because the alcohol enters you colon more quickly that before? Drinking contributed to my original weight gain, and I suspect it is slowing my weight loss, but I find complete abstinence difficult. That night where I had 3 glasses of wine was 3x6x20=360 calories!!!!!!
  7. Not sure what to say about the sagging as I am experiencing this already, too. I started taking a collagen supplement a couple of days ago to see if that would help. About a month ago, I got serious about using cereve body lotion mixed with argan oil every day and I have to say my saggy body parts look nourished! Good for you for working on building muscles -- I started weight lifting myself almost 2 months ago and I am so happy with my added strength and muscles! Your starting stats are similar to mine -- I hope/pray I can hit 144, sags be damned! Can I ask how much you ate during the weight loss phase?
  8. Apple203


    Can you share how you do it? I'd love to learn some new ways to bring in protein!! I'm not crazy about beans, generally, but I freakin' LOVE lentil soup! Unfortunately a cup of my favorite curried lentil soup only has 8 grams of protein, so I usually throw a few shrimp in to bump up the protein. ETA: I aim for a minimum of 15 grams of protein a meal, 4 meals a day -- its what my RD recommended and it seems to provide me the best satiety.
  9. Apple203


    My diet is pretty similar to Fluffy's, and I simply don't understand @CreekImp13's continuing insistence that a healthy diet can't be lowish carbs. Heck, with our tiny stomachs, our diets are lowish everything! I aim for <50g carbs a day in veges, fruit, cottage cheese, greek yogurt. There's room there for occasional beans, rice, lentils and hearty bread, but I do keep those portions small of necessity in order to meet protein and vege/fruit goals (only so much room in the new tummy!). I find that I don't have the volume to rely on beans and legumes as a major source of protein, unless I supplement with protein shakes, which I feel isn't a good long-term solution for me. My plates are full of delicious, healthy stuff and my food plan feels very sustainable. ETA: I also think we should all as a rule at least aim to be in the "normal" weight range as there is amply evidence that "overweight" carries significant health risks.
  10. I was wondering if anyone is taking collagen supplements, and, if so, has it helped with your skin, hair or joints? I just picked some up at Costco.
  11. Oh yes, weight doesn't "wear well" on the body.
  12. Apple203

    Dog Lovers

    I love all of these pictures :-)
  13. If you work, commit to pack lunches instead of eating out, and calculate that savings. Lunches are slim post-surgery -- for instance, yesterday I got a $5 Costco rotisserie chicken and I pre-packaged make 5 lunches with it. Throw in some steamed veges and you are eating a meal for less than $2. I usually have an egg or 2 for breakfast -- also pretty cheap.
  14. Apple203

    Cheez its, my little snack

    That is kinda harsh! Cheese isn't banned, but I was directed to chose lean sources of protein. When you look at the data, it is clear that there are better choices than cheese: 3 oz chicken = 120 calories, 22 g protein 3 oz cheddar cheese = 340 calories, 20 g protein When my son was growing up and not eating meat at all, we relied on products like cheese and nuts as a big source of protein, but what works calorie-wise for a tall, active teenage boy doesn't work so well for a post-menopausal, 53 year woman!
  15. Apple203

    Cheez its, my little snack

    Can you share recipe for buffalo Brussel sprouts? Thanks Yes! I just halve and roast brussel sprouts, 400 degrees for about half an hour, then toss them with Franks Hot Sauce, micro-zested lemon and lemon juice, and some crumbled blue cheese. Use convection if your oven has it, toss your brussel sprouts with a little EVOO, S&P, place them cut side down on your sheet pan, and put the pan on a low rack in your oven. I think they are delicious.
  16. Apple203

    Cheez its, my little snack

    And chips of all kinds -- I just stay away from them. And cheese, too, for that matter (except for blue cheese on my brussel sprouts -- I am addicted to buffulo brussel sprouts). My orders were to not count cheese as a protein source.
  17. I've gotten through the thread to-date, so happy to read that other enlightened doctors, nurses, etc have stepped in to our lives and advocated surgery -- great recommendation!! And a pox on all thatsay "lose weight" with no instructive solutions!!
  18. This times 1000 -- this is what my PCP did and I am so grateful! Don't tell me to lose weight, tell me HOW to do it!
  19. I dunno --- one of my kids refused to eat meat, and I didn't have much recourse other than to learn how to provide protein to him. Teenagers are an extremely stubborn breed... Add a hormonal weight factor into the equation, and sometimes it might not be a fight worth fighting. I raised a boy with Type 1 diabetes and I never allowed food to be a weapon he used against me, which is quite common with kids with diabetes, and no doubt overweight kids, too.
  20. I haven't read the rest of the replies yet, but I, too, hated getting that speech from thin, young doctors. But then, my relatively new (and thin and young and fabulous) doctor said, hey, have you thought about WLS? No, I hadn't -- that was for really big people. Turns out I was wrong. Best.discussion.ever. Almost 50#s down.
  21. Thought I'd check in. I had surgery on 3/14 and I am still losing in bumps and starts. :-) It feels like a strict diet with inability to bing on stuff like 2 slices of pizza (never gonna happen with a sleeve, TG). So the secret formula for ME is to avoid grazing at all costs -- 4 meals a day with protein, veges and fruit, and bread rarely. Good luck to all with scheduled surgeries!!
  22. Apple203

    Hair loss after surgery

    I don't think so. I'm 3 months in and feeling a little panicky when I spot random strands around me -- normal shedding or the beginning of the hair loss phase? I never miss my vitamins and rarely miss my protein goal.
  23. Apple203

    Perspectives on Losing Fast & Slow

    I think we should stipulate that 0-1 pound a week is slow, 1-2 pounds a week is normal, and greater than 2 pounds a week is fast!