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  1. I am 9 weeks out from Gastric Bypass surgery. 9 months ago I had the sleeve performed but due to leaks I was converted into a bypass. For the past few weeks, especially at bedtime, I am passing an enormous amount of gas. When I wake up, I continue until I get out of bed. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know why? I don't think I eat enough to pass so much gas.
  2. Pauliegroup

    Recovery Time

    As you can see from my profile, I've received a gastric sleeve nearly 6 months ago and have had great success. Unfortunately, my stomach has a leak, so most likely my sleeve will be converted to a bypass. I want to know from Bypass recipients, how long after surgery where you back doing normal activities? Began exercising?
  3. Pauliegroup

    Recovery Time

    The first week after any surgery is tough. The water intake will get better. Make sure to try and drink a few ounces every hour.
  4. Pauliegroup

    Recovery Time

    The Leak was realized a few weeks after surgery. It appeared to be healing on its own and contained. But I have developed two infections that are related to the leak, so unless the scan shows complete healing on Monday, we will schedule a bypass. This is why I want to know about recovery time. I have a short trip planned for mid-March that I don't want to cancel.
  5. Pauliegroup

    What I want to believe

    While I can't promise you'll experience what I have, 9 weeks out, I've yet to be hungry. I eat to get my minimal nourishment. I have moments where old habits kick in but I soon realize I can't eat it or go ahead, but I can only eat a bite or two. The next day the scale has me down another pound.
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    Shana Tovah!
  7. Pauliegroup

    Stressed about approval

    Mine took over 3 weeks. I wouldn't be concerned until the end of the upcoming week. You also can't control what is no longer in your hands. Stick with your pre-op diet and if you don't hear by Friday morning, I'd call your coordinator and raise some serious concerns.
  8. Pauliegroup

    Help! I feel sick all the time

    I didn't feel nausea but I had a hard time eating and drinking anything for the first 2 weeks. It subsided to the point that I am now getting close to the desired protein and water. But you should still call your doctor.
  9. Pauliegroup

    lower left pain

    Gas was correct for the shoulder but stitch for the lower left abdomen.

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