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  1. So I’m just curious for anyone who knows people who had surgery as well, do they compare you to them. I’m about 8 months out and a couple pounds from 100 down but my friends who are only a couple months compare themselves to me and it really makes me mad. I have goals just like them, I struggle just like them and I’m wishing I lost a certain weight too. I really try to be a guide to the process but it’s starting to upset me. What should I do? Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  2. QueenTiff


    Thank you so much I really needed to hear this! God bless you Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
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    So I got sleeved in August and it’s almost 7 months since surgery and I still have not reach my 100 pound down goal and it’s really eating my soul. I know that sometimes it’s my own fault you know from eating the wrong things but other times I just don’t know what to do. I gained two pounds from having to much fun and now I’m trying to go back down again. It’s frustrating when your afraid your gonna fail. Any encouragement? Advice I been stress out for months? Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  4. So I️ know during this journey otherwise being healthy, getting the weight off is important. I️ also know it’s very important to not compare yourself to other people because it can get discouraging. My question is how do I stop being impatient. I’m a impatient person in general but reading these stories and seeing people results in 6 months honestly have me worried. I️ would love to be 100 pounds down in 6 months but I️ just feel like that’s not gonna happen. So how do I️ just stay focused and let my body do the work? Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  5. QueenTiff

    How to not be impatient

    Also i have a lot of “I️” these things it’s because my letter l is messed up. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  6. So I admit I had some bad choices lately and maybe this is why I’m feeling like I’m not losing weight but geeze it seems like I been at the same weight for a couple weeks now or more and it’s killing me. Even my sister loses weight and her eating habits are awful she has the lapband. Im just trying to figure out what I can do. Im back on track now and I workout more so idk maybe I’im Just impatient. Any suggestions? Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  7. Hey guys I'm back. So since last couple of weeks I been doing so much better. Thoughts have changed but now I'm struggling with a new problem. Weightloss. So I started my first water aerobic class and I felt great but even though it's only been a day I feel like my appetite has increased. It makes me a little worried. I really want to get out of the 300s and into the 200s but I have to lose this 15 pounds. I feel like I'm losing weight slow but someone said it's progress. Idk anyone has advice or something Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  8. Wait it is past one month I mean 2 sorry I'm sleepy lol Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  9. I'm having this same problem honestly like I want it to go fast but I keep forgetting I already lost 37 pounds so far and it's not even one month. so Idk im so eager to get to 200 pounds but that's more than 100 pounds. Keep pushing you got this I promise Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  10. I am on week 3 post op and I feel like I made the biggest mistake in my life. I'm reading how my favorite foods is a no go and I'll never eat it in my life again. Here I am struggling to meet my goal of protein and water. I can't enjoy life with my friends. I'm over this sleeve people who wants to get it I tell them don't. I'm trying to find the beauty in all this but right now I feel like I ruined my life. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  11. And I'm just like you. I never met you in my life so to think someone is gonna cyber bully me into thinking that I'm dumb for the way I'm feeling they are absolutely out of their mind. People don't understand there is no difference between me on the internet and off. People get all scared when the other person speaks back and defend themselves. Sorry that was a little rant but I understand Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  12. Well I truly appreciate this thread. I agree I did kind of go off on people but at the time I was in sooo much pain I just wanted someone to say it's ok. I always tried be genuine and raw. My aunt and best friend is getting this surgery and I want to be the best example I can be. So again thank you so much and I have nothing but love and support for you. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  13. I know exactly how you feel. I just want to be more positive and pray I can do better. I'm here for ya if you need someone to talk too Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  14. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    I try to be as honest and raw as I can. I am doing better than when I originally posted this but it's still a struggle. I would encourage you to get it and get through it. I wish I could hold your hand but I promise to be here for support Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  15. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    Thank you I needed to hear that! Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  16. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    Most of my responses are very grateful and fortunate that people share their experience with me and people encourage me to still push forward. I am always ready to view people opinions of things but I'm also allowed to say how I feel, what I feel in response. It's America, it's only sour if that individual takes it sour. Thank you for your concern and thank you for sharing how you once had regret in your journey as well. I appreciate you sharing your experience. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  17. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    You chose to be negative and you chose to address this post telling me I'm pathetic. I will happily take all the advice and encouragement that you have but the harsh words of yours I won't allow. At the end of the day the only person who can really help me through my emotional boundaries is god and people who truly care for me. Have you started your comment with not calling me pathetic we wouldn't be here but since you did now we are here. Negative things that happen to me I never blamed anyone but myself. I am so happy the surgery was the best thing that happen to you and I pray I can get to where you are. See that's what this app is all about. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  18. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    Don't ever in your life call me pathetic! I may have low days and want to share with the group because it's normal but don't call me pathetic. My bounce back is strong just like my attitude chill and sit the f**k down somewhere Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  19. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    Obviously you can't deal with people point of view either because what I said to him was my point of view Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  20. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    So let me update everyone on my life. So many responses in two weeks. I appreciate all the comments even though some people are just naive to life. Like some people on here act like it's sooo easy. If it's so easy how come you couldn't lose the weight on your own. (That's a different topic though) . I experience a lot in two weeks I lost 40 pounds in 4 weeks. Pretty great I know. Um I'll be over a month out tomorrow. Do I feel different than two weeks ago..... yes. Is this still a process for me.... yes. Do I still have regret not as much as I did originally it is getting better. I dilute a lot of drinks and found out some foods like queso still isn't my friend. I'm working on it I really do. I start my workout in another week. I chose to build myself back up by water than just go straight into the gym. So thank you all for the comments like this thread went viral. I'm glad it did because there so many people who are feeling this way but scared to admit it. I'm always glad to be a voice for people anyway I can. Again thank you all for your encouragement. Also for those of you who are still judgmental..... you all need to live life a little. Go get your nipples pierced or skinny dip or something. You don't have to be "the bitter mean/old/ person" I understand you all are giving wisdom and advice but to talk about people maturity level or say that I need to go to an institution and I'm crazy that's just kind of low. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  21. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    I'll be honest with you when it's not one thing it's another I don't think I was made for this surgery or something. I don't seem to be doing anything right and no it's not getting better. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  22. Back again! So my regular diet starts in exact one week. Monday will be 5 weeks after that I'm allowed a regular diet. The problem is I feel like I don't know what to eat. Right now for my soft foods phase I eat a lot of eggs, soft shredded chicken I has the chili mashed potatoes and yeah I basically don't know what to do once I leave this phase. Honestly sometimes I feel like I can eat anything as long as I chew it really well and take small bites and time but I'm honestly confused I'm honestly scared like what do I eat now. I know I have a week well a little over a week but a week can fly fast. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  23. QueenTiff

    Regular diet

    I really like rotisserie chicken it's good Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  24. QueenTiff

    Regular diet

    I hate cooking but I'm like you I'm gonna have to force myself to cook. I just am like so what do I cook. When can I eat I start adding certain foods in you know. Can you tell me exactly what you googled because I need help. Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]
  25. QueenTiff

    I regret this surgery

    Oh you're still early Tiffani[emoji1528][emoji757]️[emoji175]

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