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  1. smooshycheeks


    Finally made it! It’s been at least 15 yrs that I’ve been in the 200s. Very exciting!
  2. smooshycheeks

    Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis

    I'm going to do a 2 wk experiment. WFPB for 2 weeks and compare how I feel and my weight loss. I really think the high dairy protein is adding to my nausea. Full disclosure, there will be eggs and cheese a few times each week because I like them and they make me happy.
  3. smooshycheeks

    Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis

    That is exactly what he replied to me. I asked why the pre and postop diets rely so heavily on animal protein, and what is the physiological benefit. He said "None. Dogma."
  4. smooshycheeks

    Protein intake question

    I can't do anything with aspartame, Splenda, artificial flavors. I've been using Isopure unflavored powder. It's amazing. I can put it in almost any hot or cold liquid. Zero taste, sometimes it does change the texture/viscosity a tiny bit. It goes perfectly in broth, soup, smoothies, vitamin water, etc. Got a huge tub on Amazon.
  5. smooshycheeks

    Any vegetarians/vegan RNYers out there?

    Can you let me know what forum was suggested? I'd love to check it out. I forgot to mention eggs! I will be eating those for protein. So soy, dairy, eggs, legumes, beans, nuts. Not sure how long after surgery I'll have to wait to add legumes, beans, and nuts. Maybe in puréed form, so hummus and nut butter. I also have Crohn's Disease and gastroparesis, which means many times I can't handle the high fiber plant protein sources. As much as I'd like to get rid of dairy and eggs I still need them. Also remember that vegetarian/vegan doesn't automatically mean healthy. Pop Tarts, Oreos, and lots of other crap foods are vegan!
  6. Thanks! How has your gastroparesis been since the surgery? I'm really hoping for a big reduction in pain and nausea, as well as better motility.
  7. smooshycheeks

    Anyone having RNY to help gastroparesis?

    Pain and nausea are my current reality every day. I can't imagine the surgery making it worse. How is your gastroparesis after surgery? Any improvement?
  8. RNY scheduled for 8/9. Dr hoping it will reduce my pain, nausea, and improve motility. Wondering if anyone else out there had gastroparesis before their surgery and what their experience was like.
  9. Having gastric bypass is my Gastroenterologist's last ditch effort to help treat my gastroparesis. I also have Crohn's disease, in remission right now. Also Hashimoto's, fibromyalgia, migraines, and a host of bizarre autoimmune problems. I'm barely eating and should weigh 90 lbs, but I continue to gain weight, even after having my thyroid out. Dr hopes the RNY will ease my stomach pain, nausea, and poor motility.

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