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  1. I must be losing my mind... I got approved for surgery, but found out my surgeon is on vacation for the next couple weeks so I cannot see him until Dec 6th. That is when I will schedule surgery. I asked if she knew aprox when the surgery will be, and she told me he may not be able to operate until after the first of the year depending on his schedule... this has me so bummed that I am not even celebrating that I got approved... WTC is wrong with me??

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    2. Hopep4673


      I am better today I have let myself get happy that I am approved but yes it is torture bc I will not have a date until Dec 6th... ugh but maybe Ill get lucky and will still get a date in Dec...

    3. Polly Pocket

      Polly Pocket

      That's pretty much what happened to me except the doctor took off almost all of October. I got approval for a month ago and have to wait until Jan 8th for surgery. But i decided that it's more time to prepare mentally and learn more. New year, new life!

    4. Hopep4673


      That's a great way to look at it