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  1. chamomilelavender

    Sucking it in

    I haven’t seen anything recent, but has anyone found a really nice pair of spanx or compression anything? I’m trying to look good in some jeans. I’ve lost 95 pounds so far, but my stomach is just .. all there. What has worked for you?
  2. chamomilelavender

    Sucking it in

    I’ve been wearing old navy compression pants since before my weight loss and am finally realizing I need a smaller pair. I love them! You’d think my closet looked like Doug Funnie’s. I wanna get a nice pair of jeans but I don’t want all the loose skin just chilling in the pouch of the pants. So maybe like a pair of spanx to flatten it a little. I had the binder since surgery but haven’t worn it since. I’ll have to definitely check out the waist trainer. Thanks everybody for your feedback. Kimtriesrny, do you have a brand you like for jeans?
  3. chamomilelavender

    Face to Face Friday!

    First photo is my highest, second photo is 95# down.
  4. chamomilelavender

    February Rny Surgeries??

    oh man! thats heaven!
  5. chamomilelavender

    February Rny Surgeries??

    Two meals a week? Like what? I'm just wondering, cause my surgeon might need to talk to your surgeon. I'm on day 5 of 2 week liquid diet and all I can think about is pizza.
  6. Starting my liquid diet today and having RNY surgery on February 20th. I’m so excited! Has anyone come into any road blocks this close? I’ve had a few with the pulmonary department so I don’t wanna get ahead of myself. I wasn’t that consistent with my vitamins.. any advice?
  7. chamomilelavender

    February Rny Surgeries??

    I’m February 20th too! Yay
  8. chamomilelavender

    Submitted to Insurance

    Oh that's so fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. I'm just getting caught up with the entire forum. I just saw the same date and geek'd. I got it today. I've had a lot of bumps and hiccups in my journey, so I'd really like to just move forward smoothly. I had different instructions. The liquid diet for me goes like this: 1-9 days -- Clear Liquids (for the full two weeks up to 50 cal a day), one approved food 80-100 cal (i'm just picking pudding), Whey protein shakes (they have a list of how many you'll need to drink throughout the day to get the required grams of protein -- in this case 5 premier protein shakes) 10-14 days -- same clear liquids, No approved foods, 2 premier protein and 3 impact protein shakes. you have to get that from the hospital store. There's stuff in it to help you heal after surgery. Then, my surgeon's nurse sent me an email of other things I need to do like labs, EKG, chest X-ray, see my Doctor to clear me for no infection in my lungs and heart, 3 hour long group class with the surgeon, 1 hour group class with weight management. I've been slacking on taking my vitamins ahh don't judge. Anyone think this will be a problem? put off surgery?
  9. chamomilelavender

    Submitted to Insurance

    I'm February 20th, too!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. chamomilelavender

    Submitted to Insurance

    I didn't know you could call your insurance to find out the status. So I just called and they said I need to ask my provider/doctor. I'll call tomorrow. I'm in Kalamazoo and that's also where i'll be getting my surgery. I hope everyone hears back soon. I'm really looking forward to getting my surgery date. Y'all should post here when you get your dates, too!
  11. chamomilelavender

    Submitted to Insurance

    I'm in Michigan, too. My paperwork was sent into Insurance on Jan 17th, I still haven't heard back. :'( I'm hoping to hear back asap!
  12. I'm just wondering what was everyone's results were from their sleep apnea test. I had the worst experience for that department, but to make a long story short, the last requirement on my checklist was the sleep apnea. I did the at home test and when I brought it back, the employee told me I was a 5 and did not have sleep apnea. Then I had to make an appointment with the pulmonary doctor and she told me I do have sleep apnea. So now I need to wait 7-10 days for the machine, use it for 2 weeks, make the appointment with the doctor.. so is 5 negative or positive?
  13. chamomilelavender

    What were your sleep apnea results?

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. I scored a 5 and they're making me do 14 consecutive days of using the cpap machine before I can send all my stuff to insurance. I have to use it for a minimum of 4 hours but, that's actually kinda hard. The first night I did it, but the next 4 days I kept waking up with it off my face. So I had to start all over for the 14 days. I'm hoping for no more road bumps and to finally get on with my insurance and surgery. Wishing everyone else good luck!
  14. chamomilelavender

    Going back to work

    I absolutely understand. Did you get your work situation figured out? Talk to your doctor? I hope you get to do whats best for you and heal swiftly! I'm rooting for you.
  15. chamomilelavender

    Going back to work

    People must've been really mean to you for you to be so unnecessarily rude.
  16. chamomilelavender

    PTSD and Surgery

    Has anyone struggled with PTSD, Anxiety, or Depression and have still gotten approved for surgery? I have PTSD and can sometimes be an emotional eater. My doctor wants me to get clearance from my therapist, that I kinda stop seeing.
  17. Hi! I'm new to this journey and would love a mentor and friend. I'm 29 living in Michigan, but grew up in Philly. I have a lot of questions and love to learn so it would be really fun for me to hear about your journey and also lend an ear back!
  18. chamomilelavender

    Failing at Friendship....

    Hey, I've totally been there before and I empathize. Change is scary especially when you're doing it alone. I'll be your friend!
  19. Thank you, John! I'm glad to hear it went so well for you! I appreciate the quick reply, too!
  20. Hey John, Any progress with your insurance? I have McLaren, but was thinking about switching if it's better. Thanks!