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  1. GS was on December 17, 2020 :)
  2. sporters

    Made it to the other side

    I notice that I get gas from water only if I sip one too many sips. So I try to sip no more than two sips at a time.
  3. I am so ready for chewing again. Christmas Eve is the day! I’m thinking boiled chicken and black beans to start. How did your first soft foods experiences work out for you?
  4. Thank you all for the great tips! Another friend suggested wet scrambled eggs for my first bites.
  5. It depends on your insurance carrier's requirements. I have Cigna and they have a four month wait with other items needed. You'll find out the details at your consultation meeting with your surgeon. Good luck!
  6. sporters

    Insurance question

    I have a Cigna HSA and have had to meet my deductible and then 10% coinsurance for each service. I've been billed for everything (EKG, Upper GI and labs) except my surgeon visits, nutritionist visits and psychiatrist visits where I've had to pay at time of service each time. I haven't been scheduled for my surgery yet so waiting to find out what I'll be charged by the hospital. The recommended psychiatrist isn't in network and charged $1k (that I got down to $600) for three visits. A consult, testing and then the evaluation. Others I've asked said they had one visit. Advice: Find an in network psychiatrist!
  7. sporters

    August Sleevers ?!

    I completed all but one of my insurance carrier requirements and all of my surgeon requirements on the 12th. The only thing I have left is to get my psych evaluation results on the 19th. I'm told that it takes up to two weeks to get carrier approval, and once I get the OK it's another two weeks to get my surgery scheduled. Looking at August from the sounds of it [emoji3]
  8. My surgeon required it. Glad he did because they found a polyp in my duodenum they may have caused problems later. Got it removed yesterday easy peasy. I didn't have a pre existing reason for it, it's just something my surgeon wants his patients to do.
  9. sporters

    July 13th!!!

    I am 48 and I'm with you! I'm ready too! Praying that I get approved for sometime in August. Good luck! I look forward to following your journey : )
  10. sporters

    This is it!

    How exciting!! Prayers and well wishes for you!
  11. Hi! I'm new to this group as of a few minutes ago: ) I'm halfway through the requirements process for my insurance for the sleeve surgery. Last month I was told that I had thyroid cancer. My thyroid was removed last week and I'll be having radiation sometime later in July to make sure they got it all. If I'm approved my surgery would be later in July. I'm so scared that my sleeve surgery will be delayed but thankful that I'll be cancer free. I was just wondering if anyone has been through anything similar. How long of a wait after radiation before I could have surgery? I don't meet with my bariatric office for two weeks so thought I'd see what feedback I could find here. Thanks!!