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  1. Jengo825


    I have been using the ProCare BariatricPal vitamins (90 capsules) for about a year now. I take only 1 a day and it covers all of my doctor prescribed nutritional needs. My many blood tests taken for my on year check up were perfect. My calcium citrate supplement is Bariatric Advantage chewy bites 3x/day but needs to be taken 2 hours or more after the ProCare vitamin. The chewy bites are really good!
  2. Jengo825


    My surgeon would not do the sleeve for me because he said my GERD would get much worse. I had the gastric bypass revision from Lapband last July and the GERD is completely gone!
  3. Jengo825

    Lap Band to Sleeve

    I revised from Lapband to Gastric Bypass. Couldn’t do Sleeve because if GERD. The Lapband was a nightmare. I love my Bypass and no more GERD, stomach illness or pain! NO regrets!
  4. Jengo825

    What vitamins do you recommend?

    ProCare Health. Only one pill a day has all of the iron (45 mg) and the daily requirement of D (3,000 - calcium citrate contains the other 1,000). It has a lot more in it. ProCare can be ordered online. It’s about $45 for a 3 month supply.
  5. Jengo825

    Lapband removal and RNY in May

    I had an emergency revision from Lapband to RNY on July 5, 2017. I had my Lapband placed 1/2010 and in 7 years went through a LOT of misery and pain (too many details) and only lost 32 lbs, then gained 12 back. Since my RNY last July, I am thrilled to have lost 43 lbs. I can even eat without being in pain for literally hours every day. I have very little hunger - and sometimes eat to live ... and not live to eat. I am now under my goal in less than a year. Don’t be nervous. I’m sure that one day you will also be saying it was the best decision of your life. It certainly was for me!
  6. Jengo825

    Reasons for band removal

    I feel your pain! I had my torture device band revised (same surgery) to gastric bypass in July as an emergency surgery. I feel great now, no more pain, throwing up, etc.! Good luck with your surgeries! I’m on Medicare with a BCBS supplement and it was 100% paid.
  7. Jengo825

    Confused by signs

    I had my Lapband January, 2011 - it was nothing but problems the entire time. I had too much restriction the entire time and the weight gain. The last three, or so, years of that torture device, I was unable to eat and in doubled over pain most of the time. I also developed severe GERD. My gastro referred me to a different Bariatric doctor. Long story short - the Lapband caused multiple problems and I had to have an emergency revision to gastric bypass. Dr. Did not recommend the sleeve for me because a high percentage of patients that already have GERD, it makes it worse. Please see another doctor before your situation gets worse like mine did. I don’t think you will be sorry with a revision to sleeve or bypass. It was a wonderful decision for me - not constantly sick anymore!
  8. If this was an emergency revision, the denial could be due to incorrect billing codes. I had the same problem with my revision so I contacted my surgeon’s office to check the coding. When they recoded as an emergency (which it was) insurance paid for it. I am on Medicare so they don’t pre- approve, so when I got the bill, I was shocked too! I also found out Medicare doesn’t pay for more than one surgery at a time and mine involved 1)LB removal 2) Bypass 3) and hernia repair. The bariatric center recoded and gave reasons why it had to be done at once. So anyway...have your Bariatric center help you. Best of luck getting your sleeve....and with your approval. BTW, my secondary is BCBS. However, any secondary should pay the remainder if it is approved my Medicare.
  9. Jengo825

    lower bmi and surgery

    I had a Lap done in 2011, 5’3, 292 lbs and a 34 BMI. The LB cause a LOT of problems and I did not I had a Lap done in 2911 with a 34 BMI. The LB cause a LOT of problems and did lose much weight. In July 2917, I had an emergency revision to Bypass with a BMI of 30. BMI is now 22 and I weigh 132. I go for my 6 month checkup tomorrow. So far, I am very happy with this surgery and SO happy to have the Lapband torture device out of a much thinner me! Good luck in your journey. I hope you are as happy as I am.
  10. My breast reduction surgery was MUCH worse than my bypass surgery ... for pain and healing time. Bypass was easy compared to that!
  11. Jengo825

    BMI 27

    I had a Lapband emergency revision to gastric bypass on July 5th. At the time of my surgery, my BMI was 29.5 and is now 23.5. I am down 37lbs. It doesn’t sound like a lot but for my starting weight it is. I was in a tight size 14 and am now beginning to fit into a 6. I don’t need to lose more than 5-7 lbs. So, to answer your question, yes! The sleeve and gastric bypass are much more effective and so much easier to eat without getting sick and in pain all of the time.
  12. Jengo825

    252 - 152 = 100 pd loss

    You look beautiful!
  13. Great job! I can see a big difference! Don’t be sad eating less, especially if you are satisfied with the smaller amount. You will be even more satisfied with your new, smaller sizes! Hang in there, it’s worth it! You look great! Keep us updated!
  14. Jengo825

    Protein After Surgery

    Women should also have 60+ grams of protein per day. We were told over and over again that is a requirement for life before and after surgery in our educational classes. My Lapband to RNY surgery was done in July at the Honor Health Center for Bariatric Excellence in Scottsdale, AZ.
  15. That’s what happened to me! [emoji51]