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  1. This was our alternative choice and could have been the better one, now with hindsight.
  2. Wow, that sounds awful, Im so sorry! How was your experience with your doctor in Mexico? Would you choose the same surgeon? Anything to watch for? Thanks!
  3. baribetty

    Medical marijuana card

    Just a tidbit here... I didn’t consume any marijuana around my surgery, then a couple months in I started using it a bit. A few months after that I stopped and dropped 20 lingering pounds. I can eat SO much more (and want to) when I’m high.
  4. baribetty

    MAY 19th is my date

    I suggest having a stomach binder. It will help add pressure to the incisions and relieve pain. Best of luck! I’m two years out, I was scared as hell, but it was 100% worth it.
  5. Was it difficult to have the surgeries covered by your insurance? I am under the impression that insurance might cover it if the extra skin is causing issues. I wish I had insurance that would cover plastics!
  6. baribetty

    10 months, is it over or a stall?

    I will look for the thread. Thanks!!
  7. baribetty

    10 months, is it over or a stall?

    Any tips or experience for plateaus? I think I remember your before/after pics from right around the time of my surgery and you were quite the inspo!
  8. Way more than I would have expected 🙄 but I don’t really know what number. Maybe 60.
  9. baribetty

    Breast Lift with Implants

    Your stomach also looks amazing!!
  10. What was your starting weight? My surgery weight was 262 and i lost 54 pounds in the first 5 months after surgery. I think you’re doing just fine! I had the same concerns, but it’s just a more gradual process than we expect because it’s such a drastic change. Unfortunately, the weight doesn’t just fall off like we hope it will. Keep your head up! I’ve lost over a hundred pounds in the past 10 months and I haven’t done much more than eat a lot less. This winter has been rough and I haven’t been exercising. So I feel like my weight loss has been due primarily to the surgery alone.
  11. Congrats!! I love the feeling of fresh new, (and a new size!) clothes! Where are you shopping? Old navy Rockstar jeggings are a nice high waisted skinny leg option, but I also really love Democracy Jeans... they are high waisted and great for shaping. I buy them at Nordstrom Rack or Amazon...
  12. I haven’t told many people. I’ve lost 100 pounds and people don’t even mention it. It’s actually bizarre. I think it’s totally possible to tell no one, and people won’t notice the everyday variables like how much you’re eating in front of them.
  13. baribetty

    Bra Extenders & Other Clothing Tricks

    My boobs are totally deflating. Why are you buying so many bras at once? I would suggest buying as you need them, because both your cup and size may change, and at different rates. I’ve been wearing a lot of sports bras, but I’m lucky to work from home so I can wear casual stuff most of the time.
  14. baribetty

    Post op pain - be honest

    Don’t stress too much about that. Is it the one just next to your belly button? It was the same for me, especially at that incision. Take the rule of not lifting anything heavy seriously, because that will make it hurt sooo much more. Just be patient, it will go away. Also, a stomach binder really helped me.
  15. I am 9 months out. It wasn’t that way to start with - I had a lap band for 9 or so years, and this was the thing I struggled with the most for the first 4 years when it was working. I never got used to it. After the bypass I tried sipping with a meal - and at about 4 months found it was fine. I drink pretty much only lightly carbonated Water, maybe 1/4 glass with a meal, and usually to wet my mouth, throat, for swallowing. My surgeon is fine with this and comfortable it has no ill effects. I don’t drink after I am finished eating, though. Do you let the water flatten or is there a magical “half carbonated” water out there?? :)

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