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  2. Becca.S

    Strange dizzy spells

    Glad to know everything is going well with the tests. I agree that anxiety and stress can make the situation worse. Try and calm yourself and exercise your vigilance with your own body changes. When you feel bad, even if just slightly, try and sit down, ask someone for water, and breath (essential for me). Take it easy and you'll get well soon
  3. Becca.S

    Strange dizzy spells

    Yes! Probably because of my natural low blood pressure I have always loved salt/sodium loaded food, but it's a trigger for me since I am a chips and salties complete addict, so I need to thread carefully always.
  4. Becca.S

    Strange dizzy spells

    Yes, I've always had low blood pressure, and since the weight loss it's gotten even lower. I guess my body needs some time to adapt to that as well hehe.
  5. Becca.S

    Strange dizzy spells

    This is me exactly! My doctor said not to worry, that sometimes upon losing weight there can be changes in the inner ear structure (we lose supporting fat or something like that) that with time should normalize. It's been 6 months since my surgery. I drink plenty of water and eat really well, but I get the dimming and slight dizziness pretty much EVERY time I get up ... Hope it goes away soon, is a health hazard because I keep forgetting.
  6. Becca.S


    I'm at 6 weeks, loving my 2 servings of mixed nuts daily. No problem digesting them.
  7. Becca.S

    1 week post op dreaming about food

    I am 11 days in and my first lucid dream was SO MUCH like this. I ate a huge plate of pasta and breaded steak knowing I'd just had surgery, I thought "oh it's ok, I'm not feeling anything bad" and ate the whole thing... I just figured my brain was trying to kill me and enjoyed the dream x_X
  8. Becca.S

    Did you tell people?

    I told everyone... basically who doesn't know, wasn't paying attention. I've been loud about it. I had two main motivations to leave it all out there like I did. 1 - I'm a terrible liar, and I kept thinking on lunch time, when people decided to go for burgers, or drinks after work, I would have to keep making up tiny lies, all the time... I wasn't comfortable with that and dead tired just thinking about it. 2 - In the end of day I thought knowing who was there for me was more important than my fear of what people would think, or the arguments I ended up NOT giving a rat's ass about lol. All I can say is that my experience (sleever to be) has been lighter for it. Good luck making that choice Bye
  9. I'm having the surgery next week, but my psychologist said most of his successful patients went one of these ways. Focused on studying and/or learning new things Focused on work Focused on exercise Focused on socializing better (friends and family) Focused on finding new hobbies Hope it helps. Bye ^^
  10. Becca.S

    Will I feel normal again?

    Hey Annie, I'm having surgery next week and I'm already questioning these kinds of things. What I realized is that not having food as the intermediary for social interaction will open up a whole other gamut of things I never thought to do with my friends and family, or did rarely and couldn't enjoy it. Think about it. I wont invite my friends to eat somewhere, I'll invite them to the park, a museum, hiking, or camping, maybe we'll go walk on the beach and enjoy some coconut water while having a real enjoyable time. I'm getting rollerblades when I get to 100kg. Can you image? I can't. Even walking has been painful nowadays. But it won't be for long ^^. Try and see food as the thing that doesn't take from you paying attention to what life has to offer you. It's kinda working for my peace of mind. It'll get better anyway with time if that doesn't work.

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