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    ReShape scheduled in 4 days!

    I have scheduled the ReShape (2 balloon) procedure for this Friday. I'm excited but nervous. I think what I'm most anxious about is sticking to a healthy diet once they are out in December and being able to get to my goal weight on my own from there as my doctor said I could expect to lose on average 20-40 pounds with the balloons. I hope its the latter after going to all the trouble and cost, but I know everyone is different. I've told friends about the balloons and they look at me like I have 2 heads! I admit I thought it was a little "out there" when I first heard about it but I've tried year after year after year to lose weight trying everything else.
  2. Jolly rancher

    ReShape scheduled in 4 days!

    Hi, thanks for asking. I'm on day 11 or 12 now. Still adjusting to it. First few days were nothing but acid reflux and regurgitating everything. I lost 10 pounds the first week then gained back a few when I started on solid foods. Now I'm trying to get in my protein and water quotas and go back to exercise. Facebook has a group called Gastric Balloon Support Group. Great info and support for all types of balloons. It's more active than this forum, you should join!
  3. Jolly rancher

    ReShape scheduled in 4 days!

    Thanks, my doctor told me I qualified for the sleeve and explained that I would lose more over a longer period of time with it, but my insurance doesn't cover either procedure. He didn't pressure me with either but he kind of pushed the sleeve a bit, I'm sure he makes more $ off that one! He also said I could get a repeat insertion once the initial 2 come out in December or do the sleeve, although by then I dont think it would be worth the sleeve if I can lose 40 pound or so with the balloons the first time around. But this does come with a year of counseling and nutritionist as well, and support groups.