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  1. Topamax gave me the worst side effects, super intense heartburn and my hands and feet were tingling and going numb. It worked a little but the side effects were bad for me
  2. Thank you Alex! Out of curiosity, why are there some Mexico surgeons listed on there and some aren't? Do they need to have had training in the US?
  3. I'm currently researching Dr. Illan at Oasis of Hope hospital.
  4. Can anyone tell me why some surgeons use a drain and/or catheter for the sleeve surgery and some do not? I'm looking at a surgeon who does use either and I'm wondering if I should be concerned that he does not. Thanks!
  5. I'm currently interested in using Dr. Illan for my surgery, but it was pointed out to me that he is not listed on https://asmbs.org/patients/find-a-provider. Should I be concerned that he is not? I understand he is a weight loss surgeon and not a Bariatric surgeon, but when I look at his credentials it seems he has extensive training in Bariatric surgery, and I'm left confused. Any input is appreciated!