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  1. tiffany44641

    Soft solid stage

    I always use ground turkey before surgery so as long as it's not chunky I should be ok you think?i always cook it up really fine
  2. tiffany44641

    Soft solid stage

    Is taco meat shredded cheese sour cream and taco sauce considers a soft solid? lol I know it's a stupid question
  3. tiffany44641


    Stupid question I'm three weeks post op, what are the nutrition limits a day again . Carbs , fats sugars allowed a day . Thanks
  4. tiffany44641

    Soft foods 3wks post opt

    I'm in soft solids stage , are we allowed deli meat rolled with Swiss cheese or American cheese n light mayo? Are we allowed pickles yet?
  5. I'm tired of eating the same thing over n over lol. What are other options for soft solids stage? Can we have deli meat and Swiss cheese rolled up with light mayo ? When can we have pickles?
  6. tiffany44641

    2 Days post op

    I had surgery on Tuesday too and I can't get all my fluids in either , occasionally when I take a drink I get this sharp pain and then I have to burp, is that common
  7. My surgery is Tuesday may 2 and I feel like I am getting a sinus cold, a little stuffy in the mornings this past two days and have to keep clearing my throat like there is something in it . Wondering if we can have zicam preop
  8. tiffany44641

    Post op must haves

    Ok I will tonight thanks
  9. tiffany44641

    Post op must haves

    What are the must haves for post op, in talking everything not just food wise . Thanks
  10. tiffany44641

    Keto diet

    What meal plan do you follow ?
  11. tiffany44641

    Dr. Todd McCarty

    How long was your pre op appt? My starting weight is 361. Do you have any comorbities?
  12. tiffany44641

    Dr. Todd McCarty

    That's good, what did you guys talk about at the pre op appt? May I ask what your starting weight is
  13. tiffany44641

    Gastric sleeve

    Well he only makes two incisions and not 5 and he pulls the stomach either out thru your belly button or up thru your esophagus
  14. tiffany44641

    Gastric sleeve

    No they cut the same amount out as they would will the regular gastric sleeve procedure. I just think he calls it a mini sleeve Bc it's minimally invasive
  15. tiffany44641

    Dr. Todd McCarty

    I'm not local I live in Ohio and am flying to Texas for the surgery. I'm nervous and anxious too. But I also have 3 kids 3,7,9 and I'm scared of the what if , like about going to sleep and not waking up etc uggg