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  1. kimmy faith

    before my sleeve

  2. From the album: before my sleeve

    i chose this picture because its my most recent.
  3. kimmy faith


    I shedualed my sleeve surgery today [emoji4] may 9 !! Sent from my LGLS775 using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. You look AMAZING girl ! , dont let men get to you. Me and my mother are both getting the gastric sleeve , im getting mine first them she will be getting hers.Our situation is quite similar, you see i have a step father who honestly doesn't care about anyone else's feelings except his. About a week ago he had told my mom he does not want to hear about the surgery because he don't think we can do it , because we've been big forever.Im 19 my moms 39 Im so excited to go through this process with my mother who is also my best friend. Im here if you need anyone to talk to love Add me on FB if you ever need someone- Kimmy spidle
  5. i'm getting ready to schedule my surgery and i was wondering if anybody knew how long they usually wait to do the surgery after scheduling it ?
  6. kimmy faith

    schedule surgery

    thankyou so much , i've recently changed my mind in which one i was gonna get but i decided on the sleeve because they said since im only 19 its better for me , thank you for helping me with this information
  7. kimmy faith

    schedule surgery

    im sorry didnt mean to confuse you, i was just wondering after the insurance approves the surgery does the surgery happen soon or later , just trying to learn more about it , I go to support groups and everything just trying.

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