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  1. Hoolahoopster

    How's everyone doing?

    How's everyone doing here? Anybody getting bored with their food? I am a little bit. Also, I am dying for something sweet (besides protein shake) but I'm not allowed to eat fruit. Does anybody here have a suggestion?
  2. Hoolahoopster

    Starbucks Egg bites

    Yes Starbucks, My plan 2 months.
  3. Hoolahoopster

    Starbucks Egg bites

    OMG those egg whites with bell pepper are life savers when I'm rushing around town and need to get my meal in. And then I order a cup of water with it. lol
  4. Hoolahoopster


    Popcorn was on the list of foods never to eat again for the rest of my life even the fat free kind. I didn't ask my Dr. why but maybe I'll ask at my next appointment.
  5. Hoolahoopster

    Coffee question???

    I was told by my doctor for healing purposes stay away from caffeine for 3 months. I do the occasional skinny now.
  6. Hoolahoopster

    Calories at 3 months

    I have an app that tracks protein and calories so I eat on average 500-600 calories and at least 90 protein. I exercise 2-3 times a week for 30-45 min. My Dr. said don't keep track of the calories just the protein and don't go over 2 oz per meal. Even though I feel I can eat more than that!
  7. Hoolahoopster

    Greek yogurt

    I eat my plain nonfat yogurt with chopped cucumber, finely chopped dill, squeeze of lemon salt and pepper. I eat this for dinner most days.
  8. Sleeved 5/24. Since surgery Ive only lost 10 pounds but I feel like Ive lost more than that. My Dr. said never eat more than 2 ounces and my nut said no fruit or juices and light weight training and cardio. Other people in my support group sleeved around same time are eating more ounces, more variety of food, not working out and losing more weight! I'm sticking to the plan and no longer weigh myself because I know slow and steady is the way it is for me. Good luck and hang in there, you're not alone.
  9. Definitely had a hard time with water even before surgery I was getting tired of it. Before I went into the hospital I made a large pitcher of decaf raspberry ice tea. So refreshing and also I was mixing my clear liquid protein isolate with my tea to take the edge off.
  10. Hoolahoopster

    When will I feel normal again?

    Sleeved May 24. I felt normal again right at the one month mark when I was allowed to eat chicken, veggies, and fruit (very limited). I'm still taking prilosec twice a day and gas X.
  11. Hoolahoopster

    How's everyone doing?

    Sleeved 5/24. I'm eating the same 5 foods for a couple of weeks now then 6/24, I get to add new food. I haven't lost any weight in a Week and I sticking strictly to the plan. Hopefully the addition of new food will Kick start my metabolism or something. Good luck to you all.
  12. Hoolahoopster

    First Post-Eating After Surgery

    Sorry I can't relate, I'm a rule follower especially when it come to this surgery stuff. I don't know what the repercussions are, maybe dumping or maybe the labs might show that she's not following the rules and doctor might chew her out? That's what I'm worried about since I'm scared s**t of my doctor. lol
  13. Hoolahoopster

    Post-Op Diets

    I'm on day 9 and only allowed cottage cheese, non fat plain yogurt, apple sauce, non fat milk, broth, protein shakes, eggs and fish. I don't have to blend anything. I stick with the plan and don't deviate. Starting to get bored of my food tho.
  14. Sleeved May 24th. I wish I can drink shakes, for some reason I can't tolerate them so I'm stuck with clear protein isolate for now. My doctor also said no to Premier and no to greek yogurt, he's on the conservative side. Today my delivery came in to try another clear protein. I hope I like it....
  15. Hoolahoopster

    Isopure unflavored vs. others

    Sleeved May 24. I tried an unflavored clear protein isolate and I couldn't take it.. The last couple of days Ive been drinking ISO100 blue raspberry and I added some sf crystal light to take the edge off over ice is very delish. I still have home made broth everyday, it don't mix anything in it.
  16. Sleeved May 24th. Before I went into hospital, I made a batch of homemade chicken broth and froze them in ice cube trays and just made it convenient. Each chicken broth cube is one ounce. My dr. said no protein shakes only clear protein isolate the first week. So what helped is about a month out I started testing out clear protein isolate drinks. And then stocked up on the ones I liked. I made lots sf jello and stocked up on lots of sf pop sickles. I'm still not allowed fruits or veggies, which I can't wait to eat. Also my doctor said no greek yogurt which I absolutely love.
  17. Hoolahoopster

    What is everyone "eating"?

    Sleeved 5/24. I'm just sticking to the plan they gave me sugar free jello, chicken broth mixed with 98% fat free cream of chicken soup, sugar free Popsicles,liquid protein isolate. I haven't felt hungry or full yet. On wed I move on to the next phase.
  18. I was sleeved 5/24. I am not allowed any protein shakes, I can't wait to sip on one of those. I'm allowed clear protein isolate (gag) and clear liquids only until 5/30. Has any body tried Gas X for gas?