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  1. I finally have my surgery scheduled!! I am going to Michigan and having surgery with Dr. Mark Pleatman. I am so excited but also nervous!! Has anyone gone to him? Just curious of others experiences. Also, as far as after surgery for self-payers, did you have any issues receiving follow up care? If I have any issues will I get turned away from other doctors? I have an appointment with my PCP and I'm going to make sure he's okay with it, I just am worried that no one will help me. I'm so ready for this but I also feel like I'm not prepared! Any other advice anyone could offer would be great!!
  2. mareana

    July is the month!

    Dr Mark Pleatman is in Bloomfield Hills, MI and it's 11,200 for the vertical Sleeve. Not as cheap as Mexico, but not as much as doing it at a normal hospital with no insurance. It's definitely doable!!
  3. So, a few things have occurred over the last few days. My dad passed away in a terrible motorcycle accident and his wife, my step mom, is in critical condition. Alongside of dealing with the pain of losing my father, my hero, (I am 23, he was not supposed to leave me this soon) and dealing with attorneys for his estate and lawsuit, i am in the middle of my pre op diet and going through the motions and I am losing my insurance. My mom is putting me on hers, but I don't think it covers bariatric surgery. I don't want to be selfish in thinking about this at a time like this but I have appointments coming up that I'm trying to get with my patient advocate about to see if I should go to them. I am just wondering if I should keep going or if I should step back and just take the plunge and go to Mexico. I almost made the decision to go to Mexico before but decided to start the program I'm in now. What is every ones experience with mexico? Is it sketchy? Scary? Way more expensive and not worth it? I did a lot of research on it before and every thing seemed legit but I am still a little bit not convinced. Can anyone offer me some insight on this?
  4. mareana

    Surgery in Mexico

    Thank you everyone for your advice! I am planning on having surgery in August or September to give myself time to grieve a lose some weight one my own.
  5. So, I have pretty much decided on going to Mexico for surgery. I just wanted to see if I can get some input/advice from people who have gone to Mexico. I am scared and nervous and thinking about everything that could go wrong. I know a lot of people do it but it's so scary to think of having something like this done so far away from home. Is there anything you guys can tell me to help me make my decision? I haven't found anything negative about Tijuana Bariatrics but I just want to make sure I make the right decision.
  6. mareana

    Surgery in Mexico

    So after you got surgery, what kind of check ups have you had? I am worried about having any complications and not having yearly check ups in regards to the surgery itself
  7. I am in month 2 of 4 of my pre op stages. I have good days and bad days. Today is a bad day. I just keep thinking to myself, "is it worth all this money?" I keep getting bill after bill for each appointment, and then I keep thinking, Jesus dude, I still have to pay $6,000 for surgery!! Like, why am I doing this to myself? I'm trying to live my life and do things and I can't because I have to save every penny extra for all these appointments and the huge expense of surgery. My boyfriend is very good at getting me to see the big picture but when I am sitting here stuck in my head I stress myself out so much about it. Not only am I going to have life altering surgery, I'm going to pay a life altering amount of money for it. That money could go toward a house, my retirement account, or a wedding! But I just keep thinking of the phrase "invest in yourself". I could spend $6,000 on gym, special diets, or junk food in one year. To look at it that way puts it into such a different perspective. I can change my life for less than $10,000 and lose this weight, be happier and healthier, and live a longer life and spend my old age with my amazing partner and my future children. That's what gets me. Those future children. I have to be healthy for them and teach them how to live a healthy life! I guess I just need to remember "invest in yourself, and think about those future kids" I guess I just needed to rant. No one around me understand what's happening in my head and you guys make my day better because you know what it's like.
  8. mareana

    Insurance Approval

    Okay! Well good luck to you!! Can't wait til I'm there!!
  9. mareana

    Insurance Approval

    Okay! Well good luck to you!! Can't wait til I'm there!!
  10. mareana

    Insurance Approval

    Okay! Well good luck to you!! Can't wait til I'm there!!
  11. mareana

    Insurance Approval

    Just curious- did you have to do a pre op diet? I'm worried about dipping below 40 BMI and not being approved. I see that you were approved, but did you have any issues with that?
  12. I'm a planner too! I am trying to plan every single detail but it's hard when it's four months away and I get frustrated because I can't make a solid plan. I'm trying to set a budget but it's hard when you get unexpected bills. I know it'll be all right and it will all be worth it but at this stage I'm just like, why the heck am I doing this?! But you just have to focus on the big picture. It will be so worth it next summer when I can wear shorts and a short dress and a bikini and not care!!! Even if I have lose skin I don't care!! [emoji173][emoji173][emoji173]
  13. I haven't had surgery yet but I have only told important people. My parents, sisters, in laws, my boss and HR Person, and my really close friends/coworkers. I haven't really decided what I'm going to tell people. Everyone in my life including coworkers know that I have been trying to lose weight for years. I'm the one who says no to donuts and cake on birthdays so they already know I'm trying to lose the weight so once it starts really happening hopefully they are expecting it. I think I will just say whatever comes out of my mouth at the time of the question. I'm in no way ashamed, but people are very judgy. All they need to know is what you want them to know. And diet and exercise is a real thing that you're doing so it's not a lie. You worked really hard and they don't need to know that you had surgery to help. You are working your butt off to meet your goal and that's what matters! And that's all people need to know. You needed a change and you made it happen.
  14. I am stressing myself out about losing too much weight and being rejected. My insurance requires a BMI of 40 to be considered. Mine is currently 47.5. I have a 3 month diet, and if I lose more that 40 pounds my BMI is going to drop to 39. I am so worried that I will have gone through this for nothing. 3 days into my diet and I am already down 3 pounds. Not complaining, I want to lose as much as possible for surgery to reduce lose skin and build good eating/exercise diets NOW rather than post op, I am just so stressed thinking that I could possibly lose too much. Is this possible? Has this ever happened to any one? I have aetna. Side note: I do not have any obesity related diseases so the need for surgery is based solely off my BMI.
  15. I talked to my patient advocate and she said it shouldn't be a problem but I am still worried about it ya know? Maybe I should call my insurance. I guess worst case scenario I can lose as little as I can. I don't have a certain number that I have to lose I just have to lose. So I hoping that I can lose as much as I can and still be approved.
  16. That's a relief to hear!!! I am so worried about it
  17. I just started my 3 month supervised diet and I am struggling already, craving bread and pasta just because I can't have it! What did you all do to get through the diet? What sort of substitutes did you use? I already sub ground beef for ground turkey, and I try not to eat white bread but now that it's off limits I'm craving it. How did you get past it? I know that the first 2 weeks of a diet are the hardest and I just want to get through these two weeks without cheating so I can make myself stick to it! Any advice would be appreciated
  18. Thank you for the advice!! What kind of real butter do you use? Country crock? I am good about drinking water and staying away from pop. So far I have been eating Greek yogurt for breakfast, chicken, brusselsprouts and red potatoes for lunch and chicken and veggies for dinner. I am doing ok but last night I wanted to cave so badly. I didn't, but I almost did!! I'm just trying to get through two weeks with out cheating because I feel like if I cheat early on I will have less success.
  19. Awesome!!! Did you have to do a supervised diet? If so how successful have you been? I go today for my first appointment with my nutritionist and I am so excited! I just want to start losing and change my life!!
  20. Hi everyone! I have just started this process. I am going to the nutritionist on Monday and will be starting my 4 month supervised diet. Does anyone have any advice for me? I have a million thoughts and feelings and I can talk to my boyfriend and family but no one really understands. I am worried about having lose skin. I'm 23 and all I want to do is wear shorts!! Does any one have any advice on workouts that will help tone and prevent? Any products that have helped with lose skin? Lotions/wraps? I want to do anything I possibly can to help prevent as much as possible. Also, any advice on how to prepare for post op? What should I start stocking up on besides the obvious things like soups/protein shakes, etc.? I will be having surgery in July and want to be as prepared as possible for what is to come. I also have to do a 2 week pre op optifast liquid diet. What helped you get through those 2 weeks?