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  1. 1234567890

    15 month progress.

    Congratulation!! Great transformation.. don’t stop ..
  2. 1234567890

    The regain posts

    How many pounds you gained? personally I gained 6 pounds this months.. although I am doing crossfit and tons of weight trainning.. Maybe 75% of it is muscle and the remaining 25% is fat due bad habits.. but is never to late to come back to track.. how are your food portions like now? one more thing to ad.. are you watching your macros? Calories in vs calories out? I would do a yo yo diet removing carbs.. people digest carbs faster than others.. just find your balance tho.. really hope you get back at it.. best of luck
  3. 1234567890

    Anyone had the 360 lower body lift?

    Thank you everyone for taking your time and share/reply..
  4. Hi all.. checking in... left my highest 405lb right 06.20.18 at 204 lbs. I hope everyone’s journey is going well.. please keep me updated with your progress and wish you all the best
  5. Thank you Kim! Definitely feel better now, it’s night and day.. I wish you the best in your journey too..
  6. Does anyone has IG account tracking your progress?
  7. 1234567890

    When were you able to eat Cereals?

    At my close to 10th month I haven’t had cereal.. but I guess you can after 2nd month you can eat anything you want in portions.. I would suggest high protein cereal.. and of course low in sugar
  8. 1234567890

    Factor Five-Blood Clots

    Only doctors can point you to right direction.... check with yours pal.. and I wish there is no complications.. best of luck
  9. When is your surgery date? As far as the question, I am happy with ny Doctor.. at the end of day doctors are doctors... they go by the time 😜.. just make sure his/her reviews are ok
  10. 1234567890

    North New Jersey Peeps!

    Hi Jersey peps! From Wood-Ridge, NJ ! 🙌
  11. 1234567890

    Traveling in a snow storm

    Dont be nervous.. It will all be ok. safe trip.. and best wishes in your new journey.. happy holidays!
  12. 1234567890

    Day after surgery

    Thats natural.. I had the same feeling for at least 3 weeks, but it gets better, nothing to worry about.. you shouldn’t sleep on your stomach.. sleep on your back.. best of luck and you will be like nothing happened shortly.
  13. 1234567890

    6 months post sleeve

    Great results pal! Keep it up 💪💪
  14. 1234567890

    Surgery Day!

    Good luck Holls.. wishing you the best and stay positive.. you own this.. it’s “show time” 💪💪
  15. 1234567890

    The BIG Day!!!

    Best of luck ...and success in your new journey. Wishing you a speedy recovery
  16. Once I reach my weight goal I would love to go to Italy for 2-3 weeks [emoji869]
  17. 1234567890

    Newbie here [emoji5]

    Don’t mind the scale, you sill continue to lose weight.. and stick to your post-surgery diet plan, i guess you are into 2 weeks liquid diet?. You are not hungry, that is just head hunger..personally I took me a couple of months to meet my 48 oz water intake, but it gets better every day. Now at my 9th month I can drink 64 oz per day, I would suggest to stick to your liquid diet, if you are missing the fact that you are no longer chewing your food, try popsicles, or jello (check with your Doctor first). In my case jello and popsicles was part of liquid diet.. best of luck and stay strong..
  18. kicks (no leashes on), favorite tunes, headphones, coconut water to hydrate, gas-x strips to relase gas post surgery, tooth brush/paste (believe me.. you will need it), chapstick, baby wipes (You can’t shower till next day, thick socks (you will be freezing). Time yourself and set alerts every 2-3 hrs to go for a walk...best of luck 😜
  19. 1234567890

    Day 4 post op is this normal?

    Absolutely normal... at least that was my case... you will feel better soon.. I felt better after a week or 2, and liquid intake is a process.. in my case took me almost 2 months to take water without any issues... stay strong pal!
  20. 1234567890

    Mixing two proteins

    I have never mixed 2 proteins, I am not a Dr but I think your body can process X amount of protein. say your Premier Protein hsa 35 grams, and you want to add a scoop of protein Y with 30 grms or protein, theoretically will be a 65 protein shake right? I don't think your body will absorb all protein.. Not sure tho, ask a Dr.
  21. Best of luck to all.. Stay positive.. walk a soon as you can... take your gas-x..Be patient.. Bring your headphones with your best tunes.. and take a sip at the time...wishing you success and speedy recovery..
  22. 1234567890

    Late December Sleevers?

    Will take a while to meet your liquid intake at beginning.. eventually you will be able to get your 48 oz of water per day. Talk to your Dr if you can drink coconut water to keep you hydrated
  23. 1234567890

    Workout music

    Try spotify.. they havea freat music selection.. all depends what type of music you like...
  24. If you dont mind asking, was it out of pocket or did your insurance covered it? in USA or out of USA? I might have to go through that.. I see some loose skin and still have to drop 40 lbs... thanks

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