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  1. Limocurly

    band to sleeve

    hello, i am transitioning from band to sleeve and was wondering if anyone out there experienced this transitioning. i am nervous about the pain compared to the band and the recovery period. thanks
  2. Limocurly

    band to sleeve

    oh wow less than two weeks!! that is awesome, thank you for sharing!! i am hopeful for similar results!!
  3. Limocurly

    band to sleeve

    thanks that is very helpful, im going between 3- 4 weeks off work.
  4. Limocurly

    band to sleeve

    thankyou very helpful
  5. Hello!! I'm new to this site. In 2008 ,I had the lap band, lost some weight and have gained it back. I am having a revision to the sleeve and was wondering what is the downtime. I work in a clinic , where I walk a lot and have to pick up things up to 30 lbs. I was thinking of two weeks off should be more than enough. Thoughts please, thanks in advance!!
  6. Be careful with that, one month I got off 10 lbs and my Doc told me the insurance company may look at it as you can do it on your own. I would wait to drop the most after the final visit. My 6 months was a perfect example of what I alway do, lose then gain.
  7. Limocurly

    Time off post op

    I had to go back because I was having really bad reflux and needed an EGD. That got the ball rolling and I told them I would like to have the band removed and get the sleeve. We were able to start the process.
  8. Limocurly

    March sleevers

    March 16!! Excited / scared. I am transitioning from lap band to sleeve. Praying I can finally reach my goal and stay there!!!
  9. Limocurly

    About to submit paper to insurance!

    Exciting, I have united health care and it took them 3 Days!! My friend has blue cross blue shield and she said it took 3 weeks!! Good luck!!