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  1. shelleee7399

    Feeling very down and upset

    I am two months post op and I was eating crabs two weeks out. I can pretty much eat everything I ate before but the beauty of this is making the right choices. People are sometimes downers and every story is different. Keep up your exercising and walking and you should be fine eating whatever you want in moderation.
  2. As a professional Kidney Stone rep, I can tell you I get them about every three months. I actually had one last week while I was on vacation. Each and every kidney stone is different in the way it presents itself. Some are non eventful and pass, others notsomuch, and I end up in the ER, or having lithotripsy. Depending on the location of the stone, that is where you are going to feel pain. My first indication is nausea. Unfortunately, even though I had a kidney stone pass last week, I have been nauseous for three day's now so I probably have another one in the works. You can also get a feeling like you have a bladder infection. I then start feeling pain, and this can me in my lower back, and even my abdomen. I have had them for the last few years, and just had my first post surgery. I was told by my Dr. to be extra diligent with the water. Hope this helps!
  3. shelleee7399

    Post op day 2

    I am 15 days out from surgery and experience the same thing. I am told it will subside as our body heals.
  4. shelleee7399

    Sugery Date

    Had mine on the 7th and swam laps today!
  5. shelleee7399

    Would appreciate advice

    I am in your exact situation. Highest weight 217. Surgery day weight 200. I had surgery a week ago and have lost about a pound a day so far. I had high blood pressure. I have been having dizzy spell's and checked my blood pressure yesterday and it was very very low. So it's helping already and I need to call my doctor today to adjust my medicine! So far I am ecstatic that I went through with this. I have a long way to go. I need to focus on soft foods which I have not done yet.
  6. shelleee7399


    Sorry your dealing with that. I am almost two weeks out as well! Some days it's easier and some days not, by my issue is more nausea. I find shaved ice to have a great texture and easier to get down than just drinking water. Be patient we're still newly sleeved. I am also a big chicken when it comes to eating. Going to try soft foods today.
  7. shelleee7399

    After Surgery Taste Issues

    I was sleeved on the 7th of July and am going thru the same issues. Anything sugar free tasting is making me nauseous. Forget about the protein drinks too because I can't even choke them down right now. Broth and tomato soup is the only thing that is soothing.
  8. shelleee7399

    Do I Smell Different?

    There is a specific soap that's helps a lot. I will look up the name when I go to the grocery store today. It happens every time I lose weight. I was only sleeved 10 days ago and have not experienced it yet.
  9. shelleee7399

    How much weight did you lose?

    I will be 2 weeks post op and started my journey at 217. My goal weight is 120 as well. Last night I was 189. But I am still on clear liquids due to nausea. Go to my pre-op today.
  10. shelleee7399

    Before surgery

    The cocktail as they are wheeling you in are the best part! I remember them hitting a bump and accusing them of drunk driving. Next thing I woke up in recovery. It does not make you nauseous it makes you relax. Ask them to put nausea meds in your IV. Mine said they automatically do that anyway.
  11. I was sleeved on the 7th. How long are the risks of blood clots after surgery?
  12. shelleee7399

    Sleeved today!

    Hi there. I was sleeved on the 7th as well. Had a bit of nausea Monday and the pills they gave me to put under my tongue made it worse. I had them call me in promethazine. It helped a lot. No pain meds in the last two days. I am just thirsty and craving ice. Our journey begins!
  13. [emoji58] You have one body and you went through all of this pre-op prep to have the surgery, please don't cut corners now. Your not a cow [emoji202].
  14. shelleee7399

    Take measurement!

    Good idea! I was sleeved six days ago and do not have any before pic or measurements. Will do that tonight!
  15. shelleee7399

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Mine is Friday, the 7th!
  16. LivingFree, I agree with everything you are saying, and as a new person here, I agree as well. I think it was just her form of delivery. Tough love is good sometimes, but coming from a complete stranger I personally thought it to be a little mean spirited. Just my 2 cents. For whatever it's worth. But let's just all move on, we need you guys!
  17. I personally think it was a little condescending. There is a way to be helpful and supportive without smart azz undertones. We're all in the same boat, and are taking a big step to improve and change our lives. No matter where you are in this journey, don't ever feel like you're at a comfort level to come at someone. This is about support.
  18. Jess I think she was asking a general question, but had to preface it with "No negative comments please" because there was bound to be someone (in this case, you), that would have a sideways comment. People like you make it hard for beginners to post anything. Get The F over yourself.
  19. I am on four different medicines for bp. The Amlodipine and Lorsatin alone did not help. I feel your pain. Be patient. If your bp is the same since the day you started 40 day's ago, just inquire about more. Also Lasix is good as it gets rid of extra fluid
  20. shelleee7399

    Missing 1 Year of 3 Year Weight History

    Same issue here. I have my pre-op and the coordinator said not to worry about the weight history. I have none. Getting on scales was a big fear. I have bc/bs Federal. Hope my luck is like your's!
  21. shelleee7399

    My naked kitty! Pics inside!

    Well keep me in mind when you are ready! I am owned by three spoiled to the core nekkeds! I will have kittens in a few months!
  22. shelleee7399

    My naked kitty! Pics inside!

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