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  1. Hello Dtrain84: I have not had surgery but in June is the planned date. Whole-heartedly I know what you doing as far as not telling anyone; my family members are the only ones that knows my journey. It is between GOD, my family and I. The best way I would approach this concern of family asking you about the drastic weight lost; if they knew you were in hospital, you can tell them that you have decided to seriously eliminate the foods that were harmful to you. Basically, you took a new approach on your eating habits and got rid of the foods causing your body to retain the weight or gain weight. Now having control has made you be medically well and your journey of good health is your focus. Some of my co-workers know that I have taken control of my new eating habits and they know of me having surgery; however, not bariatric surgery. So by me being off work for five weeks to heal and them knowing that I will have to drink liquids to prepare self and heal properly; coming back will be a shocker to them but they know how I was before leaving to have surgery "on a journey to a healthier me." I hope this will help you and most of all it is your business and if this makes you feel comfortable, there is nothing wrong with keeping it all to your along with your wife. Take care and GOD bless and I pray all will work out fine with your family. Thanks for sharing; I enjoy this web-site. Judith
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    4 days post op

    Hey HeatherS, I am praying for you. Thanks for sharing this; I'm having my surgery in June and have narrowed done to one small meal a day. I drink plenty of liquids and proteins; keeping my calorie intake to 1000 per day. Take care and blessings to you.
  3. Judith Meeks-Hakim

    Day one pre-op diet in the books!

    Hi, I know it may be a bit scary, but as you said it is all positive. Take care It is going to be fine. My support from my grandkids helps me a lot with the liquids and staying on track with small meals. My surgery is in June. Praying for a successful journey for you Melena68
  4. Judith Meeks-Hakim

    Day one pre-op diet in the books!

    Hi , praying for your success; each day will get easier. I have to make this same journey at the end of May been preparing since February. Take care and don't even think about it being long days; your reward is ahead of you.
  5. Hi Everyone!  I am 62 and I started in July 2016 about Bariatric surgery; I'm the type of person, I have to think things through when making decisions.  Of course, this is the biggest I had to make; therefore, I been soul searching & preparing myself for this journey.  Information that I have research has been very helpful and I will continue to utilize my in-person support team and on-line support team.  I am very dedicated to doing this for myself; I have been unsuccessful in keeping my weight off.  In January, I became hospitalized for 7 days, home six and back again for another 5 days.  It was two different medical issues and nothing pertaining to my weight.  However, I have a surgeon that takes care of me when I have a Diverticulitis episode; she is great.  Anyway when I went to hospital second time, this is what was going on.  It was on a Thursday and the week-end she went out of town.  The week-end surgeon, a surgeon she works with during Bariatric surgeries assisted her with patients.  When he came into my room it was just like I have been knowing him a few months.  I did not know him personally, but his face was very familiar because he is the "Bariatric Surgeon-Weight Management."  The same person, I have researched and reviewed.  I really thought about surgery that day and I had not in a couple of months.  Well, on my follow-up visit with my Provider; she stated that I would be a great candidate for the surgery and then I told her how I had been thinking about it.  She shared with me that both of them had discussed me and thought it would be a great idea to share with me.  Now I am in the Weight Management Program starting off with 315 on my birthday Feb 8.  Now I am 295 and my surgery date will be June 2017.  I am very pleased with all the support I have found on this web-site and from material I have read; most of all my Bariatric Surgeon and Nutritionist.  All I doing is focusing on what I was doing to loose weight and working the plain he put me on.  14g sugar daily, 60-68 protein daily, no bread, no cereal, no fruit but one orange and a few berries a day.  I use almond and rice milk and dilute it.  Thanks for letting me share and also I had to find Protein Powder without any type of artificial sweet, sugar of any kind.  I found it and it is great to me because it suits my body.  Much love to all and great support.  Judith

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      Hi Judith! Glad to have you. I'm glad your journey is going well. June is around the corner, so soon! Cheers to the new you hon. Blessings on your journey!!!

    2. Judith Meeks-Hakim

      Judith Meeks-Hakim

      Thank you Newme17; same to you "Blessings" and take care.

  6. This is great information, I drink once or twice a year and since my drinking alcohol is very low for a year; I can do without it! Hey way to go Judith! Thanks SweetPeas
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    Sip your Veggies

  8. Judith Meeks-Hakim

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Information I just read helps me focus on my strengths and build my weaknesses; I have an idea what to expect after surgery since I have had major surgeries before. I know this is totally different but it has answered questions that I have. Such as, scar tissues; I suffer with abdominal adhesions like every 3-4 years and they hurt. I even wondered if scarring from the tissue of the stomach being cut attaching to other scar tissue. It's a possibility but I know I will deal with this at time it happens and it may not happen. Losing of hair, building myself up with vitamins & tonics before my surgery. I do have concerns; however, I am ready for this journey. A new chapter in my life at 62.
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    First time anesthesia tomorrow!

    You will be fine; it will be over before you know it. I have had three in my life; I'm 62. At 10A I was in O.R. and back to my room at noon and home to watch General Hospital at 1P. Take care