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    MelodySG reacted to clc9 in Why will this be different?   
    My surgeon is a big believer in the set point theory. He said your body has a weight it wants to be and the more you weigh and the longer you've been at that weight, the higher it is. When you lose weight on a normal diet and/or exercise program, your body will do whatever it can including increasing your hunger and lowering your metabolism to get you back to your set point. He said currently the only tool medical science can offer to reset your set point to a lower weight is WLS. He refers to it as a one time do-over. If you eat too much and regain, you'll raise your set point again, but if you protect it through good eating habits, you can maintain your weight with much more ease than with diet and exercise alone.
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    MelodySG reacted to carlychloe2 in Dental problems after RNY???   
    Airstream 88: I will have my second and last consult this friday. Im gonna show the dr. Both articles. I then then will make my decsion. Not sure if you read the research article one that I posted but it say, " Rapid bone loss was occuring despite having normal blood levels of calcui., Vitamin D". So this concludes tgat somrthing else is going on that is causing the rapid loss that is not showing up on the blood work. Best of luck to you. Ill post what the doc says.

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    MelodySG reacted to AB2B in Tomorrow!!!   
    Thank you all! Calling it a night. I will arrive at the hospital by 6am.

    Update the moment I can.
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    MelodySG reacted to almost40ish in Where is everyone from City & State   
    Atlanta, GA
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    MelodySG reacted to This-is-my-journey in 97 more pounds to go!   
    Hello Everyone!
    I was just scrolling my profile and I looked at my ticker.. OMG I've only got 97 more lbs to lose
    today I weigh 277 and I cant remember the last time I weighed in the 200's lol I love this journey. I really do!!!!
    today is also my 8 month poet op I went from 465 to 277 and my goal weight is to be 180 but I'd be happy just at 199 lol
    ive had my ups and downs like everyone else.. but I do not let my bad days affect me so much!
    I never thought I'd love eating healthy so much.. or wanting to work out. I don't go to the gym but I always manage to throw in a work out here and there!!
    I just wanted to share a little something because im so HAPPY1 hahahahaha

    hope everyone is doing well and kicking a**!
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    MelodySG got a reaction from erica2185 in Question for ladies   
    I had bad symptoms from the Mirena IUD. I think I'm the exception and not the majority though. I had bad cramps, spotted irregularly (had to always wear panty liner), started getting acne in my back (yucky). It's covered under most insurance companies and if your body reacts well to it, it's very convenient... they say most symptoms go away after a few months. I had mine 2 years and they never went away. Not sure why I didn't have it removed sooner. Ha. Goodluck to you.

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    MelodySG reacted to 1poundatatime in Still deciding   
    Newme17 and MelodySG we're all about the same size. My BMI is also 40. I'm 5' 7" though
    I decided to go with the sleeve because it is less invasive and less chance of complications. My surgery is mid- March. I will keep an eye on how you guys are doing! It's nice to find people who are starting from a similar place.
    Leading up to the pre-op diet, I'm on an low-carb, big Protein diet and have lost 8 lbs! So happy to be in the 240's this morning!

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    MelodySG got a reaction from AnneElliot in Still deciding   
    I really appreciate the input. @Newme17 Is your surgery date coming up? The sleeve is also what I'm leaning towards. I'm sure I will know more after meeting with the surgeon. @1Day1Life4Now I know I have to change things in my life. I can be a rule follower, when I have to be, and I know I have to be now. I want to make these changes in my life now, so that I'm living life to the fullest for as long as possible. I want to know that I did all I could to make the change. My goal weight is about 150, and at 250, I feel like 100 pounds is a lot to loose, and then a lot to gain from that. @AnneElliot I'm sorry to hear that you have had poor side effects. I am glad that you shared your story with me. It makes both outcomes real possibilities. I really hope that I'm considering all the potential risks. I meet with a dietitian next Thursday as well. Maybe through conversations with him/her and the surgeon, I can realize other options. My husband is ready and willing to fully support me through any decisions, so we will see.
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    MelodySG reacted to Newme17 in Still deciding   
    We are about the same stats, but I'm a little older than you. I have no co-morbidities and my surgeon advised that it is probably best for me to go the sleeve route. Which I was leaning towards anyway. Less complications all over for me.
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    MelodySG got a reaction from hesterc in What were you scared of?   
    I'm a worrier at heart... I haven't even met with my surgeon yet. I have an appointment next week, but I'm still trying to figure out if the risks are worth it. Being overweight has its own risks too though!

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    MelodySG got a reaction from Kari1985 in 6'ish months   
    Good to hear these positive results stories! Keep up the great work.

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    MelodySG reacted to Berry78 in What were you scared of?   
    I have 3 teenagers at home. I worry about how complications would affect them.

    But, I bounce back to looking at the people around me (weight-related depression, job insecurity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, neuropathy, retinopathy, sepsis, pulmonary ebolism...) and I see my own future. I have just started blood pressure medication and am prediabetic.

    And I realize that I need to do something NOW. If all goes well, I'll be a BETTER parent. If it doesn't, well, at least they saw me TRY to better myself.

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