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    Comparision pix day 1 day 456

    From the album: 07.009.2010

  2. I recently went rock wall climbing AT THE FAIR IN PUBLIC! Congrats to your sucess!!!
  3. mi_illusion_st

    Am I A Liar?

    I shout it from the rooftops and when people look at me and say I "cheated" I tell them "YUP! I cheated, I cheated death" they really can't make a comment back on that now can they??? LOL I too was fortunate as in not having to work hard at it but I did work for it nonetheless. I'm proud of who I am now and I may end up saving a life HOWEVER I do agree that it's a totally PERSONAL choice to tell or not. Good Luck with whatever descion you choose for YOU! Peace and Huggles Bonnie
  4. mi_illusion_st

    Always Constipated/never Poop!

    sorry x but EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mi_illusion_st

    Shower After Surgery

    BABYWIPES are great
  6. Most people right after surgery have a difficult time getting it all in, your still healing do your best and don't stress add more as you can soon it will be second hand nature.
  7. mi_illusion_st

    Always Constipated/never Poop!

    Sounds aweful, but mineral oil works GENTLY.
  8. mi_illusion_st

    Banded Since 2009

    ty laker thanks missy
  9. Hey all. I've been banded since April 09,2009. I have went from 255 pounds down to 125 pounds. I no longer have diabetes 2, high cholesteral, high blood pressure, no longer sleep with oxygen or a cpap. I move around more and have less pain. I'm doing things I would have never even tried before surgery...like trying to climb to the top of a rock wall AT THE FAIR, yes IN PUBLIC. II'm 44 y/o and moving more than I did in my 20s. I've went from a size 4x top to a girls size 16 a 24w pant to a size 2 in adult or a size 16 girls, my hoodie is a boys size 10. From granny panties to cute boy short panties and a 44DDD to a size 34 A, even my feet and fingers are thinner. I eat better, sleep better, hurt less try and do more than I ever have. I still love food and cooking but am more likely to try new foods, recently I tried calamari..love it and escargot...can take it or leave it...I actually like the taste3 of some vegetables I would never have eaten like carrots..since I've changed my lifestyle and eating habits they are sweet now not bitter like before. I can walk all day without getting tired and I take the stairs not the elevator. I no longer have pain shots once a month as the pain I have is bearable without the extra weight on. I want to thank all the old timers that helped me pre and post band. The best advice I got from them was top remmeber this is a new lifestyle not a new diet, food can still be enjoyed even the rare sweet. Don't limit your diet, limit your intake. PEACE AND HUGGLES!! Bonnie
  10. I lost maybe 20 pounds my first year! The second year was when it came off, ironically after I decided to ask for a small unfill .25. I felt I wasn't eating enough at that point. I'm at 5.25 in a 10. It is so varied for everyone and I do attribute some of mine to just plain luck that my band was placed PERFECTLY for me and my body. Take measurements too!! I went from a size 7 jean to a size 2 without losing an ounce. Sometimes it reflects in inches not pounds. Good luck PEACEANDHUGGLES
  11. My doc made me wait 3 days. I don't know if all docs do that.
  12. mi_illusion_st

    New To Lbt

    welcome, Bonnie here everyone calls me Bon Bon.....banded 3 years plus. Its a great site here dont forget to check out the chat room too, its not always active but you can find people in at odd hours.
  13. get some baby wipes....they are nice for when you need to freshen up.
  14. It been a long tme sinI was banded but if you are to solids its actually better to eat them you stay full longer and eat less calories in general. Our bodies need nutrition and good nutrition even more now than before. I know it sounds lecturey but its not meant to be.GO FIRST FILL!!!! WOOOT!!
  15. You are still healing dont worry too much about it stress will keep the weight on. Its not always fast for everyone. It took me 3 years to lose 130 pounds, I will say I wasn't a strict dieter or exersizer either. My food chooices were sensible with occasional treats still are and my main exersize is walking. It does work! Just take a look at the before and after pix of people on here. Its a journey.
  16. mi_illusion_st

    New Bras?

    Hey Marci, Send some MY WAY!!! Bonnie
  17. mi_illusion_st

    Since Banding I've Lost .... A Bunch of Eggs

    AWESOME JOB!!!!!! *edited for spelling
  18. mi_illusion_st

    Day 5 Of 14 Day Pre Lap Band Surgery Diet

    http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.ca/2007/06/my-favorite-protein-shake-recipes.html lots of shake recipes from a WLS patient (shes gastric) they are goood stuff!!
  19. mi_illusion_st

    Since Banding I've Lost .... A Bunch of Eggs

    I have now updated this to say I have lost .... A newborn giraffe!!!!! Talk about WILD.
  20. mi_illusion_st

    New Bras?

    LOL I went from a 44DDD to a 36A. In 3 years ( I lost 130 pounds) , now I have what looks like deflated water balloons. I spent 2 days going to different places and one place measured me and got it wrong 3 times I finally went to a place my hubby stopped at "JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT", and the girl there just measured around and then brought in different cups sizes and styles, turns out that maternity bras are quite comfy even if you arent preggers and they help hold that gosh aweful chicken skin flabby stuff in the arm pit area. I keep praying that after my immigration goes thru to Canada that I can then save for some PS. Congrats on the loss!
  21. Its also not always numbers sometimes its inches
  22. mi_illusion_st

    Banded Since 2009

    Thanks you Karen I feel 20 years younger too!!!!!! LOL This is such an amazing tool in my life. :D
  23. mi_illusion_st

    Banded Since 2009

    your welcome alleykat thanks Lap band gal.
  24. mi_illusion_st

    Banded Since 2009

    ty bigenuff and your welcome. PEACE n HUGGLES
  25. mi_illusion_st

    100 Pounds Lost!

    yahooooooozie doing great you kick arse!!!!

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