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  1. vsg_dan

    Day 00001 Post-Op!

    I love this thread. Thanks for all the input!!
  2. vsg_dan

    Day 00001 Post-Op!

    Thanks to everyone who responded! To those asking... I misspoke. I meant Sleever's Remorse, basically like buyer's remorse, ie. thoughts like "why did I do this?" I am saying I do NOT feel this way. I'm not being negative, just honest. Some people want an honest account of what it will feel like directly out of surgery. I'm on day 2 and I'm saying it's pretty rough. I haven't ever had any medical complications or surgery before, thankfully, so for me, this recovery has been the worst I ever felt physically. It should be getting better soon though! I can feel the gas pain slowly become less intense, which is such good news.
  3. I'm officially post-op! I'm writing this at the end of my first day in hospital. It's been a day full of frustrating gas pain, moderate nausea, and some incision pain, but meds help with that. (I opt out of nausea meds because it only lasts five minutes at a time.) That being said, I have not experienced the so-called "Sleever's Regret" — not once! In fact, I'm actually planning my vsg anniversary trip to Disneyland in 2018! I hope I can pass gas tomorrow because it hurts something AWFUL! Other than that, I'm still very happy with my decision and look forward to all the new adventures. Thanks for reading! ️ Follow me @vsg_dan on Instagram if you want!
  4. vsg_dan

    On my way to surgery!

    Thanks all for replying and for your wishes of good lucky. VERY appreciated.
  5. vsg_dan

    On my way to surgery!

    Congrats! You'll do great. My first day is quite uncomfortable, to be honest. But I haven't once experienced Sleever's Regret.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, guys. Love this community. It's all happening!!
  7. On my way to get 85% of a vital organ sliced out. Don't worry, he's highly credentialed and an esteemed member of his community. Wish me luck! I am @vsg_dan on Instagram, if you want to be buddies there! Happy Valentine's Day to me!
  8. vsg_dan

    Eating Timer

    So funny. I was just researching this myself. I'm going to school learning about app development. I already decided I'm going to take on making Bariatric-centric tools and apps as a personal project. A quality eating/meal timer is definitely on that list. Not saying you should wait around for that lol! It's just surprising to me that there are so few apps aimed at WLS patients.
  9. vsg_dan

    8 day Stall !!!

    This is soooo helpful!
  10. So I've been following this thread for weeks now. It's the best. My surgery is on 2/14 and reading your experience and tips has definitely helped. Once the surgery is way down your rear view are you considering keeping a low carb/keto diet? This is my intention so all of your food suggestions are hitting the spot.
  11. Thanks, Japan! Awesome that you're erasing a year's worth of weight gain! It's cool that we have surgery dates so close together! I'm feeling hungrier in Day 2, though that may be because I wasn't as diligent in having in-between-meal Snacks (was really busy today). I'm finding that the snacks I'm loving the most are the "string cheese" snacks, kind of like the ones for kids. 80 calories, 6g fat (energy), 6g protein, and only 1 carb. What I'm focusing on is that I've felt hunger, no cravings. A snack will tie me over till mealtime. I'm not pining for foods on my no-no list. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  12. Thanks everyone who responded! Officially on Day 2 of my pre-op diet and down 3.2 pounds! It's been a breeze so far. Really excited for this journey!
  13. Will be following this thread! My surgery is on 2/14, I'm on day 2 of my "liver-shrinking" pre-op diet, which isn't very difficult (Protein shakes for Breakfast and lunch, broth for Snacks, and awesomely, I get to have a real, low-carb dinner). One big reason why I'm interested in your story is because you're male—it’s no secret that guys seem to be in the minority here on BariatricPal, and in the WLS community in general, so I'm always looking for other dudes’ experiences since the nuances can sometimes be different than those of our sister sleevers!
  14. vsg_dan

    Getting Sleeved February 15

    Hey guys, I'm set for the sleeve on Valentine's Day 2/14. Just started my liver-shrinking diet. I'm excited and nervous! Any of you keeping track of your weight and nutrition on MyFitnessPal? Would be awesome to keep track of our progress that way! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  15. Haha! Awesome tip! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App