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  1. Went to a Christmas party yesterday.  Annual event for the employees and families of my hubby's company.  Anyway, all of his coworkers noticed my weight loss, and talked to him about it, but I received only two comments directed at me.  One was from a wife, just saying I was looking good.  

    The other was an enlightening exchange.  It was one of my hubby's closer buddies, a really nice guy that I like too.. and he asked if I had lost any more weight.  (Everyone knows about my surgery, no secrets here!).  This wasn't part of an ongoing conversation.. he hadn't mentioned weight to me before.

    I said, "Not this week.  And this morning I got on the scale and it said two zero zero point zero, freaking zero!"

    (I've been totally stuck at exactly 200lbs for close to two weeks now, and am SO anxious for onderland!  It spilled out at the least provocation, lol!).  

    The enlightening thing, though was how silly it sounds to hear me bemoan no losses for a whole week!  I probably wouldn't really notice it, except it's THE major milestone (short of goal), and I've been close since Halloween.. and here it is.. December.  I guess I'm getting antsy.  

    I think Aunt flo is about ready for a visit, so I can expect another week or two before the scale shifts again.  Guess I might as well buckle down and ride it out.  I know the scale won't move for the next day or two because I went so far off my diet plan at the party, it isn't even funny.  We won't talk about that.. eek!  (Let's just say that I had my Christmas and New years desserts early and leave it at that).  

    Today is a new day, back on the wagon!!

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    2. FluffyChix


      Ha! Even trade!

      Ugh and so sorry the scale is missile locked on 200 even. I'd forgotten you were pushing for 199 and of course that makes total sense!!! ((hugs))

    3. Meryline


      Girl, you are winning our little "competition". I have gained and lost what I had lost, and now back to the lowest point. I'm 200g from seeing a new number. I do kg, so for me to see 6x.x is huge, I don't remember the last time that was. Maybe 20-25 years ago. You are doing awesome.

    4. Berry78


      I was right about Aunt Flo coming for a visit, so can expect a stall for 5 days, then MAYBE I'll see Onederland! Lol! It was like a cosmic joke. See 200.00 one day, then it bounces back up a couple pounds for a week, works back down to 200.00 AGAIN, then my period. BLECH!!!

      Meryline, you are doing so amazing! 200g is nothing! Bet you'll see the new # tomorrow!

      As a kid, I steadily gained weight until I was 215lbs at 17 years old. As an adult, I had a 5 year period (18-23 years old) when I was under 200lbs. Not sure that I ever believed I could/would get back there again. Maybe this stall is a way of letting my mind catch up a bit with the scale.

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