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  1. Mama V

    I can't get used to being thinner!

    Oh, I can totally relate to this! I also have a huge sense of fear walking into a regular size clothing store. I wear a size 8 now, but feel like the employees at the store are going to roll their eyes at me when I walk in. It's really weird, for sure. I absolutely still see myself at a fat person, even though I weigh 135 lbs.
  2. Mama V

    Any regrets?

    No regrets at all. Do it! For the first month or so, I was full of regrets. Now that I'm 6 months post op, I am thrilled with the surgery. It's a hard journey, but I'm so glad I was brave enough to take the leap.
  3. Mama V

    8 days out and HUNGRY

    I'm 6 months out, and hungry all the time. I've tried everything, and it won't go away. But you know what? You can be hungry and still lose weight! I wish I was one of the lucky ones who was no longer hungry, but I'm not. I'm not thrilled that I've had to learn to live with hunger, but I'm thrilled that I can fit into skinny jeans, and I look forward to having my picture taken! Hang in there!
  4. Mama V

    Torrid for regular sizes?

    Thanks Ladies! I guess I'm just sort of mourning the loss of one thing that has been a big part of my life for so many years. I'll venture out and check out your suggestions!
  5. I've shopped almost exclusively at Torrid for years. I love their style, and know what looks good on me. I feel like Torrid allowed me to be myself, at any size. I've gotten to the point where I'm in regular sizes now, and can no longer fit into Torrid clothes. Is there a store with similar styling for regular sizes? I've been to Forever 21, and some other skinny size stores, and can't seem to find a replacement for Torrid?! I know it's owned by Hot Topic, but I'm not looking for that...just the fun, youthful cool clothes they have at Torrid, but in regular sizes. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  6. I lost 15 lbs the first month. My starting weight was a little more than yours.
  7. Yassssssss!!!!!!! So hot! You are amazing!
  8. No, I have only thrown up once...when I was 2 days post op and tried to eat a giant chewable vitamin. I'd call my dr to discuss this asap.
  9. Mama V

    April 2017 sleevers how's it going?

    I was sleeved on 4/18, and am down 26 lbs.
  10. What??!! You look amazing!!! Anyone who is telling you that you don't must be jealous or have issues. Congrats on your amazing success....you are an inspiration!
  11. Mama V

    Two weeks post op.......

    I did! Just hang in there! Follow your surgeons directions, and trust that it will work. Hang in there!
  12. I'm 7 weeks out today, and yesterday I ate a small bunch of cold grapes. A little while later, I started getting all sweaty and had a massive attack of blast-o-matic diarrhea! I felt awful! Was that dumping? I've been really careful about what I've been eating, and I was thinking the sugar in the grapes caused this? Or maybe it was just the skins? I have no idea, but it'll be a while before I try grapes again.
  13. Mama V

    Someone help me.

    You are only a week out, be kind to yourself, you are healing. I was a mess at a week out, and could barely drink water. Just do the best you can to get your protein and water in, and let yourself heal! I'm 7 weeks out now, and feel amazing...you'll get there, just take it slow and rest!
  14. Mama V

    6 Months Post Op

    Amazing! Congrats! What was your starting weight?