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  1. awesome!! which surgeon did you end up going to?
  2. Good luck with your 3rd consult. There are FB forums for plastic surgery and you can post to see who went where and if they had a good outcome. That usually helps me make a decision or go to get another consult. Make sure whoever you pick has experience with weight loss patients AND is board certified.
  3. Sandee29

    My Story In Pictures

    Awesome transformation!
  4. Sandee29


    body dysmorphia big time! This picture was right after I had my first round of plastic surgery.. thighs & arms... but I still don't recognize the reflection in the mirror.
  5. Sandee29


    body dysmorphia big time
  6. Sandee29


    Bought this dress on a sale rack but I won’t wear it out. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. Sandee29

    My journey

    Amazing transformation!!
  8. Sandee29


    Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment!
  9. Awesome transformation!!! You should be proud of all the work you’re putting into being healthy!
  10. Awesome transformation!!
  11. Awesome!!! I make a pile to donate as I try on things that are too big.
  12. Sandee29

    Before and After

    Wow! Amazing transformation! You look so much younger now. Congratulations!!
  13. Sandee29

    Thighs and Arms

    Hi Jean, Thank you for being so honest- now I’m more nervous than I was., Did anyone give you a heads up of the first couple of days? My surgery date is 4/5. My next surgery -probably in the Fall/early winter will be the LBL- Dr. gave me a consult/price on that also. I made sure I was comfortable with dr to do both surgeries. He did my TT 19 yrs ago (when I lost a lot of weight prior to my gastric sleeve and daughter.) I have UC (ulcerated colitis) and I’m finally in remission due to my eating plan and herbal supplements. I am so scared b/c PS said I have to be off all supplements 2 weeks before surgery and I’m scared to go into a flare. I’m meeting with my Gi on Wednedsay to see my options and live on pepto or Imodium if it comes to that and I was also going to inquire about being on it after surgery to not have to go to the bathroom. You mentioned the limitations and the pain with the arms - did you have any pain or limitations w/thighs? or did the arms totally override the thighs? I have a high pain tolerance - was walking a mile the day after my TT ( but that was 19 yrs ago) Thanks again for the info and your honesty!!
  14. Sandee29

    Thighs and Arms

    Jean- I’m having both surgeries at the same time also. How helpless were you in the beginning and how long did it take to be self-sufficient? (I live alone with my 8 y/o daughter.) Do you have before/after pictures of your thighs? How’s your scar? I am so excited for the surgery but a little nervous for the first couple of days afterwards.
  15. Sandee29

    Thighs and Arms

    Btw- arms look great! how long was your down time? I work with kids - dr said if I had an office job I could go back to work in 2 weeks (I do not)
  16. Did you find a PS? I’ve been shopping around also- need a slew of things tightened. I found that some PS’s do not have experience with bariatric patients, many have different strategies, they all charge differently, some do procedures in a hospital and others in a surgical-center. Some have better bedside manners than others. Tummy tuck hurts as if you did a zillion sit ups- hurts to laugh, cough and sneeze. Breast lift/implants - I was sooo prepared for the pain before surgery and was fine. Let us know where you’re at.
  17. Sandee29

    Thighs and Arms

    Congrats on your weight loss!! For your thigh lift, did you get the incision to your knees or did you get the one in your groin area? I’ve been on 2 consults and one guy doesn’t want to do it-isn’t comfortable and the other one hasn’t done many [emoji79] I’m going for another consult next week. Hope you’re doing well! Where do you live? Did you love your surgeon? Would you do it again?
  18. Does your surgeon have an emergency #?
  19. I️I’ve heard that some people become lactose intolerant. Have you tried to eliminate dairy or take lactaid when you do have dairy? I️ have Ulcerated Colitis and was told the surgery would decrease my flair-ups - I’ve been in a flair and on steroids since Sept [emoji79]. Did you see a GI yet? Pepto works pretty fast and it’s less harsh than immodium. Good Luck!!!
  20. First of all, good luck with your journey! To be honest with you- I️ have no regrets and there really isn’t anything I️ wish I’d known. It’s all a learning experience and you learn as you go through your journey. They keep saying the first year is a gift - I’m not sure what that means- so I’m thinking I️ need to stay with my new habits I️ have made a part of my life this year -exercise and eating habits.

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