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  1. Hey! I have never posted before, but I am at the airport ready to fly back home, and I just wanted to post a little bit about my experience with TeamMX and my surgery with Dr. Illan. Overall, I had a great experience. The work to get everything ready prior to surgery was smooth. Bill and Stacy did a great job with communication up front, and that helped put my mind at ease. For some context, I am 5'8 and my highest weight was 304.5 about 6-7 weeks ago. I started the pre-op diet on 11/17, and did my best to stick to it through the Thanksgiving holiday. The fact that I had a cold and could not taste anything made that easier! Anyways, my flights to San Diego were smooth and I met a valet at the airport shortly after I landed. I might have waited 5-10 minutes at most. Form there, we went straight to the hospital (maybe a 20-30 minute ride), and started on paperwork and began the pre-op process. Through each step, they explained what was going to happen. Everything with this part of the process was smooth. My heart rate was a little high, but I think that was just from me being nervous, and from me getting over a cold. I was happy that my weight was at 279 just before surgery. I was hoping to hit 280, so that was kind of a cool milestone. It was good to meet Dr. Illan. He stopped in to see me and asked if I had any last minute questions. Nice guy. Very down to earth. From there, it was off to surgery! I remember bits and pieces before I went to sleep. But, when I woke up, I was pretty sick. This has more to do with me than anything. Being nauseated is not something that I take kindly to. And I don't do the best with anesthesia or morphine for pain either. However, the staff and orderly's from Team MX were patient and kind to me. The standard of care here was high. They listened to me and helped me work through the worst of the pain that 1st night. The next day, I was feeling better for sure. Sore, but better. Staff members were attentive to my needs. My room was clean and orderly. I really don't have too many complaints about the hospital stay. Would it be nice if everyone spoke perfect english? Sure, but you can work your way though that stuff. The next day, I was out of the hospital before noon. That was the first time I had ever been at a hospital and left on time (as in, when I was told I would be leaving). That was a breathe of fresh air. Bill and Stacy were by that morning to chat with me and shake a hand in person. That was a nice touch as well. The time at the hotel was great as well. The rooms were super nice. A great way to watch Sunday football. The wi-fi was a little spotty, but that is ok. I spent much of the next day (day 4 now) in my room and working. I kind of treated the experience as a working vacation and a way to get caught up on things since I did not bring a companion (no one could come with me). I felt really good day 4. A minimal amount of pain. A doctor from the hospital came by to check on me that morning to see how I was doing and answer any more questions I might have. I didn't have any. The discharge instructions were clear, and I felt like I knew what the plan was. I went out to see some of the city at night on day 4, and spent some time with one of the valets and another patient. That was a great experience. It was nice to get outside, get some fresh air, see some of the city and mingle with some other people. I am now here on day 5 and at the airport ready to travel back. Pain is really low now. Some hicuppy feelings, but nothing too bad. All in all, I don't regret making the decision to have surgery, and I am looking forward to losing a lot of weight in 2017! Let me know if you have any questions.

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