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    cswg1981 reacted to kennedy75 in First fill next week   
    I get my first fill tomorrow:) when I had the opp they put 2mm in and the first 4 weeks where fine but now I feel like I'm eating to much. Spoke to dietary nurse yesterday and she said once I've had a few fill in will start feeling full after only a few mouth fulls. Looking forward to the results however I have lost 1 and half stone in the past 5 weeks
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    cswg1981 reacted to Zoes.Realm in Goal weight achieved!   
    Hi everyone!
    Well as of 11.9.16 (just under 8 months post WLS) I hit my goal weight. SW: 256 CW: 166. I have not been this weight since I was 23 years old. I think that I will have a better body and health at the age of 40 than I was a 21.
    How long has it taken some of you to hit your goal weight? Has anyone been told by those around you that you have lost weight too fast?
    I just had to share the news with everyone here. I know that everyone would understand my excitement unlike those in my life that have not had the surgery!
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    cswg1981 reacted to Katsjune172013 in 3 years 4months later 144 pounds gone   
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    cswg1981 reacted to Djmohr in Day 4 of my new life.   
    Congratulations! You are now on the losers bench!
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    cswg1981 reacted to erp in No POOP 5 days post op   
    Make Dulcolax your new BFF. I learned the HARD way.
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    cswg1981 reacted to LipstickLady in No POOP 5 days post op   
    I didn't poo for 13 days. THIRTEEN. When I finally did, the sun shined a little brighter, the sky looked a little bluer and the birds chirped a little louder.
    It was an amazing day I'll never forget.
    Stool softeners are a small miracle on earth. Just sayin!
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    cswg1981 reacted to midgelovescookies in Surgery today   
    Got my surgery a few hours ago. In a little bit of pain. But I'm doing alright.
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