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  1. Teeman15

    My Texas Sleevers

    Got sleeved this past December 9th. Frisco,TX for me.
  2. @@Banks601y started back with weights at week 3,but just eased back into it and on the lighter side and did multiple sets. Was just told not to over exert it until my next visit in two weeks. You know your body better than they do so just don't overdo it. I am ready to get back at it though!
  3. @@ambernoel at my one month post op today. Start soft foods next week and can't wait. Have had a couple bites of chicken and that was great. Feel great and down 25lbs from day of surgery and 37 lbs total. Keep pushing it everyday with walking and ready for next post-op visit and to get clearance from them on activity restrictions. I am type 1 diabetic and have cut my insulin use in half. Buddy up if you want to!
  4. Teeman15


    December 9th.
  5. Teeman15


    I'm in the purée stage also. Chicken or beef broth is what I have been adding to help with flavor and moistness to the food. Also doing tuna,mayo and dill relish as a change to things. If you have to use rice go with the brown whole grain type. Also done canned chicken. Good luck!
  6. Teeman15

    Question for diabetics

    I stopped taking my invokana once I went on liquids. I took that with my insulin but am off it now
  7. Teeman15


    Isopure is a clear liquid Protein I drank. Can find it in amazon or GNC. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  8. Teeman15

    Question about tomato soup?

    I did cream of chicken, tomato soup, and cream of mushroom. Just strained everything to make sure no clumps Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  9. Teeman15

    Question for diabetics

    I am also a diabetic. I am type 1 and during the liquid side I just drank four ounces of juice or gatorade to get it back up. I went into my endocrinologist the same day of my post op visit and we made some major adjustments on my insulin pump. That was my toughest battle after surgery. Had to do s lot of temp basal at 50% or even off. Is he type 1 or 2? Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  10. Teeman15


    Had me surgery on December 9th. Started on purée today. Down 34 lbs total and 22lbs since surgery. The holidays have been a little tough, but more because of watching all the bowl games and seeing all the dang food commercials have made me looking forward to soft foods. Two more weeks and I'll be there. We've made it his far and no turning back. Looking forward to the new journey in 2017!!!
  11. Teeman15

    4 days out!

    Glad your doing better. Hang in there!
  12. I had both done on 12/9. Minus the gas pains the first night,recovery has been great. Walking everyday and Protein have been some of the keys to my recovery. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  13. Teeman15

    Counting the hours

    Good luck tomorrow!
  14. Teeman15


    I take a multivitamin,b12 , and vitamin c with iron. I do the barimelts.
  15. @@shelleyhoops I remember this being mentioned from some others and in a preclass I had before. Each week as you move into different phases of eating and life your body will adjust. Don't get frustrated and keep the eye on the prize. It is a marathon and not a sprint and push through those phases! You got this!
  16. @@kayshabear Baby steps. Every day will bring something new and things will continue to get better. You got this!
  17. December 9th surgery. 12lbs down post op. Feeling good and pushing it a little more everyday!
  18. Teeman15

    All clear, ready to go!

    You'll knock it out. I had about 45 minute ride home. Might also want to take nausea meds before ride home. Just because of the pain meds in your system might make the ride home easier.
  19. Teeman15

    All clear, ready to go!

    make sure to take a pillow for ride home to put beteeen your belly and seatbelt. Mine was a day surgery process so I went home that afternoon. Brought my cpap in the event I stayed over. Gas pains was the main thing but they kept telling me to burp while I was walking to help get the air out. Congrats and good luck!
  20. @@kayshabear good luck tomorrow. Recovery has gone well since my surgery on Friday. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  21. Two days post op and gas pains have been the only real issues at first. Walking as much as possible because it is the best at reliving that chest pain. Have had no nausea and Protein and chicken broth have been staying down. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  22. 12 hours and counting till I check in tomorrow and get sleeved. So ready to get to the next phase. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  23. How's everyone doing with liquid diet? 4 more days til surgery for me. Ready to be on the other side of this.
  24. @@Mothra62 keep pushing thru. It has definitely been tough especially when everyone else is eating, but we are all strong enough to push thru to the end.
  25. Unfortunately my Dr. joined his practice this year but don't see him on the list. My surgery is a week from today. Can't say it is a surprise though. Went thru my insurance and had started this process last year with Dr.Castro so went back since I had done most of it last year.

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