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  1. passion4film

    DS statistics

    Thank you! Good luck with everything!!!
  2. passion4film

    DS statistics

    I think I lost about 23 lbs. the first month. I'm two years out today and the weight loss has slowed but I haven't regained at all. Down over 155 lbs. Best decision I ever made!
  3. passion4film

    Are you happy?

    The surgery changed my life for the better. I am still me, but a happier, healthier, more active me. A more confident me. It's no piece of cake (ha) but it's sooooo worth it!
  4. passion4film

    Backup birth control/using a second type?

    Right, that's what I mean. Hormonal + condom. That's what we've been doing. I'd love to ditch the condoms, though I know that adds risk.
  5. Hi all! I'm a 31-year-old woman who is 10 months post-op. I started around 318 lbs. and am now around 183 lbs. Most of my weight is off now, and I have about 40 left to go to goal; these last pounds are going more slowly, which is fine, that's to be expected. I'm hoping to be at goal by the end of 2018. I have had my period for 20 years and had never been regular until my pre-op diet started last April. Since then - clockwork. It's amazed me how much my surgery has helped this area of my life. It's astonishing to me that I can predict when a period is coming after years of not having one at all, getting one every two weeks, etc. and being told nothing appeared wrong with my hormones or ovaries. It's been a blessing, really! I'm glad to be regular for the first time ever. I had never had sex before in my life, but I recently started a relationship and we're sexually active. The first couple of times, we used only a condom, since it was the least fertile part of my cycle. Then I went to the doctor and got on the birth control patch, which has been going well for me. I did the first three weeks as instructed, used it perfectly, had sex about ten times with a condom as well, and I got my period right when I was supposed to. I'm coming off of my period right now, so I am not pregnant. I have read/have been advised to use two forms of birth control for the first 18 months post-op. But I also read that that is because of the increase in fertility associated with rapid weight loss/hormone expulsion. Since I am done with that rapid weight loss time in my life, am I okay to just use the one form of birth control? I realize we're not doctors here, and surprise pregnancies can happen in any kind of birth control situation, but what do you guys think about it? I'm just kind of looking for anecdotes and personal opinions. I would really love to not use condoms and also not worry! lol Thanks!
  6. passion4film

    Backup birth control/using a second type?

    I'm looking into it now! I'm not a fan of the idea of something permanently inside my body like that, but it seems to be safer (re: infertility concerns) than IUDs. Do you use a second method, too, as backup, post-op? Thank you!
  7. passion4film

    Backup birth control/using a second type?

    I’m just so incredibly worried about scarring/permanent infertility due to an IUD. That would be far worse than an unplanned pregnancy. I’ll continue to look into them.
  8. passion4film

    Backup birth control/using a second type?

    Thank you! Getting pregnant right now wouldn’t be the worst mistake I’ve ever made in life, but I’m trying not to if I can help it!
  9. passion4film

    Backup birth control/using a second type?

    My primary is a family doctor, so she's my GYN as well. I was told patches are 91% when used averagely, 99% when used perfectly. But considering the use of two options - physical barrier and hormonal barrier - the odds have got to be greater than 91% or 85% when combined - doesn't that make sense? I mean, I know all it takes is one swimmer, but there's no way the statistics don't combine in some way when using two methods. I won't use an kind of insert or implant, and I can't take birth control pills, unfortunately, due to my malabsorption. My options are slim.
  10. I know, I know, the sizes shouldn't matter, really. But I'm curious where everyone who has gotten to goal has rounded out, size-wise, compared to where you started. I started at a size 28 and am 3 months post-op. I've lost around 78 lbs. and am down to a size 18; these size 18s are starting to get loose. I am astounded constantly by this turn of events because I was definitely not a size 18 at 240 lbs. on the way up! It's so interesting how bariatric bodies are different from normal ones! So where did you finish up in sizes? At this rate, I may blow my dream 'size 10' out of the water!
  11. passion4film

    Final pant/dress size?

    Thanks for all the replies, everyone! It's all so interesting! And I agree - vanity sizing is insanity!
  12. passion4film

    Final pant/dress size?

    I've actually worked out officially very little, but my energy is up (after the initial recovery, and due to the initial weight loss) so I am moving around more and doing more! It's mainly just diet and the wonderful honeymoon period post-op! Congrats!
  13. passion4film

    Final pant/dress size?

    Thank you!!! What an astounding job you’ve done!!!
  14. passion4film

    Is this my new normal?

    I get really loud rumbles - I'm 3 months out. I used to be a once-a-day evening pooper. Like clockwise after work at 6pm. Instantly after the surgery I became a once-a-day morning pooper - within 10 minutes of waking up. I hate it; I liked being an evening pooper. ANYWAY - your body is adjusting. You'll fall into a rhythm that works for your body, overall. Hopefully it doesn't mean continued middle-of-the-night poops!
  15. passion4film

    When did you get your first bm?

    I had a tiny little BM 2 days out, and it's been consistent ever since. Keep drinking!
  16. passion4film

    Flatulent and fretful

    I'm 3 months out, and I fart HORRIFICALLY at the end of the day! Worst gas smell ever. But I'm living with it.
  17. Phew! What a week it's been! I got notification of a work investigation on me last Thursday, and had to sweat it out without pay until Tuesday, when I was notified that I was fired. (It's a long story, but it wasn't anything bad or shady on my part - more like a technicality.) I was so dejected, thinking I'd lose my surgery, which was scheduled for August 15, since my insurance ends July 31. Well, I called my surgical center and they worked hard for me and now I have my surgery on WEDNESDAY! This Wednesday! Ahhhhhh!!! I was supposed to be on a 2-week pre-op diet, but now it's going to be 4 days. I have to get all my last appointments done in the next few days instead of the next 30. It's a crazy time, but I'm so grateful I get to have my surgery still! I'm so excited, grateful, astonished, and nervous!!! Ahhhhhhgh!!! :-)
  18. passion4film

    What a whirlwind! Surgery on July 19!

    All went well! Full duodenal switch performed!
  19. passion4film

    What a whirlwind! Surgery on July 19!

    Eeeeeek! It's today!!! Wish me luck! Headed to the hospital now!
  20. passion4film

    What a whirlwind! Surgery on July 19!

    Alexian Brothers in Elk Grove Village!
  21. passion4film

    What a whirlwind! Surgery on July 19!

    Thank you!!!!!
  22. It's on my list of stuff to ask, as I am nearing surgery! Good to hear it's not uncommon! I really really want photos/video!!!!
  23. passion4film


    My regular IG is passion4film - if you go through the list of who I follow, you'll find a bunch of WLS users! My WLS IG is fromguttoglory - I am pre-op as well so that one will be revving up; there is not much there yet.
  24. passion4film


    Hey all! How do you and your doctors pronounce 'duodenal'? My surgeon says 'doo-uh-DEE-null," so that's what I say, but I hear a ton of people at my other appointments say 'doo-wODD-null.' Just wondering what the majority is! :-)
  25. passion4film

    How long was your surgery?

    I am still pre-op so I can't say for sure, but my doctor told me it would take about 90 minutes for the DS. He's well-known for laparoscopic procedures, though; he's known for being very quick and skilled.

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