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    Did anyone here not need this (yet)?

    You may be healthy now but being overweight will catch up to you. I was overweight and healthy until I hit my 30's and then I started having problems. I went with the VSG because I needed to lose 130-140 pounds total. I was able to get 40 pounds off prior to my surgery date on 1/27/17. That 40 pounds took me 6 months to get off with Weight Watchers and often I could lose 40 pounds but it would always find me later on. I know that after two years of failed fertility treatments that my weight was playing a huge role in this and the only way to combat my PCOS was to have this surgery. I have lost 38 pounds since surgery and my BMI has dropped from 42 to 32 since July. I feel younger and so much healthier than in the past. It would be better to get the weight off prior to any complications occur from being overweight.
  2. desreynolds80

    birth control after surgery and while losing weight?

    Thanks I went with the Nuva ring. I knew it was important to give my body a chance to heal and lose the weight prior to getting pregnant. I also have been taking folic acid since I was 20 to make sure my levels were good!!! ????
  3. Hi, I am in the process of getting approved for the sleeve, my surgeons and my primary care MD want me to be on some form of BC after surgery in order to lose the weight. They are concerned that once I begin to take a large amount of weight off my fertility will kick in. This would be great since we tried for two years with no luck getting pregnant, all the fertility meds just made me gain weight. The overall goal is for me to lose the weight in the post op period and then go back to trying once I am at my goal weight. So I have to find some form of birth control prior to surgery. Right now my husband and I are just using the calendar method, but I am afraid this will not be enough once I have surgery. So my options are either the nuvaring or the IUD. I am a bit concerned about the IUD since I don't have any children and the side effects from the IUD. Has anyone here used the nuvaring? or the IUD? and would be willing to share your thoughts with me? Thank you so much!
  4. desreynolds80

    Looking for January 2017 sleevers

    Don't have a date yet but my doctor is hopeful for January Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. desreynolds80


    That's me I'm a cheap date now so I know after surgery it will be worse. I don't drink now so not an issue for post op, now to get my date!!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Anyone from North Carolina?

    Dr. Jin Yoo at Duke I seeing Dr Seymour at Duke Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  7. desreynolds80

    birth control after surgery and while losing weight?

    Not on any pills I have regular cycles with my PCOS so we were trying for the last two years for a baby but my weight is really playing havoc on my fertility so I'm gonna do WLS and get the weight off and then try again. I have a latex allergy so condoms r a not an option and the non latex condoms suck so badly so we just do calendar method. My surgeon wants a more reliable method for after surgery so I'm just weighing my options. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. So I met my surgeon last week, had the EGD this week to check out my stomach. They placed a pH probe to monitor my stomach acid and see if my reflux was out of control or not. Met with psych this week, she was great! I meet the dietician on this upcoming Wednesday. I have been doing Weight Watchers and lost 27 pounds since June. My insurance requires 3 months of WW, gym, and pre-op appointments with the surgical team prior to approval. So it looks like I will have surgery in January 2017. Getting nervous and afraid I will be denied. Any suggestions about the upcoming months or words of wisdom??
  9. I myself just started the pre-op process I've lost 27 lbs since July with Weight Watchers. My insurance requires 3months of documented meetings. I'm trying to have surgery in January 2017. I too am not telling many people only my immiate family and my two best friends (who are both nurses) so I feel I have a good support team and don't plan on inviting the haters into my business. Good luck

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