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  1. MeGustaGuacamole

    Dec 16, 2016

    I'm a size 12 here
  2. MeGustaGuacamole

    Before Pic - 284Lbs

    I was size 18 here
  3. Hello Everyone! I've never had a sleeping problem even before surgery, BUT now I seem to have developed one. I always slept on my tummy, it's so comforting and of course after surgery I had to adapt sleeping on my back and struggled getting any sleep. It got to the point were I had to drink more of my medicine in order to knockout. I tried sleeping side ways with tons of pillows and made it somewhat better so that was my go to position most of the time. When I was 3 weeks out I tested sleeping on my tummy and there was no discomfort, I believe tears of joy came out LOL Monday 9/19/16 was the first night I tried sleeping on my tummy and I kept waking up between 2am and 4am. I woke up so shocked and confused. I also kept having nightmares, surreal feeling nightmares. this has been going on for 4 days now. I feel like I'm on an ongoing never ending loop. its creepy. So I guess my question is, has anyone experienced any discomfort after surgery or anything unusual/different with sleep? because this girl is freaking out!
  4. how long did yall wait to drink coffee? I'm dying over here. I tried coffee today (1 month out) and I literally regret it LOL I didnt add any dairy but I think it was too soon for caffeine...

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    2. LipstickLady


      I had to wait for 3 months I think? I bought some CHIKE protein' powder and it cured a bit of the cravings. It's coffee flavored, and along with some SF syrup and ice, it tasted like a frappacino. It did the job and helped me meet my protein; requirements, too.

    3. Dub


      Agreed. The mocha and coffee flavors of Chike protein powder are outstanding.

    4. MeGustaGuacamole


      Lol thank you all for the feedback! yall are awesome :)

  5. MeGustaGuacamole


    From the album: EST.08252016

  6. I'm strangely Hyped this morning. I hired a personal trainer and my fisrt session is today. I'm nervous because I've never had anyone push me when I excersise but I'm excited to see faster resullts :)

  7. 1 Month out today, 20lbs down since surgery! :)

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    2. Christinamo7


      I have my first really nasty cold post WLS. but I am getting through it and otherwise doing well.

    3. MeGustaGuacamole


      @Christinamo7 aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I hate being sick. Especially while your body is trying to repair itself.

      You'll be feeling fabulous in no time! :)

    4. Christinamo7


      back at work today feeling mostly human again. it's good to breath out of both sides of my nose! Happy Monday!

  8. MeGustaGuacamole

    Constantly Cold?

    I feel that way too! I hear it's because of how low our Iron is now. Kind Regards, Jenn
  9. MeGustaGuacamole

    How long did you stay out of work

    I went back 4 days later. I did feel sore but that's about it. I felt back to normal 3 weeks out. I think me being active and walking around made the healing process faster. Staying in bed or at home longer than a week would drive me crazy. Kind Regards, Jenn
  10. MeGustaGuacamole


    @@proudgrammy thank you Kathy! I appreciate the hope you've given me
  11. Yay! it's friday :) The weekend has been calling me since Sunday.

  12. what type of protein brand do you recommend? I'm currently taking Premier Protein and I want more options.

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    2. Josey Quinn

      Josey Quinn

      I use Unjury. I like to sprinkle the chicken soup flavor powder on anything savory.

    3. Valentina


      Quest has been my favorite for years.

    4. kmorri


      I liked all the Quest flavors as well..........as far a pre-mixed, the EAS low carb were good too. I also enjoyed the Unjury chicken soup flavor....it really helped when I got sick of sweet!

  13. what's for dinner you guys? because im starving! hahaha

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    2. MeGustaGuacamole


      @Cervidae of course! haha that sounds delicious :)

    3. MeGustaGuacamole


      @LipstickLady that sounds really good! I've been craving sushi for the longest, i think ill try it later on today :)

    4. ProudGrammy


      i love that salad from Wendy's - only fast food i buy. - delicious

      @Cervidae and @LipstickLady your meals sound good- when

      should i come over?? LOL - kathy

  14. MeGustaGuacamole


    @Rogofulm YES, I'm 3 weeks out! and stalling already. I've lost 18lbs in three weeks and I'm thinking my body is just in shock and it's adjusting. Your post made me feel better.
  15. MeGustaGuacamole

    My Texas Sleevers

  16. MeGustaGuacamole

    Down 17

    From the album: EST.08252016

  17. MeGustaGuacamole

    Down 35

    From the album: EST.08252016

  18. MeGustaGuacamole

    Did you tell people?

    I only told my sister, my best friend and my other friend who got the same sleeve done. My mom was the last person who i would tell. She is very judgmental and such a gossip girl. when i go over she does wonder how im loosing weight so fast but i give her the same "diet & exercise" bone. i feel the less you tell people, the less they monitor you. my friend said when he told his coworkers, all they did was monitor what he ate like if they were all nutritionist. i feel like people will also judge you. i had this incident happen to me a week ago. I went to my friends house after work to catch up. as i walk in to her house, im looking for her and she gets excited when she sees me, so we hug and i notice a lady sitting at the dinning table. i whisper "whos that?" "oh she does my nail refill bi-weekly after work" i look back at her, smile and wave hello. she literally disregards me and walks by to say shes leaving. i didn't know what her problem was so i just made myself at home and grabbed a drink. thinking she was gone i went looking for my friend. she was still talking to the rude lady at the door, as i turn around i started coughing really bad, i was 2 weeks out, and took a big gulp without thinking. my friend quickly turned around and panicked asking if i was okay and i was assuring her that i was fine. the rude lady acted like she cared and asked her what was going on. my friend accidently told her "oh no she okay, she just cant take big sips her tummy is small" i looked at her so mad. everything gets awkward and the rude lady says "wow people who get that surgery are ridiculous" maaaaan i jumped back at her too quick "people that don't know what they're talking about are ridiculous, you don't know the struggle of trying to be fit and trying to better yourself, you don't know how this surgery changes peoples habits for the better, so if you don't know what the f*ck you're talking about just shut the f*ck up" she gets annoyed and storms off. that day i learned to keep my business on the low. a lot of people wont understand.
  19. Beans have become my Bestfriend LOL

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    2. Christinamo7


      I love lima beans.

    3. shedo82773


      I'm 3 years out from my RNY and I still have a hard time with meat. I eat alot of beans. Chili Beans, Pinto beans I am just so happy I love beans. I eat Split Pea soup also cheese and refried beans also. I am now able to have tortilla's so I have a low carb burrito with cheese green taco sauce and a little sour cream. There are so many different types of beans. I also make some Taco soup with kidney beans chickpeas and some spices it is yummy and pretty soon the weather will be just right for soups.

    4. MeGustaGuacamole


      @shedo82773 right? I cant wait for the cool breeze to kick in! well I'm glad you can at least have chili, that's my FAV! :)

  20. MeGustaGuacamole

    You know you lost weight when

    when you can finally see your hooha by just looking down

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