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  1. Happy 55th Birthday Sweet_pea_2!

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    North Louisianians???

    I really like Dr. Norwood. He is very conservative and takes a slower approach I think than some docs do but he is great.
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    Flipped port operation

    My port had turned sideways and was embedded in scar tissue. He replaced the port and the tubing this past Tuesday and the pain from this surgery is 10 times worse than the original and I have a high pain tolerance. He moved it from my left side to the middle under my breasts about 4 inches. The port removal site and new port insertion site don't hurt at all. I have this terrific pain on my left front side probably where he tunnelled with and instrument. Feels like someone is stabbing me with a hot poker when I move. It hasn't gotten one bit better and it's been 2 days. I'm concerned that somethings not right. Will give it until Monday before I wig out. This may be a minor setback but it sure has me down.
  4. I went in the docs office for my first fill on Tuesday, 4/29 and after several attempts I was instructed to go to the hospital the next morning so they could give me a fill under flouro. Once there and after several more attempts it was decided that the port was too deep, was moving around and had tilted sideways (or maybe flipped). Now all this is happening 6 weeks after the lap band placement. I'm scheduled to have the port re-done on Tuesday. The doc isn't charging me but the hospital is charging me $1000 and I work there! Not sure if anesthesia is going to charge me, my docs supposed to be asking them not to but if they do I'm poing to pitch a fit. Even though I don't think I should have to pay anything at all I'm not going to fuss over it. It will be worth is if it works. I've lost 37 pounds in 6 weeks and don't want anything to slow my progress. I hope to go back to work within a day or 2.
  5. Well I went for my first fill yesterday at the office and he couldn't do it blindly so I went to the hospital today to have it done under floro. Apparently my port is too deep and it tilted sideways and is movable so I have to be re-operated on and I am aggravated but stuff happens. I am self pay and I reminded him of that. He told me not to worry and that he would work it out with the hospital so that I wouldn't have to pay anything. I sure hope he can re-do it soon. He's going to move the port up higher right in the middle below my sternum. I didn't even go to the gym today cuz I was a bit depressed but I'll be right back at it tomorrow. Yesterday I was 6 weeks out and had lost 37 pounds but that's because I am so complaint and I exercise like I'm supposed to. Last week I started weight training as well. Has anyone else had this happen to them or anything like it? Janet:confused:
  6. LOL.....I have enough hair for 4 people and would WELCOME losing over half of it....seriously. I'm probably taking in more like 600-700 calories a day right now so dont' worry about me. I think the secret is to trick your body by eating different amount different days instead of the same amt of calories day after day. I'll keep ya posted on the hair....:thumbup:
  7. Oh for heaven's sake! I won't be eating 500 calories a day for long...just for a few weeks. Get a grip. I know that's not healthy but my doc says do it and I'm doing my best!
  8. I agree with some of what you are saying JJSmiles. We each have to figure out what works for us. I too paid $15,000 for this surgery out of my own pocket. I decided to have this surgery on a Monday. I saw my surgeon the next day and made my appointment to be banded for 3 weeks later.....enough time to get my affairs in order, schedule time off work and plan for my success. I am one of those people whose doctor expects to eat 2 oz three times per day....period. I even questioned them about the amount of Protein I would be getting with this amt. of calories and was told 24. He has hundreds of before and after pictures hanging in his office and this is the program they are all on. Being in the health care field myself (RN) I realize that is not enough protien for someone my size or for anyone for that matter. His reasoning is that we as obese people can live off of our fat stores for the few weeks that it takes to get past the initial 6-9 weeks after surgery. I've researched that and it's true. The calorie count that I am supposed to be sticking to right now is less than 500 per day. I have minimal restriction if any so I am not sticking to his program exactly but I am still only taking in 500-700 calories and making sure I get plenty of protein. With that being said I want to say again that it still takes self control. I know that band is there and I also know it will work for me at some point. I am a little hungry right this minute but I am about to go to the gym and focus on burning some more calories so that the scale will continue to go down. None of us is going to starve to death if we miss a meal or eat 500 calories per day. It's hard to have self control....I know....I've been dieting all of my adult life. Unless a person steps up to the plate and takes responsibility then there will be no success. God help them who helps themselves. Complaining about something but not doing anything to change it is a sickness that needs to be death with. It's like being in an abusive relationship and going back for more. You have to break the pattern of abuse. I feel fortunate that I am at a place in my head that allows me to keep my health and well being as a top priority in my life. I feel better, I'm happier and I have so much to look forward to. People come here for support and I understand that. I use what I read here as a learning tool. I like reading success stories and I love seeing how much weight people lose and seeing before and after pictures. I come here to ask questions but not to complain about being hungry or confessing that I was able to stuff my face with pizza or whatever just because I know I can. I can also shop lift, cheat on my taxes or sneak off the the river boats to gamble but I don't. I do feel bad for people who have been banded for awhile and who have not gotten proper restriction. My idea is this.....I've been banded for 3 weeks today and I dont' think I've had much restriction for at least a week and a half. I've lost 32 pounds and it's because I want this to work bad enough to make it happen. I didn't have a pre-op diet. I lost all that weight within 17 days. I am working my ass of on the treadmill until I get the go-ahead to use weights. I am making this happen....not waiting for it to happen...not waiting for it to work. The best thing that happened in this process happened within those first 10 or so days....it got me off of food and into this mind set of a Quest for good health. That is why I will be successful. This is why I will lose 100 pounds in 6 months and all of my weight at about a year. I have no doubt. I won't experience bandster hell...that is a state of mind. Janet
  9. The bottom line is that it still boils down to self control. I know I could probably eat a steak and baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream if I wanted to but I choose not to. It is so hard sticking to the program if you haven't gotten the proper fill. I haven't even had a fill yet. I try to stick as close to what the doctor recommends as possible. I cannot eat ONLY 2 oz three times a day which is what I am supposed to be doing now (third week out). I am supposed to have 1 oz of Protein and 1 oz of something else 3 times per day. I am probably eating 6-8 oz three times per day but I'm having eggs, grits, pureed vegetables, BABY food, etc... I eat slowly and take tiny bites. It's amazing that after 10-15 minutes I actually feel full. I may not always be satisfied with what I've eaten while I'm eating it but the end result is all the same....my hunger went away. Are any of you exercising? Not only does exercise burn calories but it also gives you that natural high like an antidepressant. I feell like a rock star after I get off the treadmill. Weight training not only burns calories while you are doing it but for hours and hours afterward. If you find yourself wanting to eat more than you should then try to make it something that is good for you instead of empty calories and GOD forbid....sugar which has no nutritional value. If I never eat sugar again in my life it will be too soon. I don't miss it at all! Try to remember the serinity prayer when you feel weak. "God grant me the strength to change the things I can".....there are so many things in life that we have no control over and when our health is poor and our self esteem low from being FAT and out of shape then when bad things happen in our lives it makes it that much more difficult to deal with. I find that when I'm taking care of my body that I am better equipped to handle life's everyday up's and down's. We all deserve happiness and peace in out lives. When you are tempted to abuse your body by eating pizza or whatever your poison is.....as yourself if that food is worthy of your body and the answer will be "no". It will only satisfy you as long as it takes to chew it and swallow it. After that its gone like someone who pretends to be your friend but who betrays you and is gone with no remorse....leaving you to feel guilty and sorry for yourself. Tell yourself...." I am not going to feel sorry for myself or rely solely on this lap band. I am taking control of my life even when no one else is looking. I will exercise self control just today and worry about how I will handle tomorrow when tomorrow gets here." I guess you can tell my now that I'm giving myself a pep talk as well because believe me....I am tempted every day but so far the worst I've done is eat a little more of a healthy food that I'm supposed to. I haven't eaten anything that isn't good for me. I went back to work this weekend and I'm an RN in a huge NICU. We are some "eatin fools" up there. We order out and there's always a celebration or a birthday cake in the nurses lounge. I just smile and pat myself on the back for passing it up. I wish you all the very best. Start each day off right by vowing to treat yourself right. You all deserve it. I hope just one thing I've said makes a difference to at least one person who reads it. Love, Janet
  10. Well I'm sort of new on here and I usually tell it like it is so get ready. I was banded on the 17th of March and have lost all 32 pounds since that day. Four days ago my diet progressed from liquids to pureed foods and I know that I can eat more than I'm supposed to but I'm chosing not to. I don't think I have any restiction at all or very little if any. Just because you know you can cheat and eat things that aren't good for you doesn't mean you should. You are making a choice to eat pizza when you know that you'd be better off eating something healthy and remembering to eat slowly, chew your food well and take your time. You can get back on track but only you can do this. You have to just remind yourself that just because you can doesn't mean you should. Say a little prayer and exercise self control....I know you can do it and you know you can do it. Think about how much better you'll feel after you get back on track and start losing again. Best of luck.
  11. I was banded on March 17th and have lost 32 pounds...all post op. Didn't have a pre-op diet. Janet
  12. Sweet_pea_2

    March Bandsters: MASTER THREAD

    Hi, my name is Janet and I was banded on March 17th and I think I'm going great. I haven't had any problems at all. I was on Slim Fast and Water for 16 days post op (no pre op diet required for me). My 16th day post op I'd lost 28 pounds and now I've lost another 4 for a total of 32. I've been walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes per day. My diet was progressed 4 days ago to pureed foods. I am only allowed 2 oz of food 3 times per day. I'm only eating 3 times per day but its probably more like 8 oz because I am not feeling any restriction. I'm eating baby food (spiced up) and eggs, grits and pureed vegetables. None of my calories are allowed to come from liquids so no more Protein drinks. I drink sugar free kool aid and eat sugar free Jello. Probably taking in 600-700 calories per day along with my exercise. The first 2 days of doing this were rough but I think I'm okay now. I know I could eat much much more but I am exercising self control until my first fill when I hope to have restriction. I go back to the doctor on April 22 and I hope to get a fill that day. I'll be 5 weeks and 2 days out then. My diet will then progress to soft foods. I feel great and I know that I've lost an extreme amt of weight for no longer than I've been banded but I'm impatient and can't wait for it to all melt off. I'm sooOOOO excited about this new lifestyle. Janet:wub:
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    I was banded on March 17th and had my first post op visit today and what a shocker it was. All I am allowed to have is 2 oz of pureed foods three times per day....which is like the consistency of stage one baby food. In fact they suggest eating baby food seasoned with salt and pepper to keep it simple. This is about 400-500 calories per day max. I can also have unlimited amts of calorie free drinks, tea, coffee, popsicles and sugar free Jello. They also expect me to take 30 minutes to eat this little 2 oz of food...haha! As an alternate to baby food I can have one scrambled egg....runny and 2 tbs of mashed potatos (instant mixed with Water and no butter) for a meal. My doctor is strict....I can't believe ya;ll get so much that I don't get. In 2 weeks its the same except that it progresses to soft stuff like eggsalad. I've lost 28 pounds in 16 days and at this rate I am going to melt away in no time. It's going to be tough but I'm going to give it my best shot. I hope to get my first fill on April 22nd. My protein intake will only be about 24 GM.....which I don't agree with. I'll find some protein powder to add to my sugar free kool aid. They have some available on bariatricliving.com. For those of you with lienient doctors....my congradulations. I am not as fortunate but this is what I signed up for so I'm gonna give it my all. He did say that if I have trouble I can call the office and they will make some modifications. Best of luck to you all. Janet:wub:
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    A 3-week post-op Cry for Help!

    Annie Dub: First of all you need to be honest with yourself and honest with your dietician. She may not be nice but you don't need nice you need someone to hold you accountable. I'm sure if you confide in her she will be more understanding than you think. This is all untimately up to you. If you decide that it's going to work for you and you make a committment to change your lifestyle then it will work. It's not enough to want to lose weight you have to be willing to make it happen. This is a mind thing. If you can find some self control for long enough to make good eating habits then it will stick with you. The longer you go without screwing up the more familiar it will become and the better you will feel inside and out. It's an addiction like anything else. You can't make a drug addict stop taking drugs unless he wants to. No one can make you stop making poor eating choices....that is something you have to do for yourself....in order for the lap band to work. I wish you the very best. I know you can do it. Janet:wub:
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    Your Ah-ha Moment?

    How ironic; my ah ha moment also involves vacationing in the Rocky Mt. National Park which my whole famliy is doing this July. I made the reservations including airfair to Denver knowing full well that although I would enjoy the beauty I would also be totally miserable starting with the flight just to get there.....seat beat extension, discomfort in the seat. And then the altitude alone in the mountains is taxing on healthy people let alone obese people. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer and has his left lung removed 3 years ago. He goes to the gym 5 days a week and walks on the treadmill and works with weight machines. Right after we made the reservations for our summer vacation we had a scare and thought that his cancer may have returned. Luckily by the grace of God he was cleared of cancer. He is only 76 and has plenty of time left on this earth. At that moment finding out that he was cancer free I reflected on my poor quality of life and how much more life I have left to live. I view my obesity as a handicap. It prevents me from being active, from being able to get in and out of a seat without effort, from being able to look into the mirror and see my pretty face because my cheeks are so fat. I want to go to Disney in the summer of 09 and be able to fit on all the rides. I want to go to the Water park with my granddaugher and go down the big slides. I want to play tennis with my husband who is 9 years younger than I am and in top shape. I want to L I V E my life without factoring my size into the equasion. I drew $15,000 out of my retirement to pay for the surgery which I had on March 17th. I got on the scale this morning and I am down 22 pounds since March 16th. I am on my journey to a new life of health and happiness. I wish all of you the very best on your Quest for good health. Remember to take one day at a time. Do something good for yourself each and every day. Make healthy choices, take a walk and thank God each night for the opportunity he has given you for a new beginning. Janet:wub: