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  1. 39.1 with high blood pressure, diabetes, Triglyceride. The insurance said since I have it under control with meds it is not a life and death. I told them I have have had both knee completely replaced and I have arthritis in my right foot. I told her what, now would have to have a heart attack to be life threatening? I was so up set

    I started crying. When you have been fat all your life and try and try to lose weight. You need this tool.

    Cocoon to Butterfly

    I was denied and had all my doctors give me a Medical necessity letter. I sent them in to my insurance company after Bariatrics put in an appeal. I followed up with phone calls and finally got approved. I think taking it on myself and being polite and persistent helped. Good luck.

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  2. I had surgery on 10/24. Tomorrow will be 1 week post surgery.

    I knew everyone has different experiences but I've always done well with surgeries and medications and medical thing. This is nothing like I could have imagined. I knew I wouldn't be hungry but I don't think I actually grasped or frankly believed that was possible. Now I find myself barely eating anything. Not my Protein drinks or yogurt and drinking is the hardest thing in the world. It's physically painful in my chest to drink.

    Emotionally I've felt at Rock bottom. The nausea after my surgery has me vomiting brown liquid and I kept whining "why did I do this to myself?" I've been a complete recluse ignoring phone calls and texts and in the spirit of complete honesty, I have not even Pet my dog since I've been home from the hospital. This animal I've taken care of since he was 8 weeks I have no desire to be around.

    My family is incredibly supportive and I know this will make me sound ridiculously ungrateful... but they are so supportive it's annoying. I truly do know how lucky I am to have a family like I do because I have seen and read a lot about unsupportive families and spouses.

    They keep telling me it will get better and that they know how I feel but how can they? They have not had this surgery and have no idea what it's been like this past week.

    I just need to know if this does get better? When will I feel as amazing as everyone says they feel? When will I be able to drink liquids without pain?

    I know that things will never be as they were and I'm glad for that, but today I just need to know that someone does understand the way I feel and that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

    Sorry for the saga. I think that was officially longer than any opening credit of a star wars movie

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    This is exactly how i feel. Im so regreting this surgery..i have so many cramps..they come strong for 5 seconds then they are gone. I feel week. This,pain has woke me up. Its 430am. I cant sleep. My husband is sleeping next to me. Should i wake him up because im in pain? Is it,gas? Is my sleeve? How do i know that? I was sleeve 10.26.16

    Im confused.

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    Gas can last for a couple of weeks and it hurts. The more you move, walk, the quicker you'll get rid of it and have less pain. In 6 weeks out and for me the gas lasted about 1 week. I forced myself to get up and down and walk, walk. You don't have to walk far just often. You'll be feeling better soon

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  3. Hello group,

    I am new here. I was browsing forums online and found this one and hope I can call it home for awhile.

    I am 39 years old and 6 months post gastric sleeve and found out yesterday I am pregnant. I calculated I am 3 weeks and 4 days. Not far along at all. I am a POAS addict. I took like 5 tests and all were as positive as day!

    I havent yet made an OB appt but I plan on calling her up tomorrow.

    I am really looking for some reassurance here as I am pretty scared of miscarriage and something going wrong because we cant eat as much as before. And that I am 39!!

    Anyone here 39 or around that and pregnant too? Can anyone advise what I should do right away as far as eating goes and Vitamins go before I can see my OB?

    I am taking One a day Prenatal which is very good. But any help or advce right now would be sooo good.

    Thanks everyone so much!!

    You need to speak directly to your surgeon and to an obygn asap. Best wishes and thoughts to you

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  4. Beware.....scolding in progress.

    Here's the thing, you just had major surgery on your stomach. No matter how bad the head hunger is, do you really think eating chocolate at all is wise a few days after surgery? I am guessing your answer is no or you would not be on here in scared mode.

    Honestly you should be scared. You should pick up the phone and immediately call your therapist. Having WLS is 90% head, 10% if that surgery. You can eat around your surgery from day one. and if you do, why bother going through all the pre work and pain?

    That is called self destruction and you need to get a handle on it now.

    For me, sugars cravings have never gone away. I have had to learn to deal with this. Sometimes you give in and have something but never ever just when you get home from the hospital.

    Lastly I would say that baby food does not have the nutrition that homemade prepared purees have. Not to mention they taste like crap unless you are eating all the fruits which have carbs in them.

    Why not simply make some of your own purees, eat greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Protein shakes, ricotta bake. There are a ton of bariatric friendly pureed stage options available on pinterest.

    I really wish you the best but you are definately going to need some help to get your head hunger under control. When those cravings come up the best thing you can do is try to get your mind off of it. Firstly, you cannot possibly be feeling real hunger at this stage.

    Dehydration mimics hunger for us. So if you feel it keep sipping your approved liquids until that feeling goes away. If you have met your liquid goals and still feel that way, you are likely feeling some reflux if you are a sleeve patient.

    If not those two things it is definately head hunger and you need some coping mechanisms. I use distraction techniques....go wash dishes, do some laundry, take a shower, do something with your hands like crafts - knitting, crocheting....etc. get your mind off of food. Lastly do NOT watch food porn shows or commercials, they can make head hunger terrible.

    Go see a therapist they will provide lost of techniques and get at the bottom of why you are already self sabotaging.

    Excellent advice and suggestions.

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  5. I had the lap band 8 years ago and converted to the sleeve this past September. The band surgery, and the sleeve, we're very manageable. Both had pre-ob diet. I used prepared Premiere Protein both times (until it was Clear liquids only). For the Clear Liquids I used filtered Water, Crystal light and tea. It was hard but I did it. Its a lot of mental work, refocusing. The sleeve surgery has a longer recovery for both healing and diet. I had initial success with band but honestly I still yo-yoed with weight. Personally the band wasnt enough of a tool for me so I decided to do the sleeve. Good luck with your journey.

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  6. @@cbonet With the fruit infused water: Yes, you can mix the fruits. :D

    With the kefir question: People do use them in coconut and almond milk, but once you use the grains, you can't reuse them again. You can grow them in regular milk (they need the lactose in milk as food so once the kefir is done, most of the lactose is gone), and they multiply like crazy, then once you get a lot of them, take a tablespoon of it and use them in your almond milk. That's what I've heard some people do.

    Thank you. I'm going to try to make it next week.

  7. How awful. I am so sorry you had to experience such awful care.

    As to why you are no longer losing weight it would be very helpful to know what you are doing. You may be hungry every three hours because you need more Protein? Or, if you are eating carbs and sugar you may be craving more. You may not be eating enough or you may be eating too much. Without more information or is hard to know.

    Are you tracking your food?

    What is your Protein target?

    Are you reaching your protein target every day?

    Are you drinking at least 64 oz of Fluid every day?

    Are you avoiding added sugars (especially high fructose corn syrup), starches and fried foods?

    Are you practicing mindful eating?

    Are you taking your Vitamins and supplements as directed?

    Are you exercising?

    Do you have a NUT?

    Your questions are excellent. I am eating pretty much the same foods I ate before but much lesser quantity. I don't drink Protein shakes anymore. Today for example, I ate a half of English muffin, a half macaroni and cheese smallfrozrn dinner and a pickle. I'm not doing very good but I think it's because when I was doing good, I stopped losing weight. I am not on any exercise program as I have a knee that is needing surgery. I have diabetes on insulin and am taking prednisone for PMR. I weigh about 170..at 5ft 3inches. I know insulin and prednisone is bad.

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    How do you expect to lose when you are eating carbs, fats and prepackaged food? I am sorry for what you went through but it has nothing to do with what your choosing to do now. Be in the moment, protein, low carb veg, Water. Good luck.

  8. @@Sai I'm not a fan of sucralose either, so I've been making my own infused waters as well...

    I'm curious about your homemade kefir...can you share how you do it?

    It's super easy and fun. I've been doing it for years now. First you get 1 tablespoon of kefir grains (can buy it from Amazon or have a friend send to you since it really multiplies hehe), you add that tablespoon to 1 or 2 cups of milk, leave it out at room temperature for 24 hrs, strain the grains off, and you have kefir. :D You reuse the grains over and over. I still have the original grains from years ago.

    To the strained off kefir, you can put it in smoothies, and use just like yogurt but it has waaaay more Probiotics than yogurt, more strains to protect you from illnesses. Then with the strained kefir grains, you just add that into new milk and you do it over and over. It's easier to watch the video below :) as I'm not ept enough to explain it hehe. It's a great hobby too!

    Here is my favorite youtube video (it healed this girl from Crohn's disease):

    Can you do this with almond milk?

  9. @@rolosmom7 Lots of great recipes on the net :D Just look for fruit infused Water recipes. There are plenty of simple and fancy recipes. I got my fruit infuser water bottle on Amazon. At the time there were only 1 or 2 but now there are tons of good ones!

    Yes, I've got a great one - I tried cucumber, grapefruit, and mint. It tastes horrid haha. I'm not sure where it went wrong, that combo is everywhere.
    Did you mix them together???? or separate batches?