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    Dr Matthew Weiner Excellent information

    I will look them up. Thanks for the tip.
  2. timeless333

    Dr Matthew Weiner Excellent information

    Glad people are finding Dr W. I wished I could be his patient. Ran across his vids on YT a couple of years ago and borrowed his book from the library. Now that I am approved I have been viewing them again and looking at getting my own copy of the book. I like his approach and how he explains and breaks down the info. Another informative YT channel is "7 Bites", started by two women who had WLS. It has lots of great info. Theres so much on YT - the 7 Bite channel and Dr. W.'s channel are at the top of my list.
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    Did they have you take a nicotine/tobacco lab test?
  4. timeless333

    April sleeved

    VSG approved this week. I am pre-op so, I have tests, labs and 1 month of classes before surgery. Was told I would get my date on my first class date (3/28). It should be later in April or early May. I live in Northern Indiana so I am glad to do this just after winter and right before the hot of summer descends. It will also be easier to take walks outside with the nicer weather upon us. Perfect timing.
  5. timeless333

    Gastric sleeve disaster

    I pray for you to regain all your health back and a fair resolution with the clinic. It is a risk anytime you have any procedure done, anywhere, whether in or out of the states. I was approved for WLS and let my approval expire and am in the process of starting the process again for approval with my insurance. So I am not a cash customer at this time. But, I understand that if you have to pay out of pocket, Mexico is a strong consideration. I've seen lots of positive reviews for some of the Mexico doctors and clinics. However, It is good to share your story as a reminder that things like this can happen, no surgery is 100% risk free and mistakes / complications can happen. Thanks for sharing your story. God Bless.
  6. timeless333

    Just over 6 months post sleeve

    Congrats on your success! Great info. I've never heard of negotiating like this for a rate. I also like your story because you did it at 65 yo. It's never too late to improve your health. Glad everything worked out for you.
  7. I know the Gastric Balloon BMI range is 30 - 40 to have the procedure done. But also have seen something while researching about those over the 40 BMI who have had it done to lose weight to qualify for another surgery (not my goal). Like this procedure. Looking for something without cutting, but would have to lose about 50 lbs to be at 40 BMI. Thanks.
  8. I agree, It almost makes you want to have an issue so you can participate in a specific trial. "If I only had that wrong with me too, I coulda been in it that trial" lol!
  9. Thanks for the response and congrats on starting your journey, much success! Do you know if those 8 patients were under or over the 40 BMI? I've been following this procedure since it was approved last year and viewed whatever I could find on it then. I got approved for the sleeve, but decided to try something else for now. So I revisited the balloon and it's been wonderful to see so many more reviews out there for the USA participants that have completed their 6 months. I have seen such a wide range of reviews posted online. It seems to be individual and unpredictable as to whether you would be the one with mild discomfort that subsides quickly or the one who finds it totally intolerable and have it removed early or something in between the two. I talked to a clinic today that would do it for my BMI. So right now I'm looking over my research again and praying about it.
  10. Thanks so much for the information, Wayward Traveler. Ironically, I just went to the clinical trials website last night, because I realized I must have missed some pretty good trials for the procedures I have been researching (lol) ! I will keep an eye on the site, as I have a long way to go, but am already 15 lbs down and on my way. God Bless.
  11. Since currently gastric balloon is self pay and not covered by any insurance company in the US, how expensive were the post insertion medications (patch, anti nausea, emetic, etc.) or was it included with the surgery costs or did insurance pick them up?