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  1. I've tried googling this, and I don't think it knows what I mean. We all know what it feels like to be fat (not fitting in certain spaces, moving more slowly, that general uncomfortable/flabby feeling). How does this compare to 2nd-3rd trimester pregnancy? I had a pregnant friend (who's never been overweight) tell me "Oh you'll find out when you're pregnant how the extra weight affects you" and all I could remember was how I felt 70 POUNDS AGO. Not sure if we're talking apples and oranges here.
  2. I had my first UTI (in about 10 years) about three months ago (finished abx course) and I’m getting one again. This one isn’t as bad and I’m on top of my fluids now. I might be able to get rid of it without antibiotics. I don’t know why I’m getting another one. I was sick last week and I’ve been severely lacking in hydration, so not sure if not peeing as often has something to do with it. Anyone else experience this?
  3. I'm sure you're right - It's supplemental anyway and I'm guaranteed at least 1x my salary. I'm opting for more since it's open enrollment, but for anything more than 1x salary, you need this stupid form...
  4. I'm applying to increase my life insurance policy and need to complete a form. It asks if I've had any treatment or observation in the last 5 years, and I'm wondering how honest I should be. I had a coworker denied d/t prior back surgery, so I'm worried I'll be denied if I say I had VSG. They can always ask for my medical records or a physical and then they'll find out anyway and deny me. Anyone have experience with this?
  5. I'm 11 months out from my sleeve. The past week I've been following a strict keto diet but today I broke down. I was stressed out and I ate 3/4 a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. I've never done that since surgery and I'm so mad that I let myself emotionally eat. Ugh. Have I lost restriction? I'm so surprised by how much I was able to eat.
  6. I'm 10mo out and I can eat 5-6oz at a time depending on what it is. Bfast: iced coffee followed by 2 hard boiled eggs Mid morning snack: One whole sliced cucumber, no skin Lunch: 3oz grilled chicken breast w/ ketchup (don't judge lol) Mid afternoon snack: baby bell light cheese with handful of almonds and a rice cake Dinner: mixed green salad with tuna and light dressing. Had a sprinkling of dried cranberries and walnuts in it. Dessert: a few spoonfuls of halo top ice cream
  7. KaiserKid

    Surgery date?

    My surgery was scheduled about 2 months out
  8. KaiserKid

    Sleeping on your side?

    As soon as it's comfortable, you can sleep on your side
  9. KaiserKid

    Bloated without gas

    You think I'm not "getting it all out", so-to-speak? lol
  10. KaiserKid

    Bloated without gas

    Pretty regular. I do take a colace every other day as a prophylactic measure. I'm bloated today, but I did go #2, albeit it was a small one... they have been pretty small lately.
  11. Hi all, Past few weeks I've been feeling bloaty but without excess gas. I'm about 9mos post op so I should still be losing, but I've been stuck at same weight for a few weeks. I'm even up 1lb this week from last week. Aside from increasing fluids, what can I do?
  12. @enngeecee Yeah that's the joy of living in the US. You're only as sick as you can afford to be! Fortunately I have good insurance that I pay out the nose for, so I better have qualified!
  13. November 2016 sleever here (so pretty close to you). I've lost like 45lbs, have 25-30 to go.
  14. KaiserKid


    I'm about 6mos out and I'd say I have mild- to moderate- hair loss. It's not coming out in chunks like some people, but it's just falling out in strands almost constantly. No bald spots or anything it's just annoying.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm about a week shy from being 6mos post-op from VSG. I've lost about 45lbs so far but my weight loss has slowed dramatically. I haven't had a stall yet (didn't even have the infamous 3-week stall) and I'm really lucky for that, but I've been hovering at 155 for about 6 weeks now. It's really frustrating and I don't know what to do differently. I'm staying in my calories (about 1100/day at this point) and trying to stay active and hydrated. Am I just DONE losing weight at 6 months post op???! I still have 30lbs to goal!