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  1. NewBeginning2016

    Feeling no energy

    It'll get better. My NUT said my lack of energy was totally normal. Everyone will feel different initially right after this surgery. Stay hydrated, rest and move about as you can so you don't develop blood clots. I didn't start feeling like myself until about 6 weeks. VSG 6/17/2016
  2. NewBeginning2016


    I had a full hysterectomy 4 years ago. No hormone issues afterward. Sleeved on 6/17. Have lost 40 lbs. Things are going great. No complaints and no issues regarding hormones. Best wishes! VSG 6/17/2016
  3. NewBeginning2016

    Anyone In Atlanta?

    I had Dr. Macik from Northside. Sleeved 6/17. Everything has been good so far. VSG 6/17/2016
  4. Two weeks was expected, but I was still very tired. Went back at four weeks and felt fine. VSG 6/17/2016
  5. NewBeginning2016

    Holy Moly!

    Peace of mind is priceless. You being in good health will bring you great peace! Good news and continued good health and blessings to you. VSG 6/17/2016
  6. NewBeginning2016

    50 pounds gone

    Congratulations! VSG 6/17/2016
  7. NewBeginning2016

    Ricotta Cheese Bake

    I made this the day before so I could just come home and heat it up for dinner. I work 12 hour days in the ER and didn't want to come home hungry and have to fix something. It was very good. My family thought it was lasagna lol. I sliced it in sections. I'll freeze some so I won't be eating this everyday and get tired of it. So glad someone thought of this delicious meal ???? VSG 6/17/2016
  8. I love this thread! It is my favorite! So glad it was resurrected! lol VSG 6/17/2016
  9. NewBeginning2016

    Post op complications

    I'm so sorry for your difficulties! wish I had answers for you. I can't imagine living alone and being so weak. Wish I could do something. I'm praying for you VSG 6/17/2016
  10. NewBeginning2016

    Eating Post-Op?

    @@ChrisInc2 Pinterest will become your best friend lol. So many ideas and suggestions there. Pics to get you excited to try new things lol. VSG 6/17/2016
  11. This thread is hilarious and probably the best I've seen on here! VSG 6/17/2016
  12. I had no problem with cooking and not being able to eat. I would tell myself you've had it before and know what it tastes like. You'll have it again lol. VSG 6/17/2016
  13. NewBeginning2016

    What was your protein goal?

    There was none until stage 3/soft foods 60 grams VSG 6/17/2016
  14. NewBeginning2016

    Alcohol Addiction

    Cyber hug VSG 6/17/2016
  15. NewBeginning2016

    Here I come world!

    Dulcax is just a laxative. I took it the day before surgery. I just came back from Disney with my granddaughters. I took it once while there. Works overnight well. No cramping, but helps things move about. VSG 6/17/2016
  16. NewBeginning2016


    I'm three weeks post op today. Taking my daughters to Disney World. Any suggestions on Snacks to make or bring for my days at the park? I'm doing soft/puréed foods now. VSG 6/17/2016
  17. NewBeginning2016


    @@Pup thank you! VSG 6/17/2016
  18. NewBeginning2016

    310 Nutrition Shakes

    Thanks @@veramunoz VSG 6/17/2016
  19. NewBeginning2016

    310 Nutrition Shakes

    Has anyone ever tried this product during maintenance, post op, or pre op? If so, what are your thoughts? VSG 6/17/2016
  20. NewBeginning2016

    Hunger post Op

    @@SiSSi829 how is that liquid Protein? VSG 6/17/2016
  21. My tape has come off, but I notice my belly button isn't quite healed. I use Neosporin. Taking my grands to Disney tomorrow. I will get this. Thanks for the suggestions. VSG 6/17/2016
  22. NewBeginning2016

    Is it lack of energy or depression?

    @@GinaCampbell I'm so sorry you are going through so much! I hope things get better for you ???? VSG 6/17/2016
  23. NewBeginning2016

    Here I come world!

    Uh oh! Can you take Dulcax? VSG 6/17/2016
  24. NewBeginning2016

    Hummus deviled eggs

    I can't wait to try this! VSG 6/17/2016

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