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  1. I felt very angry and upset when first exposed to this technology a few years ago....I even wrote an article about how abhorrent the concept was. Every time I get this angry, I start doubting my feelings. So I started researching the procedure and device and talked to a few patients that are using it. I got to know the procedure a little better, understood their expectations, needs, and results. What I see are patients benefiting from this method with an outstanding safety profile... Sometimes our mind tricks us with hate and anger.... I don't like this so I turn it into something more rational for me. I recently heard a very moving presentation from one of the investigators and a patient. I personally don't know that I'd recommend it, but the truth is that now that it's approved doctors and patients will decide if this succeeds or fails. I'm not sure I will ever be sold on this. I feel like bariatrics are really reaching to find new methods of weight loss, but how practical are they? Is this supposed to be temporary or permanent? Is therapy a requirement with this device? I suppose only time will tell. Everything was doubted at one point.
  2. ErinMarie

    Help Please

  3. You're too tight mama! I had the same issues in early pregnancy. A small unfill made a world of difference.
  4. ErinMarie

    New to this! :-)

    DO YOUR RESEARCH! I cannot stress enough to read everyone's tips and advice on healing, those first few weeks of healing, bandster hell, plateaus, stuck episodes, etc. The more you know in advance, the more successful you will be in the long run!
  5. ErinMarie

    Slow weight loss

    I would also add, that is very few calories. Your body may just be trying to hold on to what it can!
  6. ErinMarie

    Love it or hate it?

    Love! The only time I "hate" it is usually if I am doing something wrong, not my band!
  7. ErinMarie

    Not losing, suggestions?

    First of all, 44 pounds in 3 months is AMAZING! What an accomplishment. Remember those first couple months after surgery the weight may fly off and then slow down once your body has adjusted to your new amounts of food. Average/ideal weight loss for lap band patients is 1-2 lbs per week. Have you had any fills already? Were you in the green? Are you meals the suggested size and are you staying full for 3-4 hours between meals? If not, then you may need a fill! Also, liquid calories are never a good idea, IMO. It will not keep you satisfied for as long as food would. Real food is always better. Are you doing anything for exercise? Any increase in physical activity will help! Good luck
  8. ErinMarie

    So where are 30 somethings shopping?

    Rue 21 has some cute stuff right now, Forever 21, Torrid
  9. Yes, go vintage! High-waisted bikini bottoms and cute tops to match!
  10. ErinMarie

    Going back to school

    Exciting! I'm going to school too after a 10+ hiatus ... if you want to call it that. I work at a university now so I can't pass up the fact that I get free tuition! Looking to Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences degree but not really sure what I would do with it yet.
  11. So I just had a baby 4 months ago. Breastfeeding is going well but is not helping me lose weight. I'm actually up to what I weighed when I was 41 weeks pregnant. (250 lbs) I'm contemplating getting a fill when my son is 6 months because I will be in the same city as my lap band doctor anyway. I always tell people NOT to do this because cutting calories can kill your breast milk supply. I'm just feeling fat and desperate at this time. I asked my husband what he thought and he said I get stuck all the time right now and he doesn't think I need a fill at all. I think I'm getting stuck a lot because I can eat large meals and not be satisfied so I've basically gone back to the 'old way' of eating. While I don't think I'll be getting a fill while breastfeeding now, I'm still curious if any of you have advice on how to talk to my husband about future fills. (I'm also slightly concerned about a small slip, but that's not as likely.) I think he gets concerned for my health when I get stuck a lot or have to eat really slowly. He thinks it's not good for me/hurting me. I know this is because I need to learn to discipline myself better. I worry even after breastfeeding he isn't going to want me to get fills (not that he has the final say in these things but I like us to be on the same page) because of getting stuck. Any advice on reassuring him that I know what I'm doing and if I get fills I will get better at eating slowly/smaller bites too? I thought about telling him I will try to follow my lap band rules better now and try to NOT get stuck to show him that it's not the band, its me. Anything else you think I could do or say to reassure him?
  12. ErinMarie

    To fill or not to fill?

    Thanks everyone! Sorry my life got crazy and I forgot that I posted here for a bit. Things are going the same, but I hear all of you. I think I have about 6 cc right now. I only had 1.5 cc out this time around during pregnancy but it was enough to allow me to eat like a horse. My appetite is 'normal' my stomach feels 'normal' but I get stuck because I eat 'normally' as well. I know a lot of this is on me and I just need to get with it and start being a good bandster again. We eat out a lot/get take out right now and that's not helping. Thankfully, my husband and I are finally sick of eating out and eating like crap so we will be cleaning out our kitchen soon and going towards a more paleo-centered diet. (meat and veg, limited carbs, fresh, etc.) I have a few good containers that I can measure my food more accurately and I'm already logging on My Fitness Pal. I've been in contact with a nutritionist at my surgeon's office and she suggested making sure I'm getting plenty of Protein to help my hunger. I have to pay out of pocket for my lap band visit now so I don't want to go back until I plan to get a fill or unless I have any issues. I'm hesitant of doing anything diet-wise that will restrict my calories (ie - pouch test or reset) due to my milk supply. I am going to try to just start eating better, slower, wiser, etc and take it from there. I'm sure the nicer weather coming our way (I'm in Indiana) will help me be more active too. Thanks for the advice everyone! I needed to hear it!
  13. ErinMarie

    Pregos please say hello....

    My port area is getting sore too. My port is very noticeably up farther than its original position, but it hurts where it used to be (if that make sense). Not sure if it's just stretching pains or my port. I'm a little worried it's going to try to flip or something. I had no issues last time! I am growing faster than before so that might have something to do with it. Gained about 30 lbs so far and halfway through my pregnancy. I'm calling that a win. I was up 60 by the end with #1. 2 months ago I gained 10 lbs, last month only 3! My body is annoying sometimes All my weight is in my hips and stomach and ass, lol. This is not abnormal though!
  14. ErinMarie

    Stress Stress Stress

    Well first things first mama, GET RID OF THOSE SWEETS! If they are around, get away from them! I'm currently pregnant again, so my sweet tooth is through the roof! I try to balance it out. I'll eat grapes and drink some water and then see if I want something else (like chocolate). Sometimes the urge goes away, or I get busy and don't have time to sneak a sweet treat...or sometimes, I just don't want to share with my toddler
  15. ErinMarie

    Pregos please say hello....

    First of all... Congrats! If you are super tight to the point of being uncomfortable, stuck a lot, having acid reflux, or not able to eat at least 1200 calories THEN you should get at least a small unfill to relieve some of that pain and get the nutrition your baby needs. I got small unfill for both pregnancies (currently pregnant with #2) due to major swelling and not be able to eat food without it feeling stuck in my chest all day long. I also had really bad reflux at night. I only had to get 1.5 cc taken out this time to help that pain and I've done okay so far. I'm eating what I want to a point but its not to the extent I was pre-band. I'm 13 weeks and I've gained probably about 5 lbs total so far. Last pregnancy I had 4 cc's out and gained 60 lbs by the end, so I'm really trying to NOT do that again! Good luck!
  16. Well said Alex! I hope it gets to who it needs to!
  17. ErinMarie

    Pregnant and Lap Band

    With both of my pregnancies now (currently almost 10 weeks pregnant) I was only able to keep my 'green zone' fill level in until last week. My body swells when I am pregnant and I get so tight I cannot keep food down. I had half of my Fluid taken out last pregnancy and gained 60 lbs! This time around, I only got 1.5 cc taken out so I can try to maintain some of the weight loss and not gain an excessive amount. I'm using My Fitness Pal again as well to try to keep myself in check. I know there are people who can go through all or most of their pregnancy without getting an unfill and some get it all taken out right away. It really just depends on your surgeon and your body! I wanted to wait longer to get an unfill, but I just couldn't do it!
  18. ErinMarie

    Complications and considerations

    When I was pregnant with my first, I had no complications with pregnancy or delivery whatsoever. It was like I didn't even have my band. I got half of my Fluid taken out due to swelling and I gained 60 lbs though. I am newly pregnant again and do not intend to get an unfill unless absolutely necessary. I DO NOT want to gain all that weight again! I was 10 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight when I found out I was pregnant again. It was a lot harder for me to find the motivation to be healthy again after my baby was born and I worry that will be the case again.
  19. ErinMarie

    Concerns with banded pregnancy

    My first baby I had no issues with pregnancy or labor and delivery and didn't have any problems with my port (but I never did in the past anyway). I had half of my Fluid out and gained 60 lbs... Just found out I'm pregnant again (huge surprise!) and I don't intend to get any fluid out unless I have problems eating. Good luck!
  20. ErinMarie

    Surprise BFP

    Also waiting for an update! Hope things are well!
  21. ErinMarie

    food after adjustment

    Yes rules from my doc are liquids for 48 hrs then you move on to regular foods but slowly
  22. You don't have to get an unfill unless you are having issues eating. I got half my fill out by choice bc I was swelling and having problems eating. My port didn't stick out but I still had a lot of belly fat
  23. ErinMarie

    Restart after pregnancy!

    @@AshB Girl, you and I are (or were) in the same boat! I had half of my Fluid out during pregnancy too due to swelling and gained 60 lbs too. I didn't get any more fills until I was done breastfeeding (4-5 months PP) because I had a low supply anyway and always had to supplement. Try not to dwell on your body right now...stay focused on your baby! It took 9 months to gain that weight so it's not going to disappear overnight! Also keep in mind it could take up to a year for your hormones to go back to 'normal'. My guy is 19 months now and I'm almost in the green and 25 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm going slow with fills and I'm 2 cc's away from where I was before my pregnancy unfill, but I doubt I'll even get back up to that many cc's...at least not for a while! I'm only getting 0.5 cc's at a time and it has worked out to every 2-4 months because I am still losing at a moderate pace. Message me on here if you want and I'll give you my email so we can't band baby buddies! You aren't alone!
  24. I gained 60 lbs throughout my entire pregnancy but most of the weight gain in the beginning was Water weight/swelling. I was SO PUFFY almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant! It was crazy. YAY hormones changes!

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