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  1. Tried muscle milk today, picked it up at the gym. Surprisingly it taste pretty good, cookies and creme! Anyone else drink Muscle Milk Protein? I need a protein drink that taste good, suggestions welcomed!
  2. Hello I had my RNY Gastric Bypass Revision June 13. I'm trying to get this weight down in an attempt to become a mother. Please send prayers that Im able to get this weight down and hopefully a year later be able to conceive. Sent from my SM-G928T using the BariatricPal App
  3. My surgeon advised it's where he was the longest it's the largest incision.
  4. 4mybabies

    Gas in my shoulder

    I had that pain and thought I was going to die ! it only happened once I tried to sit or stand up or get ready to lie down, my breathing would get short as well. My nurse told me to get some gasX, I took it and continued to walk and it went away almost over night. Now the only pain I have is in my left side from my largest incision
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    thanks everyone!
  6. 4mybabies


    i cheated and ate croutons today, i chewed them up well i just needed the crunch. i feel bad, no more cheating!
  7. hang in there. I called my dietician because it scared me i was so hungry. It will go away I promise
  8. I would like to be on the next challenge since this one is almost over. Great idea!
  9. Just deactivated all of my social media accounts with the exception of this group! I'm ready to start phase 2 of my WL journey. When I reactivate my account I'll be 50 pounds or more lighter!!!! I'm planning on having a big makeover and a full body profile pic as opposed to just headshots. Wish me luck, hold me accountable, whose ready to join my "Big Reveal Adventure"? Let's do this!!! Workouts start in the morning. Excited, no longer will food nor fat control Me!
  10. 4mybabies

    The Big Reveal!

    I love it!!!! You look great!
  11. 4mybabies

    early start

  12. Im 2 days away from starting the mushy food phase. Can I go ahead and start?
  13. 4mybabies


    how do they taste to you?
  14. 4mybabies

    The Big Reveal!

    thanks everyone!
  15. wow congratulations I hope I make my 100 pound mark
  16. 4mybabies

    Vitamin patch?

    oooo let me know how your labs turn out
  17. 4mybabies

    Going to the emergency room finally

    i hope you feel better prayers and hugs your way
  18. 4mybabies

    Need prayers please.

    praying for you and your family. This breaks my heart but this too shall pass if you want your husband fight for your marriage but don't fight alone. Put God first and pray.
  19. 4mybabies

    Single and Looking!

    chiiiile please! Do what feels good for and to you! I like your boldness hey it's probably somebody in your inbox now!
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    oh my I ordered too soon!
  21. I'll be buddies with anyone!
  22. 4mybabies

    early start

    ACTUALLY i accidently replied about my protein shake to my own post now can EEEEEEEVERYBODY CALM THE FUCK DOWN! I hate social media bullies @@Bufflehead I appreciate your advice and feedback but my reply was in reference to Premier shakes you and I are commenting on one of the same post earlier
  23. can you explain 5 day pouch?
  24. 4mybabies

    early start

    Just a tad bit nastier will be juuuuusssssst fine!
  25. 4mybabies

    Miss Real Food! [emoji23]

    how did you get to pureed foods so quick im jealous! how does it feel?