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  1. Hi guys! I have my surgery in March, and my surgeon said it's still up for discussion in terms of which surgery I could undergo. I was thinking to do the VSG. I recently had an endoscopy done where it showed I have mild GERD. I brought this up to my surgeon and he said that either surgery done will be fine for me (VSG or RNY). But I'm wondering if thats the salesman in him talking because I thought even slight traces of GERD before VSG will get worse after. So I wanted to know your experiences. Any of you had mild GERD before surgery and how it is after the VSG? Right now I'd say I take tums 1-2x a week. Sometimes an occasional Pepcid. I do admit I have trouble with bulimia and eating disorders for a good 8 years which caused a lot of the GERD problems. Please no judging I'm really looking for help and insight from patients who have gone through something similar. Will my GERD become horribly worse after VSG?
  2. Hi there, contemplating on getting RNY. I have just a couple of questions. 1. Was your hair able to grow back after things stabilized? And did you use anything for it to grow back or just let nature take its course? 2. Were you ever able to skip taking Vitamins everyday, and still have your lab reports come back okay? I mean is it okay to skip some days in case life gets in the way etc. 3. What is your Vitamin schedule? Good ones to take etc, bet time to take them? 4. How many hours after a meal are you able to eat another same size meal again? Thanks so much! :)
  3. why so many revisions if you don't mind me asking?
  4. AchieveGoals


    was it a normal birth or c-section?
  5. Did you suffer from GERD as well? Was that part of your revision decision? Hope to hear you are doing well...
  6. Why do u need a revision?
  7. So a little bit about me, I was lap banded when I was 17 years old, got it taken out when I was 22 because of pouch enlargement. Now I am thinking of getting sleeve done. But the GERD part scares me, it's like exchanging disease states for one to the other. It helps get rid of Diabetes, but you acquire GERD, so severe to the point that people need revisions to another sleeve or another bariatric procedure. I would be scared to get an RNY or a Bypass, I am happy getting a Sleeve (and this was a decision I thought a lot over to even get to it), so the thought of so many revisions due to GERD scares me to even get this done in the first place. It makes me wonder if I will be one of those who undergoes this too, I don't have current GERD right now, sometimes I do get heartburn maybe three times a month, but I'm not taking anything for it chronically. Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you so much!
  8. What foods make you experience dumping syndrome? And if you can name the type of food, with quanity/amount etc. And did the reaction to dumping change with more time that you've had the sleeve? For example, eating half a small bowl of ice-cream make you dump 8 months out vs not anymore at 2 or 3 years out? Hope this makes sense, I would like to know as foods to avoid or some that are prone to cause someone to dump
  9. How many of you have done one or more of the following? Not that I want to share or promote any bad habits, I just want to know that it will be okay if we don't live our lives like a schedule making sure we do everything to the dot each and every single day for the rest of our lives. Sometimes things come up, or we fall off track for short periods of time, but that it will be okay if it occurs sometimes accidentally....any thoughts? For example Skipped taking Vitamins everyday because they forgot etc... Drank while eating a meal Took an NSAID here or there for a particular reason Didn't get in their daily Protein intake Ate out for most of their meals
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    doesn't the soda cause discomfort or pain? how often do you drink it if you dont mind me asking, and how many years out are you? thanks
  11. Even though it is prohibited, some doctors do let patients use them. What was your reason? For menstrual cramps, arthritis, general pain? And how long was it for? Any answers appreciated, thanks
  12. AchieveGoals

    Anyone regretting this?

    What surgery did you have done?
  13. AchieveGoals

    I was able to control my type 2 diabetes

    Do you still have more weight yet to lose? Can the HbA1c drop even further? Congrats on your progress... mine is currently around the same as yours was
  14. AchieveGoals

    Any Chicago sleeve parients here?

    Doing my 6 month program at the UIC Bariatric Program with Dr. Chandra Hassan, anyone know of him or the UIC program in general?
  15. Like if you really tried, is there any way you would be able to eat more than 1 cup at a time?

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